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  1. I got an Ender 3 Pro just after Christmas...it sat unbuilt until two weeks into furlough. Now I'm into my third week designing and printing and had to buy a new pc because the graphics card wasn't upgradeable for Fusion 360 that I decided to use...(when Cura updated that wouldn't open either and I got sick of fixing the workabout then tried Prusaslicer for a few days) I've watched and listened carefully to a lot of Maker Muse videos on Youtube and learned a lot. Now the heated bed has had quite a few heat cylcles it's not dead flat, there's a slight dip in the middle where the heat element is, I got round that by putting some paper under the magnetic mat. A glass sheet is in the post, that should stay flat. The first thing I did to the machine was put 6 washers under the bed springs as the standard setup is too loose. There's some useful settings hidden in Cura, ironing, wiping, combing and Z-hop. I don't use any bed adhesion but a 0.2mm first layer helps get the all important first layer down and if I use supports I restrict them to 1%
  2. Yes Chris but you can make it yourself for a few pennies
  3. I don't like NSR's, the Mosler chassis is designed for plastic track and far too soft for club routed tracks. I usually brace these chassis with piano wire very similar to the allen keys above, the cars always run much smoother and with more consistency. Another tweak, if you run anglewinders there's room to put a length of brass tube between the rear axle bearings, make sure the recesses of the bearings are facing each other and cut the brass tube to be a snug fit in the recesses with as little side play as possible...then remove all three and solder it up with an axle and wheels holding it all square...oil the axle though (I use a bottle of silicon shock oil from my R/C days), it prevents solder creep.
  4. Kevan

    M2 Tap

    M2 x 0.4 is what I used to do the very same job yesterday. It's classed as a coarse thread in my Zeus book. ...and I used a drop of 3in1 oil for tapping the 1.6mm hole.
  5. When all else fails - RTFM!!!
  6. I gave up on NSR's, the best tyres and motors but the only cars I like are the sidewinders...so I race SlotIt's with a sidewinder pod and get round quicker than most (including my) Mosler. So the only advice I can give is - sidewinder -
  7. That's not going to be $250
  8. I'd show my Stude and chassis but the forum won't let me upload the pics.
  9. After Cura update it won't load on my PC, I can't update the graphic drivers and there isn't a slot for a graphics card. I ordered a new modern PC today but meanwhile downloaded PrusaSlicer, there is a profile for the Ender3 and this program runs fine on my PC although Cura is easier to use.
  10. Kevan

    Ninco Drive Belts

    I've used elastic bands before now. I just ordered a bag of CD player O-rings of varying diameters, should fit a few different chassis sizes.
  11. Love it, something for everyone there, two full blast sections, a nadgery section and a drifters section.
  12. Like everything else in life 'best' is usually proportional to cost. I had a budget and the Ender 3 Pro was the best in that budget. There's a lot of free stuff you can add to improve this machine from various 3D file sites. As far as software is concerned, I'd spent a few years working with 2D CAD in Engineering albeit 15 years ago so wanted something better than drag & drop and went with Fusion 360. I use Cura for slicing. ...I built my machine last week and printed my first chassis design the same day...
  13. Kevan

    Bartlett Camaro

    I like to remove the original interior, photograph it from above as a plan view then print an A4 sheet full of them the same size as the originals. Stick the driver back in and it's as lightweight as you're going to get but with all the detail of the original.
  14. Is that a Racer Mustang? I have a Betta & Classic Mustang Gr5 in plasticard (black of course) on a Eurosport chassis but has nowhere near the detail of this.
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