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  1. Wouldn't it be easier to flip the motor wires on the #99
  2. I bought an M2 tap for the old NSR cans, they're dead easy to open and I've even put the NSR endbell and armature in a SlotIt can...they go slightly better in the NSR can for some reason, air gap, magnetic force maybe.
  3. Great looking car, should go really well also.
  4. There's some special Saloon Imps here -> - Special Imps -
  5. Try printing with the car at 45° with the front end upwards, the layer lines will be far less obvious. I printed a Studebaker flat and one at an angle, the angled one looks pretty good with no sanding/filling...not smooth obviously but definitely much better. Is this for race or rally? I love Imps, there's some awesome lookers in Super Saloons from the decades gone by.
  6. Pre-F1 GP cars are so interesting, we had a double race at the club on Thurs, mostly 30's-50's cars and 1/32.
  7. ...and Slot Rally is a great start...probably the best place to start learning throttle control.
  8. Maybe we set a deadline date, after which this year's event is cancelled and the cars sent home.
  9. Well they've sold two for a combined total of $451 so there's idiots out there willing to waste money
  10. This is something I've been mulling over too. You could heat weld a threaded insert in then sleeve the outside with brass tube to prevent it expanding. Another option is flats on the axle just wide enough for the grubscrew to sit in and just nip the screw up.
  11. I've asked the other Manx entry owners and we all agree that all the rounds in Greece should go ahead - but if it's possible to add in the Isle of Man round that would be even better, we can even add a time trial on a second track in the club room.
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