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  1. Thank you I will give that a go aswell! Looks like a neat an simple trick, amazing when you sit back and have a look at something there is 10 different answers to a solution. Many thanks.
  2. Thank you everyone for your replies. 😎 I have taken on a little challenge, but it is fun thing to do and learn. I have some NSR, Avant Slot etc that have awesome adjustability which is fun too and easy to do what you want with setup. I know the Scalextric cars in comparison is like trying to polish a turd but it is just a hobby that I like. Good learning process too. I will try some of the guides mentioned and see which way is the best to go. I was going to modify the chassis but by using a different guide certainly sounds better. Try some different braids also and how they are sitting. Weight, I will give that a go aswell put some on the nose! Many thanks for all the information. I will give it a whirl and report back. 1:1 racing is really good this year! Although I had to miss the Townsville round of the Australian GT as I have caught Dengue fever some how.... Which is not all that nice!! The McLaren 650 GT3 is an awesome bit of kit! Very lucky to have some friends in important places to get my bum in the seat. My next round is not until November over at Highland Park in Nz. 2017 will be awesome, just working on a deal for the year. 2016 I was the reserve driver (with no budget) and I was drafted in as Grant Denyer attended the logies instead of going to Perth. I had only driven the car once before (10 laps on a test day) and qualified the car p4 or 5 in front of Bairdo etc at a track I have never been to. So I was asked to race at Phillip Island and was running 3rd in the last laps Tander overtook me which I was spewing! Awesome experience, right place right time!
  3. Hello, I know everyone has their own taste with regards to cars and their hobbies. I was wondering what everyone had tucked away as their prized possession or simply just the car they enjoy driving the most? Do you like to collect a certain car or a theme? Do you just like to race with friends? Or solo? I used to race a Porsche 996 Cup Car and I absolutely fell in love with the car. It was my favourite race car, now I have entered back into the slot cars I enjoy collecting the 996 cars and giving them some attention on the track and also maintaining them to the same speed if I can. Some of the cars I have purchased are second hand it is fun to hunt down the wings that are broken, try a different axle and gearing combination, different tyres (mjk, standard, slot it etc), different wheels, fixing chassis, different engines etc and noting down the time differences. I have a "mule" that I do the testing with and note down the time gained etc then apply it to the car that is a little off the pace. I have collected a few GT3 spec cars also, I just keep going back though to the Porsches and its a lot of fun. Interested to see what everyone else likes Cheers Matt
  4. Hello all, I have a small fleet of Scalextric Porsche GT3R's. Trying to get them all to be a little closer time wise around my circuit I keep tuning the slowest car until it becomes level pace with the fastest. As I am a newby in this I would like some direction on what to do. 3-4 of the cars when on the setup block don't have the front tyres touching the setup block. They still have the standard Scalextric removable braid guides on them. To lower the front a little I have cut some of the braid so it does not fold back on itself. The problem I am having is the cars tipping over into the corners, I am pretty sure it is because of the front ride height. I have straightened the chassis by removing everything, placing the car on a piece of straight metal with some magnets and placing it in hot water over night. Etc. I don't know if in this process I have altered the chassis around where the guide sits but as you can see from the photos there is a gap under the front tyres. Any suggestions on how to fix this? Kind regards,
  5. This would be my little piece of magic 😎.... Just need to find her 😋
  6. The Peter Jackson car looks amazing, great work! Love the little bro lie M3 too 😎
  7. Hello! Chasing down the #50 Porsche. I have been looking all over for it! If anyone knows the where abouts of one please let me know. http://www.scalemodels.co.uk/images/scalextric/c2579.jpg Cheers!!
  8. Double post, sorry! Cheers MK
  9. Wow... Thank you for all the awesome advice. I will put it into practise. Start with the tyres and slowly work at each car from there. Really appreciate the time and effort in the replies. Cheers MK
  10. Hello everyone, Many thanks for all the tips etc! Really good information for a relative newby. A few questions if that is ok. I use Scalextric sport track until I can build a shed. 😬 I have a field of Scalextric Porsche 996 GT3R's and I am having fun trying to keep them equal etc, once I am good enough setup the NSR cars and go proper racing magless. So I was thinking of getting a proper setup station etc. My track takes 6.7 seconds for the NSR cars and 8ish for Scalextric type of cars. I would like to go magless as I have a Avant Mitsubishi, it is so much fun. I just want the Porsches to be as much fun! #1 invest in a tyre truer or just add sandpaper to a track? #2 plastic wheels, true and glue or just true them with the tyres on and mark the wheel and tyre with a marker to see if it has moved on the rim? #3 best place for a magnet strength tester? #4 how to measure tyres to order them? I would like to try a few different ones on the GT3's. #5 I have heard of making the body "float" but cannot get my head around the concept of it. #6 best place to get the tiny Allen keys! #7 Carrera cars have a guide that is too big for the Scalextric track, modify them or replace them with another one. #8 I know there are many sites selling slot cars but is there a preferred site that you like to purchase off if they are a formum member with the odds and ends that you Need (tyres, tooling, parts etc). Thanks for you advice in advance and if I have hijacked the thread more than a little!!
  11. Hello everyone, Mobbzzee was very helpful in finding me a particular car. I am after basically any Porsche 996 Cup car or RS RSR Race car, I love the look of the cars and actually used to race 1. I like the 997 and the 991 will be around the corner but I do have a little fetish for the cars. I will try to up load some photos or if anyone can provide links on were I should look. I have tried most of the sponsors sites... I'd just like to make a list and see what is available and start ticking them off the list once they are ordered. Would love to have them with yokohama tyres but not the be all and end all.... also 1:32 scale. I currently have NSr Weather Tech Porsche, Falken Carrera, VIP petfoods Carrera, 997 lauch car 2006 Auto Art. Many thanks for your input in advance. Kind regards, etc etc...
  12. If yo have a link on the Porsche with the Advan livery I would really appreciate it😎 Cheers mk
  13. Lovely car!! Does it need the Gurney bump in the roof?? Hehe Love the look of the sports car from back in the day.. Absolutely gorgeous.
  14. I have a BMW M3 so far in the Yokohama Advan livery, plus a Ferrari F40. Just trying to find some more as it is my favorite color scheme Thank you for the link on the Lambo!
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