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  1. Paul Really great to see the entries and how they are running on your figure 8 test track. I was afraid to comment as I was not sure if the two cars from the islands would make it. We hope that they will be respectable. There is a saying you save the best for the last … will looking at how fast the cars are in your videos that would be unlikely. We all hope that there will be time for you to “stretch the legs” of these cars in the near future. Aloha Dale
  2. Paul we all hope surgery went well for you Aloha Dale
  3. Thanks for a great proxy. I am anxious to see how the field finishes. There is no doubt 1st and 2nd were in a class by themselves. Aloha Dale
  4. Gentlemen. Pls spread some Aloha (good feelings) around and maybe let us win...have fun. Aloha Dale
  5. Alexis Is there an overall finishing order? Thank you Dale
  6. Thanks for the run guys ... congrats to the top finishers. Did you use track calls at all ? Was interesting to watch how cars were mishandled on offs. Aloha
  7. Paul i have a bunch of cars that are need of TLC may i send them to you thanks for all the fun you and the team are providing... Aloha Dale
  8. Will it looks like we are half way through this proxy and Paul is showing us the way. I hope I can have a car that is more respectable in the final 5 events. Please have fun guys!!!! !aloha dale
  9. Great to see the results. Way to go Arroldn aloha dale
  10. Congrats to the podium finishers Great to see the videos Helps to understand how your cars are behaving. Shows you can have great driver like i see and be in the wrong place at the right time and it cost half a lap Seriously there was some very good driving guys ... thank you. Paul we are humbled by your performance Aloha Dale
  11. Awesome track Could you share the dimensions please, are turns banked? Thank you dale
  12. Thank you for the run guys. That is one wicked looking track Aloha Dale
  13. Hey by the way it is great to see some of the Team Pacific team mates from the GT3 Proxy ... oh yeah and a shout out to the other Mr Brumos who was on the other team. Good luck Arrold
  14. Thank you for the run guys. Paul and fellow podiumites...congrats! Arroldn I hope you run well. Aloha Dale
  15. Paul i cannot see the posting of qualifying resolute. Wish you all the best. Aloha Dale
  16. We understand and agree Aloha Dale
  17. Please put me down for bmw #10 Aloha Car is in the mail Dale will work on payment now.
  18. May I request #2 Falcon Aloha Dale
  19. Count me in too. Great to see you back. Hope the studies were successful Aloha Dale
  20. Just me know when. Would love to host you Aloha Dale
  21. may i request to be an alternate...RS 200 thank you...Aloha Dale
  22. David Both cars made it back to Hawaii safe and sound Many thanks Aloha Dale
  23. David Please send to me Dale Carstensen. Let me know if you need further details Dale
  24. David, To you and the other contestants I want to thank you so much for the opportunity to participate in your proxies over the past two years. David your coordination and administration of these events have been unsurpassed. The participants and interaction has been great. I will miss not putting a car in the mail for one of the two great events you have hosted. Rossko great job and I will start to think of what I can do to represent the Group B class in the future. I know that I am one islander that is humbled by the other two great island groups in Oceania. David best of luck in your studies and I hope get to see you all in person in the future. Aloha Dale
  25. Thanks for the update and happy New Years to all of you Oceania Aloha Dale
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