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  1. Talking to a rep said the R/T Charger is on the cards , the charger was exported to the U K from Australia,hopingt this happens
  2. Have a look at scalextric 2016, if produced will be great!! John Goss blue xy GtHo, xc cobra A9X 4 door
  3. Just checked out the latest news on scalextric ,if these do arrive happy days John Goss blue xy GTHO , Moffat dealer xc cobra A9X 4 door torana ,Mad Max coupe a Bathurst vw beetle .
  4. Just had a look at your website Phil looks good ,the charger and the xy will be on the roster to buy
  5. I like xw falcon ,vg pacer, hg monaro, xy falcon ,lc ,lj xu1, charger,to name a couple
  6. This has properly been asked a lot over time ,just interested in the type of cars, and what may be coming out in the near future?
  7. nosam10

    Hi All

    Thanks will start studying the info*
  8. nosam10

    Hi All

    Building the track,well l got the copper tape and a couple of plans !
  9. nosam10

    Hi All

    Getting back in slot cars ,starting to build a mdf track a timed / rally ,in southern highlands Nsw ,any tips etc would be good Regards Dave
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