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  1. F1 owns our club track record, no Thunderslot can get close. NSR F1 is quick but MB/Allslot fibreglass chassis is quicker. The only thing to get close has a Eurosport chassis and a falcon motor.
  2. NSR F1 is miles quicker than a Mosler round our club track...no mag, standard car, basic tuning.
  3. Kevan

    M2 Allen Keys

    I bought similar, the 1.5mm was good, the 0.9mm was loose and measured 0.8mm so ordered another which was OK...still great after 6 months.
  4. Kevan

    Slot It N22 tyres

    Try NSR Black special RTR tyres.
  5. Kevan

    M2 Allen Keys

    Stainless grub screws are too soft for my liking.
  6. Kevan

    M2 Allen Keys

    Rule #1 - Don't use knackered hex keys or drivers Rule #2 - Don't use knackered grub screws Rule #3 - If your hex key or driver isn't worn and it skips when tightening the grub screw, do your utmost to remove that grub screw and move it swiftly into the garbage Rule #4 - Keep a good supply of grub screws, they're cheap as chips Rule #5 - replace hex screws with Torx screws and Torx driver - you'll never look back
  7. It's good to see weight being added, I think my Opel weighs in around 80g
  8. Kevan

    18k ff-050

    I bought some over 12 months ago, no brakes, back in the bag, back to SRP motor.
  9. That's why it was decided to not use those tyres as control. Can you imagine adding another 6 rounds?
  10. I have a tin of mek acquired from a previous employer in 2003, I've not used it yet but may now give it a try.
  11. Thanks Alexis, cars #2, #15 & #658 are in class F not M The four IoM entries motors came together, it's interesting they range so much in rpm, when it was new the motor in the #2 Corvette was running at 14k...it did a LOT of testing/running in and wore a set of tyres out, mainly due to it being so enjoyable to drive. As far as additional info on the cars: #2 is a Revell/Monogram body, has a Slotingplus guide and Pendle tyres. #87 has a Slotingplus guide and Pendle tyres. #658 is a Scalextric, has a Slotingplus guide and Pendle tyres. #28 maybe a SlotIt guide but has Pendle tyres.
  12. That AW pod has printed nicely Love the Fulvia HF Do I spy a 3D printed spur gear?
  13. My judgement is obviously better than you imply as I didn't use them for that very reason.
  14. I'm not, it was blindingly obvious they were too soft during testing, very grippy but I estimated 4 rounds and the cars would be rubbing the chassis...that's why the tyre rule was changed beforehand.
  15. That's the problem with FF050 and FK130 sidewinder, the tags cause a lot of grief for the pod designer, it's not easy to 3D print a pod stiff enough and still have access for wiring. I made a FF050 adaptor for a C-can pod, it's just a hollow sleeve that makes a slimline the same size as a C-can...but those pesky tags are still a bind.
  16. The four Manx entries are using the Jack Rabbit, it felt a little more punchy than the BWA with the latter much smoother.
  17. I just checked through the eligible car list and the team slot A110S is specifically excluded.
  18. Wouldn't it be easier to flip the motor wires on the #99
  19. I bought an M2 tap for the old NSR cans, they're dead easy to open and I've even put the NSR endbell and armature in a SlotIt can...they go slightly better in the NSR can for some reason, air gap, magnetic force maybe.
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