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  1. Here is my latest build. Revell body MJK chassis & tyres plafit fox motor but will put in a scale auto long can or 1/24 carrera motor in later. Robinson racing 44 tooth 48 pitch rc pinion gear used on the axle 10 tooth parma pinion track power is 20-24 volts as I run carrera 1/24 also




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  2. New nascar body. The paint job's a bit rough, decals and stickers from the parts box. Others have done this car much better but looks good running around the track.


  3. It went straight over the fastest banked corner (instead of around it) hit the garage door, bounced into the wall and then hit the floor. I ordered a 71 dodge charger to replace the nascar body so a charger nascar mock up coming soon

  4. A 1/24 nascar bare body was given to me and I found a plafit chassis on sale. I made the windows out of a take away food container and mesh for the door windows simple paint job and stickers from my rc stuff.

    Silicon rear tyres for carrera 1/24 ferrari on machined plafit rims and a jk hawk 7 geared 5:1 for my home track a few slot it suspension magnets underneath for extra grip


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