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  1. Covid mutations have been going on since the beginning, despite the scaremongering media with the latest and worst-yet 'variant' did you know there's currently 21 thousand variants.
  2. If you look at the covid data graph this is actually the 4th wave. We were covid-free for 7 months in the Isle of Man but 21 day lockdown after Christmas followed by a few weeks of freedom (although my wife & I were in isolation after my wife's hospital treatment), I was back at work 2 days for the first time this year then back into 21 day lockdown again. I last raced at the club on 17th Dec, the club opened for 2 or 3 weeks but we can't meet again until the end of the month at a minimum.
  3. Kevan

    FERRARI 333 SP

    Unless you're interested in selling it Alexis
  4. Kevan

    FERRARI 333 SP

    Great looking race car! For anyone else doing this make sure you get the right body/chassis as there's two versions, A & B with 'A' being the long nose and 'B' being the snub-nose...this isn't crystal clear on certain websites
  5. Thanks for resurfacing this thread, these cars never get old
  6. Doesn't seem to work in our Slot cars though, the old timers would say keep adding weight until the laptimes start slowing...and tyres come before speed and weight.
  7. I always aim at about 60/40 rear/front
  8. I call all axle mounted gears driven by a pinion a spur, probably habit...I'll try learning a new habit and call it a crown in future
  9. Very nice work Rosco, that should drive really nicely. The ally spur gear is interesting, where can you get these?
  10. You can't back pedal like that bud, you teased with an idea and some of us want to see it
  11. The body is fantastic, the chassis should work brilliant...I only hope you're going to fix that track width
  12. F1 owns our club track record, no Thunderslot can get close. NSR F1 is quick but MB/Allslot fibreglass chassis is quicker. The only thing to get close has a Eurosport chassis and a falcon motor.
  13. NSR F1 is miles quicker than a Mosler round our club track...no mag, standard car, basic tuning.
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