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  1. thanks rusty, will see how i go
  2. thanks mate, i have this already and have designed a few but not really happy with anything i've done
  3. Hi all, would any of you track designing gurus care to design me a carrera digital track? I have about 27m worth of track. In that i have a control unit, lap timer, pit lane plus an extra piece, the new hairpin set, banked 4/15 curve set, 4 straight lane changes. I'd like to have borders around the corners and 1 straight piece into and out of the corner so i have enough room for 1/24. The area available is 3.8m x 2.7m. Thanks in advance, Lloydo
  4. hey guys looking at purchasing the carrera pc software for my track. Any good? What features does it have? Couldnt find much on carrera site. Any hints and tips for it? cheers
  5. something like this? http://www.armchairracer.com.au/workshop/tyres/nsr-tyres-5231-ultragrip-slick-rear-tyres-20-x-11mm-p-257855
  6. thanks heaps, will check out whats available i dont mind sanding the step down if i have to ian wont have any fo the newer cars till end of the year
  7. I have porsche gt3 rsr, aston martin vantage, 458 ferrari, all in 132. And i have a mercedes sls in 124. Will see if anything matches up shadow rusty
  8. Hey all, I'm wanting to use rubber tyres on my 124/132 carrera cars. MJK make some but none for the cars I have currently. Who else makes them and the best places to get them from. Thanks, Lloydo
  9. Cool, thanks guys. Will get 8 and 9t pinion and 25, 27 and 30 crown.
  10. So got the truck and chassis, need pinion and crown. Not sure on which to get.(first slot car modification) Have found slot it inline 9t pinion and 27t crown. is this the best option? would like it a little bit faster outta the corners. Smaller pinion or smaller crown?
  11. sorry to bump an old thread but looking at getting a buggyra, the chassis kit, super single rims and tyres. what axle would i need and is there anything else i'd need?
  12. Ok, cool. Going slow isn't much fun. Will probably go 1/24. I'll see what tyre/rim options I can get and go from there.
  13. Thanks Peter, when/if i change over I'll change all my tyres to mjk's.
  14. Slightly on topic, slightly off. What are MJK's like on a carrera track? I've been using silicone and its ok, but some cars they just dont grip at all.
  15. What do you think of it? 1/32 yeah? I'd be looking at 1/24 if i got one.
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