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  1. Yes I'm over it. I brought a set,thought it would be great to have two lanes 4 cars but was I mistaked overload to start with so you go to a forum and they suggest power to the LC then which I purchase a power supply next is the slave which I purchase (didn't work ) so back to square one next is the probase which sounds great but I can't justify the expence for the amount of time I'll use it.I think you need to be very handy with electric and understand all the jargon to go with it as for me I struggle with it all. Steve

    Ssd Or Ninco

    Hi SDD is hard work if you are not very knowledge with electric, all the mod sound good but at a price and the more you look into them the more you get confused.I brought one and thought it would be the answer to have a few mates over and a bit of fun, was I wrong nothing is easy as they say, you need this and that and all I wanted was to race on two lane with four cars for some fun haven't laughed once just keep saying the naughty word. Steve

    Bathurst 2008

    Most boring race I've seen 27 car start and two holden out first lap stuff the day, to keep 888 honest all day.I may be old fashion but wouldn't be nice to 50 cars running around I think the Fuji cars had more in their race or maybe the Porsche just to get the numbers back.One more what about a 12 hour race not a dash at the start and nothing in the middle and then channel seven pays some one to hit the wall with 20 laps to go. Steve P.S. not happy P.S.S word is CL back to Holden
  4. It was awesome! Thanks for the picture I did what I always do and forgot the camera,they are great pictures I must of been a couple of metres away from you on the first photo.I found it easy I just drove in no problem (ARDC member worth ever cent just for a parking spot) Steve
  5. Hi Gonz I have just chipped a few V8's last week it not rocket science just take your time and a steady hand.There are heaps of advise around Drummer & Aussieslotter are wizzard with the Digital. Steve
  6. Hi all,I have a digital track that will be going up in the shed but first I had to winch the board up to the roof so far so good but I need a bit of improving.Next I'm just about to start on putting the track together so I will need a bit of help. Steve
  7. Thank You all,now if you could help with this track I would like sugestion on which way would be the best direction and the set up for overtaking. http://s211.photobucket.com/albums/bb55/Qu...t=TestTrack.jpg Regards Steve
  8. Hi All, I will be putting together a SSD Digital track in my shed I only have 10 x 5Ft I can uses,so far I have a track in minded as per the picture.WELL I KNOW NOW I'M NOT REALLY SMART WITH THE PC BUT I THOUGHT I COULD INSERT AN IMAGE FROM MY PC BUT NO IT HAS TO GO THROUGH A URL.ALL I WANT TO DO IS IS SHOW THE TRACK I HAVE IN MY PICTURES. Anyway now I have vented my problem if someone could help me to load the picture/diagram it would be most appreciated. Regards Not Happy
  9. I made it out their it was a great day not a bad race all day the little Aussie legend where awesome. Steve
  10. Sorry to correct you but Toyota have a V8 in the Landcruisers just what everybody wants to see or worst we could go back to the other makes and and see a 2 factory cars from both that pour heaps of money into it and wins ever race and nobody cares about but now they have big crowds,massive TV viewers & heaps of interest overseas.Me I hope we never worry about them at all they stuff with all that before we don't need it. Steve
  11. Come on all HOLDEN the only one. Steve

    Didnt Last Long

    Hi is it SSD if so check what power unit you have.To check at the start the display will let you know 1.2 or 1.5 the later is better.Before getting into it check that first. Steve
  13. Very interested in a club night.What brand will you race. Steve
  14. Eno Renault looked after you.I'm not happy with Kimi by the way can I protest that it wasn't Kimi fault can I have a couple of extra points. Steve
  15. Did you know you are rank 8th in your state well done.Not sure if you notice that the Ferrari's where blowing alot of smoke at the end of the race I hope this won't be a problem in the next race. Steve
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