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  1. tander

    Track Design

    Cheers cyph. I was asking because Ive heard that the tape needs to be replace alot but ive also heard that the braid needs jumper wires throughout the track but last alot longer that the tape. Anyone have any ideas on these issue, whether you wont to disagree or agree just to give me an idea on which one to use.
  2. tander

    Track Design

    Hey guys I've sat down and finally come up with a track design. Now the next question is whats better copper braid or copper tape.
  3. Happy b'day Jamie Have a great one mate. Cheers again for the car it runs great. :( Kevin
  4. tander

    Track Design

    Thanks a10k123. I've actually sat down today and worked on some designs of my own and the one you have there is almost exactly the same as one I drew up earlier. Thanks again for the help mate Kevin
  5. tander

    Track Design

    I've had a look at that site and it seems I might even have to go down to a 2 lane track . Then again I might have to look at a rally track and keep the plastic track for road racing. Kev
  6. tander

    Track Design

    Yer Steve it is a routed track I want to do I should have said that first up
  7. tander

    Track Design

    G'day guys, I've been looking at some of the home tracks you guys have got and its inspired me to build my own. I have only got 1.45m x 2.25m to play with and I was wondering if anyone has any good track designs that would fit into that amount of space. I would prefer a 4 lane track but a 3 lane track looks more realistic in that size space. Thanks in advance. Kevin
  8. Thank you to all for the warm welcome. @Mr Magoo - It seems everyone here knows the stuff I need to know so I don't think I'll need the slot car bible
  9. tander

    Help A Newbie

    By the way when sanding tyres is it best to use a fine or coarse sandpaper
  10. Thanks for the welcome Freddy And I hope everyone one see's my questions your way
  11. tander

    Porsche 911 Gt1 Evo 3

    Cheers Oswald I'll have to get down to my local dealer and see what he's got
  12. Hi guys Should have done this a few days ago. I have had the pleasure of chat with some of you in the forums already and I hope to get to chat everyone else at some stage to. I've only been at this for about a month some forgive me if I ask some stupid question (baby steps time). Kev
  13. tander

    Porsche 911 Gt1 Evo 3

    I am still new to this stuff, only been to one race night, so i have to ask MJK tyres are what?
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