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  1. Not if you don't use Farcebook.........
  2. G34

    New to Forum

    Welcome aboard. Sorry but the link doesn't work.......
  3. Second week of trialing at the Club using Dave's fix it version I reckon he's fixed it :-) We've had no cases of missed laps on the starting heat for any of the race divisions. No side effects either from the version. Many thanks for the quick action Dave.
  4. Installed the beta version last night and ran the debug for the race start as per Dave's instruction. No downsides to the update aside from losing the custom results screen. Easy enough to copy over again with the custom file. Will report back once we hear from RC.
  5. Not sorted yet. Will send off the debug file next week and see what is found.
  6. Thanks for your reply. I'm sure the cars were back from the start line. As I said, this only happens on the first lap of the first heat irrespective of which race we are running. I'll run in debug mode next club night and send the file off to Jeff. He has replied to my post on Slotforum suggesting this. Thanks for the info on adding a latecomer. Will try this next week. We are running a "modified" round robin. I'll report back with how we get on.
  7. Our club is using V14.0 of RC. We've a strange issue with the first heat of a race failing to register all starters. This ONLY happens on the first lap of any race irrespective of the number of heats in the race. I've taken a couple of short videos of the problem and uploaded them to dropbox for download. I don't seem to be able to embed video here. https://www.dropbox.com/s/zej9rvxexrbzcpk/20210520_204401.mp4?dl=0 https://www.dropbox.com/s/g3rx6t6jg6qjg1a/20210520_194018.mp4?dl=0 The lanes involved are random. Whilst we can manually add laps for the lane(s) effected we'd rather cure the problem. As a second query - how can we add latecomers into an existing race? Thanks in advance for your collective wisdom. I'll also post on Slotforum just in case.
  8. MEK is a known carcinogenic. We still use it in the leather finishing industry but with full breathing apparatus and gloves. Entirely up to you if you want to use it but if it were me, I'd find something (anything) else to use. My 2c
  9. I've had 3 parcels ordered from the US, 31/03, 24/04 & 03/05. None are slot car related but aside from receiving notice that they are at the export hub there's been nothing since. I suspect that they are actually all in Auckland while NZ Post sit on their hands and plead ignorance :-( ymmv.
  10. You should be able to block the person in your account settings.
  11. Well your last one's going well. Let me know when you're upgrading & I could be due a change :-)
  12. Watching & recording the recent ATCC round got me interested. Can I put my name down for one a s well? Thanks.
  13. Sorry about the naming mixup. We worked off previous round data supplied. Corrected car ownership data and will send amended copy through to Dave.
  14. G34

    US Shipping Only

    Problem seems to be that US sellers can't be bothered to find the best postage rates outside of the US (and even within often) They just take the online figure and quote it. Often postage can be more than halved with a bit of searching. Guess they just can't be bothered............... More trade for the UK where at least you can save VAT and the postage rates are nearly as good as ours!
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