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  1. Thank you heaps to everyone that has replied. I have had an awesome amount of ideas from you all.
  2. hey all, I was wondering if anyone has any ideas on replacing the brass pantograph brass contacts pictured below on a DBR9 Aston Martin. Unfortunately mine have both ends broken just in front of the front axle (just as they rotate 90 degrees as below). I was wondering if I might be able to cut some out from some thin sheeting. Thanks
  3. Thanks heaps for that. I noticed the slot was very similar to that, I posted a picture of the guide I found in the box of stuff I got with the car. At first I didn't think it was correct. It appears I needed some ferrules but I am not quite sure how to install the braids and wires (the ferrules I have look a bit too big)
  4. Here is another photo: This was from another revell monogram slot car:
  5. I found this pic online but i'm not quite sure what style it is called:
  6. Hey all, I am looking at repairing a Shelby Daytona at the moment but it is unfortunately missing the guide and braids as pictured below. I only have 2 wires exposed. I was just wondering how I would go about finding a replacement that would suit? Thank you in advance
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