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  1. Kevan

    Super glue removal

    Rip the majority of the rubber off with a pair of pliers then drop the wheels in a jar of thinners for 24 hours then just clean up with a wire brush.
  2. Scrutineers at our club (I was one of them) caused no end of argy bargy, if your club has rules and a scrutineer then they need enforcing or don't bother...this year we've gone down the 'self scrutineering' route and has been the best year we've had at the club (excluding the 3 months it was shut for Covid). We still have a scrutineer (not me this year) but he's not had to do anything yet. We are only strict'ish on tyre width, overall width and magnetic downforce (we have a 25g limit).
  3. Mabuchi who make these call them endbells, I've seen enough mentions of bell ends today to have to say something. ...I was going to post an image of a bell end but would probably get banned -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  4. I did a bit of searching, RS Online sells alsorts of Engineering spares, this is what it says about o-rings: 'Static and dynamic O-ring seal design differs in a few key ways. A static O-ring is any o-ring designed to contact with two or more surfaces that do not move relative to one another, whereas a dynamic O-ring is one that helps form a seal between moving parts.' O-rings in sizes we need (57-60mm and 2.5-3mm thick) are Nitrile rubber.
  5. Standard in that they aren't made specifically for these machines, they're off the shelf o rings.
  6. All these tyre truers use a standard O-ring
  7. Tell you what is mind boggling, someone joins the forum 4 years ago and the first and only post is a reply to a thread last posted in 2014
  8. With smaller resin printers stand it at angle on it's rear end tilted at as shallow an angle as possible so you don't get too much loss of detail at the back.
  9. Love the Riley, Mini, Imp & Anglia
  10. 3D chassis - £25 max, Motor pod - £10 max ...where's the other £80
  11. Actually, to get a resin printer to fit an "average" size 1:32 body flat on the print plate you are looking at an "XL" model =$$$ not $$$$ I have an Anycubic Photon Mono X and can print big American barges flat on the plate. I tend not to though preferring a 2° tilt on both X & Y axis with a Z lift of 4mm. Printing at 0.04mm layers a bodyshell usually takes 3 hours.
  12. This is Slot.It wheel coding as an example:
  13. 'big disappointed sigh.....'
  14. Scale width for an '84 should be 56mm.
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