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  1. Wat44

    US Shipping Only

    The shipping was 32:1
  2. Wat44

    US Shipping Only

    I tried to buy an umbrella from Euro land today until the shipping was €75 in the checkout!!!
  3. Wat44

    At The Front

    Great point. Love to play with it - I need a job that pays me to do this!
  4. Wat44

    At The Front

    And while we are talking diffs... wat about two motors at the back independently driving each back wheel at different speeds through a corner?! A sensor on the guide senses the angle of the corner and alters the speeds...
  5. Wat44

    At The Front

    Why are front wheels fixed axle? Why not independently spinning front wheels, no axle?
  6. I went, I came away less less $ than I went in with!
  7. That looks pretty awesome - but I reckon the driver behind the videos has had lots a practice to make it look that good.
  8. I’m going to try and make it down. Are there people willing to give up some time and potentially get LOTS of kids into slot cars? Specifically building their own bodies with 3D printers and also involving STEM streams to play with wireless electronic control? The cool thing about slot cars for this is the physical element as opposed to programming code for apps. Happy to meet face to face at the swap meet!
  9. Hey, slotsNZ - is it economically viable to send you cars from Australia to fix? Or does postage both ways kill it?
  10. Wat44

    At The Front

    Found this one front mounted https://www.slotcar.co.nz/scalextric-chev.-corvette-stingray-l88-1969-21/details
  11. Wat44

    At The Front

    Also, the pro tyres seened to me to not fit the rims very well - to my eyes, the most obvious candidate for a truing NEEDED which I thought odd for a “pro” release. Also, with the axle height adjustment - the only tutorials I’ve seen are where there is no front drive - not sure how to set height. Are the belt - driven front wheels better design than dual gears?
  12. Wat44

    At The Front

    That’s great info! Thank you. I have only recently acquired the pro via eBay. A few things I noticed - yes, no magnet (I normally remove them anyway) Yes, faster than the standard one and better handling (slides better without coming out of the slot so easily) There is a sort of “drop arm” but the spring (I think mine is missing one - love to find a spare) which I assume is one reason it stays in the slot is weak. It comes with a spare gear but I don’t undestand this - surely changing one gear means the front and the rear would be going at different speeds! Is it hard to find a faster motor to replace the 14,000 one?
  13. Wat44

    At The Front

    This is the sort http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/SCALEXTRIC-Comparable-SCX-SEAT-CORDOBA-Rally-Car-in-good-condition-/183091097067
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