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  1. Can I get # 10 please? Or (2nd question) is any T51 Cooper eligible? I see that a T51-Climax was entered in both '64 and '65. I might like to enter the T51 shown in my avatar (it's a T51-Maserati). In that case I would ask for # 17. Cheers, Peter
  2. That's awesome Phil. Thanks
  3. Yes, I am. I’ve ordered a body from Mr Kalbfell and plan to buy one of the motors which he is reserving for entrants. I’m hoping that he will give me a gearing recommendation for that motor. I just hope I can score an entry!
  4. Hi John, So what is a good gearing for 030 motors? I recently bought a few in a batch of interesting motors from an eBay seller in ShenZhen so I’m curious how I should gear them.
  5. Hi Phil, You have some great cars there. All cast by you. Are they available through Tassie Resins? I don't see them on your website. Cheers, Peter
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