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  1. JEZ

    Need Help

    cheers fellas for the advice. who and how do I get in touch with Andrew? and see his tracks? which size car do you reckon I should use? 1/32 or 1/24? (if I got that right, ha ha).
  2. JEZ

    Need Help

    hi, difinty, thanks for getting back to me. I'm not sure if I would like a wood track as I might need to dismantle it in the future. I know there is other web sites out there that show track designs, its just a bit hard to understand all the jargon that they talk. I'm located in the Newcastle area,nsw.
  3. JEZ

    Need Help

    hi, i have three children, that need constant entertaining as evey parent knows. im looking for a 4 lane slot track to have set up in the garge. i have an area of about 2.1m wide x 4.0m long. iwas looking at a ninco track, but the local hobby shop advised me about carrera tracks, as they have some stainless steel particles built into there tracks,reducing surface rust. i was hoping someone could help me in finding a track design and the best suitable track for this project. thank you
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