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  1. All good Alan. More time is always good. I'll look forward to entries opening in October. Cheers, Peter
  2. Hi Alan, I'm tuned. Better get my cars tuned too. Cheers, Peter
  3. Hi Alan, Yes, I will definitely enter again. One car #14 please. And I'll also enter my #10 from 2021. (edit) Oops. Just noticed that PeterGunn has already spoken for #14. How about #4 or #1? That way I could just put white tape over the redundant number. Peter G
  4. Hi Alan, Do you have any word on the next series?? (he said hopefully) Cheers, Peter
  5. Thanks to all involved in the running of this series and especially to Alan for making it happen. I'll definitely be back next year. Cheers, Peter
  6. Hi Alan, I’m watching Premier Marshmallow on the news announcing your release from detention. I hope some sort of normal returns for you. Our political princess only did a partial up here. Her speciality is lockOUT. Queensland doesn’t need tourists apparently. Or income Anyway..... now you are free to enjoy the important stuff... like racing slot cars. It’s good to get a bit of perspective and not take ourselves too seriously. I sincerely hope that no one in this group has suffered too badly in their health or in their wallets through the last 18 months of madness. Have fun and thanks again for all the effort you have put into this series. I, for one, am very grateful. This might sound a bit stupid, but I’ve thoroughly enjoyed watching my own dismal failure from afar. I can’t wait to do it all again. Stay safe, Peter
  7. Hi Alan, Any chance of an update on the spec sheet? I'm keen to see what the runaway leader has under the body.
  8. Hi Alan, Thanks for all of your efforts organising this series. It is very much appreciated. I'm already looking forward to the 2022 series. Cheers, Peter
  9. Hi all, Well, #10 is back to its rightful position. To the many points for improvement that I picked up from Phil's comments, I can now add tyre preparation. This is good to know. I will definitely get started earlier on next year's car so I can have a lot more testing time than I had this year. A few months of testing would definitely be better than the few minutes I had this year before I had to get the car in the mail. What really pleases me about this, my first proxy, is the great feedback from which I can learn and from which I expect to improve. At least, the little T79 will now give a benchmark for testing a new car. The new one just needs to be 20+% quicker to get in the game. Haha, very unlikely! I'd be stoked if it was 10% quicker. That would be progress. Thanks to all. Peter
  10. Wow, #10 wasn't last this time - but still almost the slowest. This track doesn't appear to have long straights so, maybe, my stupidly low gearing wasn't quite so much of a disadvantage? I'd love to know how the handling/drivability compares with others and what can be suggested to improve that. I'm trying to learn.
  11. Hi Phil, Thanks for the comments on #10. I love your euphemism "running near bottom of field". You can't get much closer to the bottom of the field than consistently last! Thanks for the advice on all points. It is much appreciated. I will work on those points for next year's series. At least I now have a benchmark to compare the next car to. This car ended up being quite rushed so I'll give myself a lot more time to make its successor. And I won't use a 7-tooth pinion again. This was only ever going to be a learning experience and your comments certainly help me to learn. Thanks again, Peter
  12. #10 Cooper T79 is ready to go Express Post from the Gold Coast tomorrow. Looking at the specs of the other cars, I think it will be way under-geared....but, at least, it should have a bit of acceleration and ok brakes. It'll just get left in the dust on most straights. So be it. Specs: Body brand: Tassie Resins Chassis brand: Peter G Motor brand: Tassie 1790 Guide brand: TSRF (with Al Penrose-spec modification) Pinion brand: Peter G imports Crown wheel brand:SlotIt Gear ratio: 7/24 Rear tyre brand: Paul Gage Rear wheel brand: BWA Front wheel brand: BWA Haven't figured out how to add a photo. Now I just need to find the address for posting........ Cheers, Peter
  13. Hi Alan, No worries. I’m not here to incite controversy. By the way, no need to apologise for not replying. You had replied pretty much straight away by message. Maybe sometime we could do a series encompassing the pre-Tasman summer series. It would have to be Formula LIBRE though. Free driveline but period-correct tire sizes. It’s not a great benefit to have a super powerful motor if you can’t get the power to the track. That’s what made those cars so great to watch. Oversteer and 4-wheel drifts (way before some Japanese adolescents began drifting.) I would probably run an Archie Scott Brown Lister Jag! Or a 250F. There really were some beautiful cars running around in the late ‘50s cheers, Peter
  14. Hi Phil and Alan, The T51 I am planning to model is actually a 2.89-litre Scuderia Centro Sud car which was bought and raced by Johnny Mansel in the NZ races of 1962 until his fatal crash at Dunedin. So it is pushing the definitions a bit too much I think. The photo in my avatar shows the car just before that crash. I'm going to go with the T79 #10 from Longford (with the 13" wheels). cheers, Peter
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