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  1. On the bench to do is a 60's Doyusha Mercedes original except for wheels, tyres and axles
  2. Looks good so far, makes me want to build some hot rods
  3. Here is my latest build. Revell body MJK chassis & tyres plafit fox motor but will put in a scale auto long can or 1/24 carrera motor in later. Robinson racing 44 tooth 48 pitch rc pinion gear used on the axle 10 tooth parma pinion track power is 20-24 volts as I run carrera 1/24 also
  4. 2158peterg


    New nascar body. The paint job's a bit rough, decals and stickers from the parts box. Others have done this car much better but looks good running around the track.
  5. Here is my latest build. A 1965 Ford Mustang fastback chassis is an extended champion thumper with a thin scalextric bar magnet in the middle of the car. Next step is to get some driver trays from Hornsby slot cars and maybe some sponsor stickers
  6. Great tracks, great track building skill. Makes me want a bigger garage. Have I seen some of your work on ebay
  7. 2158peterg


    I do like how it looks now.I might put a set of wheels on it and use it as track scenery
  8. 2158peterg


    It went straight over the fastest banked corner (instead of around it) hit the garage door, bounced into the wall and then hit the floor. I ordered a 71 dodge charger to replace the nascar body so a charger nascar mock up coming soon
  9. Here are pictures with inserts and exhaust
  10. I used tamiya clear enamel as I couldn't find acrylic but have some now. Mixed one part paint to two parts thinners and sprayed at around fifteen psi. I'm no great painter but very happy with the result
  11. I have 1/24 kit wheels similar to american racers to sand down a bit and black wash. It's good to build slot cars again after building rc planes for a while
  12. This is my first build in quite a while a Lotus 30 body from the 60's on an MJK GT chassis the original chassis was too badly damaged to fix (so far) the body needed lots of putty and sanding so it's a bit rough
  13. Thanks for the tip I know a shop that should have them or would order them for me I will check them out
  14. About 15mm. I think a 1/32 wheel could be made into a nice insert. just need to find the right one. Also building a second D type.
  15. Driver waiting for paint but trying to find a better looking one & some wheel inserts
  16. Her are some pics of my short nose D type by lindberg it says 1/24 but I think it's smaller. Slot it hrs2 anglewinder chassis with ninco wheels and fly truck tyres plafit fox motor.
  17. Great work they all look very nice
  18. Nice job so far, love the group shot
  19. 2158peterg


    A 1/24 nascar bare body was given to me and I found a plafit chassis on sale. I made the windows out of a take away food container and mesh for the door windows simple paint job and stickers from my rc stuff. Silicon rear tyres for carrera 1/24 ferrari on machined plafit rims and a jk hawk 7 geared 5:1 for my home track a few slot it suspension magnets underneath for extra grip
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