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  1. bump

    Revell 2007

    The Revell Trabants are out here as well and they should make a nice runner with the NSU's.
  2. bump

    New Member

    I'm sure that Vinno could make Helen's email address available if required. Just PM your request with your Paypal account details to... (awww bugger, been reading too many spam requests and now i think like one.)
  3. Filtering out hyperlinks requires considerable time spent on some programming work that, frankly, we'd rather spend on other things. It will also take us some time to design, develop and debug but we need to put in a solution now. Custom coding is something I don't think we want to visit at this stage, for the significant development and test time required as well as reliability of the software. Excluding hyperlinks also impacts the posting of photo images. Choosing an arbitrary limit is also a temporary measure as the spammers are using automated tools -- they could just ratchet up the current post volume from 1 to 50 and they're in very quickly. The current software has been very stable and the glitches of last year were due to the host switching their service providers. Introducing custom code puts that reliability at some risk. Allowing the spam in then reporting it is not ideal. Every time one of them gets posted, there is the potential for a member or guest to click, deliberately or accidentally, on a hyperlink and anything could happen. Even if it is reported and deleted quickly, there is still a window that could cause someone some grief. Bear in mind that its possible for spam to be visible for a few hours and that Auslot is operating 24x7 with members accessing for all timezones. The current way introduces only a slight delay while using a standard function of the board's application software. Of course, we'll watch to see how it goes and if it is causing problems, we'll revisit it. However, I'm aware that the passive nature of the current spam could become nasty quite easily and we need to prevent it now.
  4. Hornsby used to race Nascars back at around turn of the century but I never saw anything as good as that!! Ever. What kind of motor did you drop into that?
  5. The recent increase in spam posts has led the moderator team to vet all new member registrations, at least temporarily. This may cause new members to experience a delay until one of us can process your membership, for which we apologise in advance. Bear in mind that the mod team have day jobs and families, we sleep occassionally and we trust you will bear with us. We needed to do something to address the level of spam that created a new member identity, posted their spam posts then fled. The recent spam tactics made the conventional blocking techniques somewhat defeated -- although a lot has been blocked, the new methods were starting to beat what controls were in place. It has been driving some members and mods nutz, although one mod has enjoyed teasing the spammers with a little of their own medicine So as long as your username looks reasonable ( the words "health', "s*x" or 'mortgage' are giveaways ) and in particular your email address looks genuine, your membership should be processed within a day.
  6. bump


    RMS is an older system not longer developed by Scalextric. It is a piece of track plus Windows software application. It has a track design component plus Race Management elements. It does timing for practice and races. It works reasonably well as a basic home system for non-digital cars.
  7. bump


    So, to participate in this scheme, I have to: 1) install some toolbar that has not yet been publicly released or analysed -- there's a leap of trust right there. 2) have this toolbar track what i click on. Is it recording any other data like my passwords and credit card details? The website doesn't mention what its doing except hooking into the browser. 3) have this toolbar offer search information that it wants to show me? Oh goody, more ads "personalised" by someone I've never met. This is a bit of a worry on their website: As i read that, the only difference between it and spyware is that you gave permission to install it. Nowhere does is say it does not access your private information, only that spyware does it without your permission. "It keeps your information private", so why does it access it in the first place unless it uses it somehow. If Vinno is sceptical, I'm one untrusting SOB when it comes to this stuff.
  8. 1) A late entry for this thread but the MRRC Chaparral that arrived yesterday looks excellent. I've no idea how it goes since my track is still covered in Santa's debris but the car looks cool, the equal of Scalextric & co for appearance. 2) Slot.It Silk Cut Jag for not only looking and going great but the ingenuity behind the removable censor stickers. 3) ProtoSlot's Jag and latest Porsche 908.
  9. bump

    Which Kit For Me??

    The Slot.It kit is a simple kit to start with. From memory, all you need is a small Phillips-Headed screwdriver. The body is pre-assembled, pre-painted and decalled so the work is all in the chassis. Maybe 30 minutes from opening the box to taking it to the track. You could certainly complete it during an English batting innings. Once you master that, then to move to the next step in kit-building is probably a Slot.It white bodied Porsche. Patto has an excellent set of decals, Tamiya make very nice paints and you've got the basis for honing your painting and decorating skills. There are some very colourful race liveries from the US races.
  10. bump

    They Are On Their Way

    Re "Bogan", Vinno is correct. I think it was Kylie Mole (pictured below) who popularised the term when speaking of less attractive members of her school.
  11. There is a similar setup called a Fate front axle named after Professor Fate aka Rocky Russo. You don't get independent front wheels but the whole axle can float, i.e. the wheels touch the track as required by some rules but they bear no weight. Front axle sits in a tube, another tube is attached to the chassis and it contains a piece of U shaped (piano?) wire. The ends of the wire are attached to the axle tube.
  12. Engineer do the design, don't they? Someone else does the building. It IS genetic
  13. Cutting axles??? I just soldered washers onto the end of the axles.
  14. bump

    Pm's Not Working?

    I just sent a PM to myself and it worked okay. The error message is a little strange and if correct, it may have been a transient problem with the hosting server. Is this still happening for anyone else?
  15. From the footage from both cars, RK was clearly well behind Lnowdes. So no question of being cut off or up beside the B pillar etc, he was behind and possibly a little too fast into the turn. The drive thru was fair I think, it was unfortunate that someone else tagged Lnowdes after the spin. I know that the earlier comments are having a laugh. Santa does not bring slot cars to naughty posters.
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