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  1. Hi everyone, I'm struggling to find a sprung guide that will fit either the Slot.It aperture or the Scalextric. I bought a Scaleauto sprung guide (push-in not screw fit) but it's much too wide for the Slot.It holder - it goes in the Scalextric one fine but then slops around in all directions. Is there a recommendation for something that will fit the Slot.It converter please?
  2. If that's OK with you Aquakiwi thank you very much.
  3. I'll keep mine as is. I haven't got much time to fiddle about and don't want to get into the arguments.
  4. If anyone else like me is coming to the proxy without having done it before and can't find a B-Nova guide, Andi Rowland from Policar has a simple solution on his Shapeways page. This little cup simply slots inside the original collar to make it the right size for Slot.It/Scaleauto etc. and it's got a nice robust mount on the bottom. Just add superglue. Not completely thrilled by my handiwork on the paint job so far. But given the fight that it put up I can live with it. The decals are a bit poor for a full-on replica so I'm happy to put whatever WRP number panels on that might be made. It's not a replica of a 1:1 car, more of a Proxy special! Will be good to know how much of a chop can we make on the interior bucket!
  5. Thanks all! I shall get the ladies spick and span...
  6. Quick question for everyone - is it permitted to change the driver's head? I usually put a Team Slot head on my Scaextric bodies because they're more accurate - particularly for Group B. My fettling skills are limited but I can at least make something pretty to chuck at the scenery! Many thanks
  7. Hi Martyn, No... we won't have vertiginous Ninco if we're on the calendar. My S1 quite liked it, though... that big sledge of a sump guard did its job, I don't think the front wheels touched once! I'll talk to the members and see how many are keen to help, then I'll know how many stages we can hope to run.
  8. Forgot to add, we'd be happy to host a round at Farnham if you need a date. This was our most recent rally event:
  9. Great news, thank you! One little white number coming up...
  10. Hi Phil, Yes, it debuted in Corsica 1984 and ran as the primary works car until the Olympus Rally of 1985 when the E2 version took over. It stayed in the front line until the end of the Group B era in 1986, making the last appearance of a Quattro in the world championship at the RAC Rally that year.
  11. Hi all, Just to follow up from the Slotforum thread, I have added my name to the list (Driver#8) and would be grateful to be allowed to run a repainted C3500, which is the sidewinder Quattro but the earlier S1 shape rather than the be-winged E2. As you can see the chassis and running gear is identical. My main reason for running this car is that it was there's more of a choice on correct period liveries for it. Would be grateful to know if the body is acceptable though as I know you've only run the E2 in previous years. This is the intended car to run: And this is the paint job: Many thanks!
  12. Bodywork is done and lacquered, save for putting the mirrors, aerial and wiper back in place. As can be seen, the Ferrari Red is a shade or two brighter than the red used by Scalextric, but these two are unlikely to run together. Absolutely lovely decals put together by my friend with minimal bleed through the white. Now it's time to start thinking about the chassis...
  13. Close-ups are a cruel mistress. Yes I know JB wore a full-face helmet. I just couldn't resist the face fuzz - as wrong as that sounds.
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