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  1. I have a tin of mek acquired from a previous employer in 2003, I've not used it yet but may now give it a try.
  2. Thanks Alexis, cars #2, #15 & #658 are in class F not M The four IoM entries motors came together, it's interesting they range so much in rpm, when it was new the motor in the #2 Corvette was running at 14k...it did a LOT of testing/running in and wore a set of tyres out, mainly due to it being so enjoyable to drive. As far as additional info on the cars: #2 is a Revell/Monogram body, has a Slotingplus guide and Pendle tyres. #87 has a Slotingplus guide and Pendle tyres. #658 is a Scalextric, has a Slotingplus guide and Pendle tyres. #28 maybe a SlotIt guide but has Pendle tyres.
  3. That AW pod has printed nicely Love the Fulvia HF Do I spy a 3D printed spur gear?
  4. My judgement is obviously better than you imply as I didn't use them for that very reason.
  5. I'm not, it was blindingly obvious they were too soft during testing, very grippy but I estimated 4 rounds and the cars would be rubbing the chassis...that's why the tyre rule was changed beforehand.
  6. That's the problem with FF050 and FK130 sidewinder, the tags cause a lot of grief for the pod designer, it's not easy to 3D print a pod stiff enough and still have access for wiring. I made a FF050 adaptor for a C-can pod, it's just a hollow sleeve that makes a slimline the same size as a C-can...but those pesky tags are still a bind.
  7. The four Manx entries are using the Jack Rabbit, it felt a little more punchy than the BWA with the latter much smoother.
  8. I just checked through the eligible car list and the team slot A110S is specifically excluded.
  9. Wouldn't it be easier to flip the motor wires on the #99
  10. I bought an M2 tap for the old NSR cans, they're dead easy to open and I've even put the NSR endbell and armature in a SlotIt can...they go slightly better in the NSR can for some reason, air gap, magnetic force maybe.
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