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  1. i was lucky enough to get a good deal and a heap of second hand track, had heaps of r1/2/3 & 4 bends aswell as plenty of 1/4 & 1/3 straights, all in as new condition so very happy there. as for expansion and those pesky insistant gaps that keep appearing no matter how much you adjust the track, wherever there's a gap i throw the factory red clip away and use a cable tie, ha! open up again now you bastard haha as for getting bored flogging other racers, the only other person that uses it is my 8 yr old, I'd of thought that in a town with a population 62k that there'd be atleast some interest, none that I've been able to find as yet.
  2. Wondered the same thing myself. Maybe its something he found that works somehow to make it interesting. I also wonder why people put chicanes and crossovers in, the little wiggly stuff annoys me! don't worry it's gone now :-) I've already made several changes. first pic was intial setup. second one is as it is now. third,is how it looked on the plan, i decided to try it anyway and it worked just fine.
  3. surprisingly, and completely unanticipated it is exactly the same length on both sides.
  4. as for ut driving different, i thought I'd try it going the other direction and wow! makes a huge difference, just seems to flow better and is much more fun to drive, I'm going to turn the start line and lane changes around haha.It's not that i like overpasses i just had an idea of what i wanted in the track in my head and that's what i had to do to achieve it. yes, softyroyal.de i love it haha
  5. very rough temporary setup. I'll drive it for a while and make a few changes before i start on the scenery. i will have to up the voltage but i might try adding a few more power extensions in the mean time. it's not too bad though.
  6. it's operational!!! pics and a vid in the morning.
  7. no i have 2 drills, 2 impact drivers, the 3rd of each i did sell, i have 5 hammers. I'm going to keep it digital. the 3 analog power boards I'll try and sell.
  8. good morning. i have recently purchased more track and have amongst the spares another digital control/power board. i was just wondering if they ever malfunction? or are they pretty reliable? I'm just wondering whether i should keep a spare just incase or sell it.
  9. thanks mate, i wouldn't have thought of setting up temporarily to see how it goes, i will now.
  10. I'd of thought that in a town with a population of 62k that there'd be some interest, doesn't appear to be though.
  11. cheers gents, it is just a private track. Carrera digital 1/24 scale track running 1/32 scale cars.
  12. good morning. I'm from tamworth nsw. I was just wondering if anyone else is around the area? doesn't seem to be any groups or clubs that i can find.
  13. good afternoon. from tamworth nsw. i now have the all the track peices required to build this. [/url] but holy that is a big setup. has anyone ever built a massive track and decided it was too big? Carrera digital 1/32. I'll post pics once it's operational. i still have to finish building the table.
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