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  1. this was an awesome event last year as it was my first,thanks to rod for organizing it, cant wait for this year just to see how much i have improved.
  2. Thanks cam,glen and jim for all your help it means a lot.
  3. my latest builds,hope these links work http://i484.photobuc...zpsvkklgu4g.jpg http://i484.photobuc...zpsldy25foj.jpg http://i484.photobuc...zpsobr8n8zh.jpg http://i484.photobuc...zpsrbibbw3u.jpg http://i484.photobuc...zpsahg9snx9.jpg http://i484.photobuc...zpsiujltkno.jpg http://i484.photobuc...zpsarrgtauf.jpg
  4. http://i484.photobucket.com/albums/rr207/jamie_clarke4/IMG_0275_zpsowqb9cn2.jpg
  5. http://s484.photobucket.com/user/jamie_clarke4/media/IMG_0319_zpsug2kwupw.jpg.html?sort=3&o=0
  6. I agree as a first timer to the slot cars,I find the slotworx chassis and class are so seemingly good and close.i just have to get more practice in.thanx cam for an excellent class of racing.
  7. Bthey should be on captains phone pagey or even maybe cams.
  8. It was a really good weekend of close racing.everyone had a fun time.i would personally like to thank the people involved in organising and running this event as it was my first racing event.i definitely can't wait for the next big race event and would also like to thank all the sponsors for there donations for the prizes.
  9. Can't wait.is going to be a couple of awesome days and nights.it will be nice to meet new people as well.
  10. Hi pagey,hope your young fella gets better soon mate,all prayers are with him.
  11. http://www.mrslotcar.com/scaleauto-7505-1a24-scale-mercedes-sls-body-kit I was wondering if any body had one of these bodies?
  12. can someone plz let me know if these work.cheers jamie
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