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  1. Hi Racers, Friday night racing will be dedicated to the MCN! Racing Starts @ 7:30PM APRIL 21st TEST AND TUNE NIGHT $5 TRACK TIME 7PM – 10PM APRIL 28th Sideways Group 5, 1/24 Slotworx V8, 1/24 Plafit Historic's MAY 5th Slot.it Group C, Plafit US Muscle Cars, 1/24 Scaleauto GT MAY 12th NSR Classic's, Open LMP/GTP, Plafit Mini-Z GT MAY 19th Slot.it Group C, 1/24 Plafit Historic's FLM + 1/24 Modern GT 1 HOUR ENDURO MAY 26th NSR Classic's, Plafit US Muscle Cars, Open LMP/GTP JUNE 2nd 1/24 Scaleauto GT, Plafit Mini-Z GT, 1/24 Slotworx V8
  2. racerx

    Emerald Raceway

    Hi Racers, Yeah nah yeah nah Arkin mate, I’ve got two words for ya bud! THREE PHASE!!! Wotrutalkinbout ya drugo you say! Why bother with those small 10A-30A power supplies mate,Wouldn’t you rather something big like this hey... PROS: Great power! You never get cold in winter. You can jump start a small ship or a VK with it. CONS: Braids don’t last as long! Too hot in summer! If you have a dead short on your track it turns into a small fire in no time! Yeah nah yeah nah mate its not for you!
  3. Hi Racers, It was some pretty close racing out there on Friday night! Tim was way-out in front and then there was the rest of us... RACE 1 ANNIVERSARY TIM - 156L PETER - 150L LAZ - 150L GREG - 149L MURRAY - 149L MARK - 147L CHRIS - 144L BRETT - 144L BRUCE - 142L DIRK - 131L RACE 2 FLAT BLACK PETER - 163L TIM - 158L GREG - 158L BRUCE - 156L MARK - 155L LAZ - 154L MURRAY - 151L BRETT - 150L CHRIS - 143L DIRK - 142L Yeah Tim, I think it was the 2003 nats G27 final the last time we raced together!
  4. Hi Racers, Action packed Scaleauto racing on Friday night... RACE 1 ANNIVERSARY Tim 152L Greg 148L Murray 142L Brett 141L Jason 141L Chris 139L Laz 138L Bruce 134L Dirk 128L = RACE 2 FLAT BLACK JASON 161L TIM 161L GREG 159L MURRAY 157L BRETT 157L CHRIS 152L DIRK 138L Hope to see you next week for more Scaleauto action!
  5. Hi Racers We had 9 entrees for the Scaleauto twin track challenge, some damn fine racing was had by all! RACE 1 ANNIVERSARY CHRIS O Laps - 146 TOBY Laps - 145 PETER Laps - 145 MURRAY Laps -144 LAZ Laps - 143 BRUCE Laps - 141 MARK Laps - 141 GREG Laps - 139 DIRK Laps - 133 RACE 2 FLAT BLACK PETER Laps - 163 TOBY Laps - 157 MARK Laps - 156 GREG Laps -154 CHRIS O Laps - 152 MURRY Laps - 150 LAZ Laps - 147 DIRK Laps - 143 BRUCE Laps - He's still racing! We will be racing scaleauto each Friday night leading up to the enduro!
  6. Hi Racers, The Retro Round Up! Well what an awesome group of racers and some very close racing, Thank you all for coming can’t have racing without racers. FX-FJ Rob 134 Jack 130 Greg 128 Retro Can-Am Rob 163 Jack 158 Greg 158 Retro F1 Rob 159 Jason 158 Ray 156 Muscle Car Masters Ray 168 Peter 168 - but I don’t count! Jack 168 Jason 167 Rob 166 Larry 165 Greg 164 Richard 160 Chris 155 Loren 142 Martin 141 Well done everybody especially Rob, Ray, Jason, Greg, Jack, thank you Loren for race directing, I hope you liked the trophies, good racing and maybe we will see you next time! Thank you!!!
  7. Hi Racers, Damaged and needs computer system, sounds like hours of fun...!
  8. Hi Racers, Check out damien's wompy crash... http://youtu.be/-RhakYRdeJY <Press-play!!!
  9. Hi Racers, It was standing room only at the 4th round of the WWC... Awesome Racing on Sunday afternoon at the WWC (World Womp Championships) at Mobile Raceways. Int 32 / Can am/ Womps were the order of the day. INT 32 Cambo 148 Bruce 141 Tony 135 Andy S 134 Jim 134 Tom S 133 Damien 132 Greg S 131 Kayla 100 Can- Am Bruce 134 Tony 133 Jim 131 Damien 122 Greg S 119 Andy S 115 Tom S 101 Rob 97 Mike 90 Wompys 1 min heats, it was getting late ----- real late... Tony 69 Greg 65 Andy 64 Jim 64 Rob 64 Tom 54 Damien 51 Mike 47 Kayla 40 Bruce DNF Cambo DNF Thanks to Debbie for the lovely sandwiches and Cambo for eating them all... Round 5 is on the 5th May, Racing will be Can-am / Womps / Sprint cars... Thank you all for coming and see you next time...
  10. Hi Racers, Here are the results from the Dec scale night... (Sorry about the delay...) FX/FJ Class 1st Mikey 128 laps 2nd Geoff 127 laps 3rdAndy 126 laps 4thRob 126 laps 5th Jim 117 laps 6th John 108 laps 7th Ian 100 laps Sports/Can-am 1st Mikey 141 laps 2nd Geoff 137 laps 3rd Ian 135 laps 4th Bruce 130 laps Retro/D3 1st Ian 155 laps 2nd Rob 154 laps 3rd Andy 154 laps 4th Geoff 151 laps 5th John 144 laps 6th Jim 142 laps 7th Bruce 133 laps 8th Riley 96 laps I hope everybody enjoys racing this year....
  11. Hi Racers YES!!! I’m complaining, there are not enough hours in a day and the weekends are too short!!? How are we going to paint and build all these cars!!! :nice:
  12. Hi Racers 1700 are fun to build! It’s great when you have the right tools. All those screws & nuts, it’s like a meccano set on wheels. I love how simply 1300 sport/can-am class is. Plafit have got to be one of the best cars to race and to look at in the slot world. And believe me I raced a lot of cars in time. Hey Werner is this the correct part number. 1786 FC- flux capacitor. Enjoy racing!!?
  13. Sounds Good. But mite need more info.
  14. Will do. Got about 100 or so to go thru, including Aussie Retro. So Steve sounds like fun had by all. So about those pix.
  15. Hey Slotbaker. Look like its going to be a full saturdays racing! lot of fun. Wish i could be there. How fast do d3 go time wise. :starwars: ------------------But you can do it in a golf cart---------------- RACER X
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