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  1. Hi All, Can you paste the link? It would be good to have a look at this. Phil
  2. Hi Eno, If the lc's are on long straights then there is no problem as you just power through them (either staying in the original lane or changing lanes). This is the same for the digital base section. If you locate the lc's on short slower areas (going into or out of tight curves for instance) then you just need to make sure that you keep enough power down on the car so that it has enough momentum to go though ok. You quickly get used you this as the family and I have now racked up hundreds of laps now without any issues. My son who is just under 4 years old had problems to start but now has no issues either. Im not sure how much speed the cars may or may not lose due to these sections of track but I suppose that it could be roughly worked out by timing a circuit with and without the lc's in the design. BTW thanks nails Regards Phil
  3. Hi, I am new to the slotcar arena but just thought I would post some experiences after recently purchasing n-digital master trackset. The Set: Found the track to be very comprehensive as a starter set, although the lack of included cars made for additional cost making it the most expensive startup set (however it seems to have the most initial track) The set is packed in a great hardcase for easy storage/transport Included: Along with the standard track peices it arrived with 1 digital base unit, 1, transformerm, 3 controllers, 3 digital car chips, 4 digital changeovers, guard rails and track supports . Did not include: Cars, Pit lane, pit display & pit control, track timer display which is bundled with the SCX set. Cars: I purchased 3 analogue cars: Fly CORVETTE CSR 10th ANNIVERSARY Fly PORSCHE 934 24hr LeMANS 1977 Ninco SUBARU "2006 TUNING" Car Setup: I found the digital chip was very easy to install into all the cars except for the Fly Corvette. Limited space inside the Corvette interior made it difficult to find a place to position the chip. Some slight modification to the interior (passenger section) and extending (soldering) the chip-to-guide cables allowed me to fit the chip into the passenger seat. This also meant there was additional wire to route. From this experience I forsee that people will need to carefully choose cars that provide enough interior space for chip insertion/mounting . Cars are initialised/associated to individual controllers by placing one car on the (any) track, hitting the digital base menu button then hitting the lane change button on the controller. You then repeat this for each car making sure that only one car (the one to be initialised) is on the track at the time. The digital base allows for 8 controllers and 8 cars to be run wih 2 power supplies hooked up at once through the one base. Track Setup: I have found the track to be very quick and easy to setup with good firm conductive connections and plastic connections. The small to medium track supports were ok to setup however the tall track supports are a bit awkward to position and could also be improved to provide greater strength. I discovered one piece of faulty track where the conductive track was over-extended and needed to be replaced. In-Use Once all the cars were modified and the track was setup it was time to test the set out. Hand Controllers, The hand controllers look good and seem ok for a standard set but feel a bit light and peaky on power control for my taste. I have been told that Slot.IT are working on aftermarket controllers which may provide better control. The controllers have the lane change button on the back of the controller (opposite he trigger) which seems to work ok as you can just thumb the lane change button to swap tracks. Track Performance: I had some initial issues with cars stopping on some sections of the track. The main culprit was bad positioning of the crossover sections. You need to make sure that these are not positioned in areas where you may slow down otherwise your car will come to a stop and you need to manually jog it along. This is also the same for the digital base section although this is less of a problem as it is so small. I also quickly discovered that you must make sure that you regularly clean the conductive tracks. It seems that if you allow a bit of dust or grime to build-up then the cars don't get a good digital signal which can cause them to stop-start or suddenly accelerate out of control. (I have since been told this is an issue with all digital sets nowdays) I have had two experiences of unintended lane changes due to the lane change solenoid activating by itself. This has happened twice in over 200 laps so it may just have been an iadvertent press of the lane change button. I will be watching for this in further tests Car Performance: I found that the best cars to perform on this track were the Fly Porche and the Ninco Subaru. The Fly Corvette seems to be a little wide to use without track boarders on tighter corners. As with track cleanliness I have found that you need to ensure that car braids are kept clean. I recently swapped my copper braids for the "pro-race" silver braid which seems to have improved the signal reliability at the car. Overall Impression So Far: Appart from some beginning issues with track/braid cleaning the quality and performance of the set is great and has resulted in many hours of family racing fun. The lane changing and digital race modes add some good dimensions and strategy to the experience. I have found that the you really need controller cable extensions so that you can have room to spread out oround the track comfortably. I have ordered the additional power, pit lanes, control tower and crossover to test 4 lane racing and pit strategy. I have yet to test all the digital race modes but have fount that so far GP lap mode provides good multi player interaction with auditory notification of best times as well as controller vibration to notify you. I look forward to others input and feedback and will update once I have tested the other components. Regards Phil
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