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  1. I got a 'we're planning on getting the drawings into CAD some time in the future'...so not holding my breath any longer.
  2. I must admit I've got braver as the decades slowly drift by...
  3. ...I sent them a message asking for any possible 3D files...if you don't ask you don't get...sometimes you still don't get but it's worth a try.
  4. I've realised it's probably a Cheetah with a Holden V8 engine so not a Holden at all. https://www.cheetahcars.co.nz/ But if anyone knows of availability for slot car use it would be appreciated.
  5. I was watching a couple of youtube vids of Targa Rally's one of which was the Targa Bambina, one of the cars entered was a 1972 Holden Cheetah... I've searched high & low but no 1/32 or 3D printable file is out there...or have I just looked in the wrong places.
  6. Filament printed bodyshells are definitely better printed at about 45 degrees but resin printed bodyshells print just fine flat on the bed or inclined a couple of degrees.
  7. When researching 'best' printers you always hear the name Prusa mentioned...I gave up on my Ender in late 2020 and got a Qidi X-Plus...I gave up on that in late 2021 and got a Prusa i3 and realised after the first print that I'd wasted a grand on the first two machines. As far as resin printers go, the Mars Pro was OK but small and was replaced in 2021 by an Anycubic Photon Mono X which has a big enough plate to print most 1/32 bodyshells (the Ghostbusters Ecto1 had to be tilted at 45 degrees though.
  8. Yeah that thread is tuning gold for newcomers and the lesser experienced.
  9. Well here we are 10 months later...the car is exactly the same as it was, Shark 25, Evo3 SW chassis, 12mm Supergrips that have had time to age properly as treatment upon treatment and they seem to get better with time. ...and that last post when I said a 5.8" lap was QUICK!...is now 5.58", I even managed a high 5.4" in practice. It actually feels 'slow' but it obviously isn't and I don't plan upping the horsepower because that would probably adversely affect handling and start eating the tyres. Interestingly another of my 'feels slow' cars is just as quick, an MB/Allslot F1 with fibreglass chassis and ballast, Shark 30 but treated Ultragrips. I've said a few times it needs a quicker motor but I can't see the point when it's so quick but so easy to drive.
  10. Sure was...right here in the Isle of Man...
  11. Hey, great and useful tyre size finder
  12. WD40 was mentioned.
  13. Any luck yet Andy?
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