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  1. A big plus is that it is digital ready!
  2. Thank you guys. Next time will try to upload videos of all the 4 races we do in each session. The first two are similar to the one you have seen. The Race 3 is in semi-dark conditions and Race 4 is in total dark conditions. I love racing in the dark ;-)
  3. Racing has been going pretty well here in Auckland. We have switched from SSD to oXigen and we have 7 regulars on Wed nights. We are racing GT3 cars with regulations similar to DiSCA GT3 Euro Series. The cars are magnless (of course). The main difference from DiSCA reg are the use of 17K Baby King/Baby Raport motors (the baby sprinter would be too much on this track) and instead of sponges we use NSR tyres. I wanted to give a go at videoing some of the sessions to show how we do digital slot racing up here. The first video below is the 5 min qualify session: we do qualify to set the grid for Race 1. The second video is Race 1: a 14 min endurance race. Our evening racing consists of four races of 14 min each. We use RCSO2 as a race management software which support fuel and tyre simulations: when we run out of fuel and/or tyres we go in the pitlane for a pit stop. I know that some of you might find the track calls annoying: this is the way we like it because instead of having spare people to marshal we are all actively racing which we think is the best way of using our time (who likes sitting there and marshal!). The videos show the racing this Wed evening when only 5 of us could make it. With 7 drivers we are almost at capacity on this track. This means that if we get more people to join us we might switch to team racing in which case, we can use the spare team mates as marshals. The videos were captured on a phone clamped on a vice on top of a shelf so the quality is not the best. Qualify Race 1 if you are in the Auckland area and would like to try your hand at this sort of racing, let me know. We have spare controllers and cars.
  4. GRUNZ

    Forum Upgrade

    I would like to echo all the comments above. Well done in refreshing the L&F of this forum!
  5. How did you make them?
  6. Nice Mike. I also like your dard background. g
  7. Thanks anyway NimROD to look in to this. I appreciate your time and honest answer. ;-)
  8. hi Nimrod As for the LMP (if from the last three years - Audi, Porsche, Toyota, and some of the privateers of the last couple of years) could be interesting. As for the GT3, I think Scalex and Carrera will take a couple of years. Maybe Scaleauto will beat them...but still if you could look into some of those models would be really great. I am not in a hurry...
  9. NimROD, I am mainly interested in modern GT3 cars that no one else makes. For instance, Bentley GT3 MarkII (2019), Lexus RC F gt3, Porsche 911 GT3 R (2019), Nissan GT-R Nismo (2019), Acura/Honda NSX GT3, McLaren 650S. GT3. Would you able to find 3d files for these cars for free, and to print and ship to NZ? I would love to set up a 3d printing shop here in auckland but at the moment time is at premium.
  10. Hello stranger. - Oh the ferrite men I have thrown away........ Well knowing you want them in particular, I will start a collection. I haven't fully decided on the light loom in my BTCC, but I'll start putting things aside, and anyone else in club with same can add to the heap if they wish. BTW - heading back to the other hemisphere later this year for a holiday. Looks like we will hang our hats in the top of Italia a few days. Not sure if we'll make it down to Reggio this time or not. Depends on the trains from Peschiera. Yet to check that out poor FM to be throw away like that ;-) I have a new address...moved a couple of months ago but I have not still managed to setup the track properly. Actually I have not done anything slot related for ages...
  11. folks, if you are removing the light looms and the ferrite men (the capacitors+ferrite beads soldered to the motor terminals and guide) from these cars (scalextric btcc), please do not throw them away...instead send them to a nice new home (mine of course ;-)).
  12. That is why we share information. Let me know if I can help.
  13. Sure, it is my pleasure to help you understand better the level of quality and features of slot.it products. Inspirational I would say. As for posting on Slot Forum, why, MrFlippant already cleared this up for you: https://www.slotforum.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=180274 Anyway, when I will decide I want my account re-opened on Slot Forum, I will post some additional information for you there as well.
  14. Slotspeed, the holding down of the lc button of a carrera controller for ID 4 is when one wants to use a car chipped with a standard oxigen chip paired to an oxigen controller. Such a car will be changing lanes on carrera lane changers but the communication between the car and the controller is not via the standard carrera protocol. If you want to read a bit more have a look here: https://www.slotforum.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=156170&hl=carrera2oxigen The chip C is a completely different beast in that respect as the video shows (thanks to greg [mr flippant] for the great video) and is truly compatible.
  15. See the video from minute 6: the car has a slot.it digital C chip. Once the chip is programmed with the Carrera firmware through the phone app it is controlled by a standard carrera controller and can count laps and change lanes...it is all there in the video. I would say that is as compatible as it can get...one chip to rule them all.
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