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  1. I managed to locate a new 6 car PB from a local slot shop for a very reasonable price. I’ll hold off on the modified pit lane set-up and just run the pit lane game for a while. It’ll give me time to figure out my options. Thanks for the replies guys
  2. Thanks shadow_rusty, this is what I was looking for.
  3. ProDriveRacer

    Pit Pro

    Hi folks There is a Pit Pro that connects with the digital 6 car PB and SSDC RMS software. The pit lane unit looks like the one from the Pit Lane Game (which i have). Is there a kit or instructions to modify the pit lane unit so that it is compatible with SSDC RMS software? Thanks
  4. Thanks for the welcome. Is there a kit or something to modify the pit lane unit? Re: 4 car PB. I’m currently trying to decide whether I purchase the Digital Advanced 6 Car Powerbase C7042 that will connect to the current RMS’s or purchased the ARC PRO and wait for the RMS’s to catch up. From what I’ve read the ARC PRO does have fuel, tyres, etc, but it is set on the amount of laps, rather then actual simulation. Is anyone working on a RMS for the ARC PRO?
  5. Here are a couple of photos of my current set-up. I will extend the inside section with two 700mm straights to fill out the table better. I'm looking to add a pit lane as well. https://1drv.ms/i/s!AjRIveW39O7LgTkaDsAQTHomS7Hp https://1drv.ms/i/s!AjRIveW39O7LgTsMrCoFOWKynpRn
  6. Hi all I've recently set up a digital track in my garage. I'm keen to incorporate a RMS. I'm leaning towards the SSDC software. Can anyone assist me with what the Pit Pro is? The actual pit unit looks like my pit lane game unit. I've searched on the scalextric website and can't find any reference to Pit Pro. Cheers
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