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  1. Well done Keith and Charles as well as the other podiums. I dont own any rally cars might have to get involved next time round Big Mick
  2. Congrats to my mate sdeamon a count back I think, you can do your own tyres next year LOL Well done to all involved my first proxy series was a top experience and thanks to everyone who entered Big Mick
  3. Hi Keith I can guarantee you at both FPR and Spitfire tyre treatments are a death sentence infringement . Well a dont come back sort of thing anyway. I do know Allans track was erected the week of the round at Spitfire and I have seen her with better grip in the past. Mind you in saying that some cars had excellent grip that day some were awful. Interestingly Mondeo41s car had for me on Red anyway a big grip improvement over the last round mine went off a bit IMHO same tyres? Yep go figure!! Mind you I do know I have some cars that with the same setup preform way better at Spitfire than they do at FPR and vice versa so I guess there is something in it. That sort of problem has me laying awake at night staring at the roof and make theories and tests to try and work it out. When I started slot racing I had hair!! Regards Big Mick
  4. By the way. A warm day in Victoria in July? Yeah right! ​Wishful thinking
  5. Don't know the track but I can see a pattern from the short tight tracks to the longer tracks with the open corners in the performance of some cars mine especially. There would be a "magic set up" to work well across all of the regular tracks I think Slo1quick had it last year cant wait to start the brainstorming on that question when the cars come home LOL Maybe I will know if a tree falls in the forest dose it make a sound too Best of luck at the Mountain to all Regards Big Mick
  6. It was a strange day for racing that is for sure. Some cars felt way better than they did the week before at FPR some way worse Cars I felt fell of a cliff after traveling from Lockleys to Semaphore Park Brumos 22 Lenny Broke 4 Paul slots BigMick2 to a lesser degree just felt sluggish to me And If I did not know better I would say the John Batich car 88 had completely different tyres was way lose in most corners after being so direct the week before and the series looking at results Cars that seemed to get a new level of grip at Spitfire Mondeo41 was the best car on track on red lane IMHO PDaniels And Peter Gunn had much better handling on the "sweeper" type corners so prevalent at Spitfire more than at FPR Confused me I am still scratching my head, As for my own car this was the track I expected it to be a world beater at with the long legs but struggled to get that power down for me despite a quite good result, I have never subscribed to that it is cold and raining thing affecting slot cars before but now Hope it is a nice warm day at Masonite Mountain Regards Big Mick
  7. Pissing down today in Adelaide will need the wet weather tyres on for the Tasman Big Mick
  8. Cheers Allan good luck to all tomorrow Big Mick
  9. We will have a minute silence for the Torana that is no longer in the back corner before the flag drops Big Mick
  10. Thanks to all for another fun day of Tasman madness at FPR Agreeing with other round comments these are the best group of cars yet. It sure was cold in Adelaide yesterday so the times might not have been as good as they could of been. Congrats to Sedeamon and our friend from the USA on their podiums. That Ferrari was a hoot to drive and the stand out car for me on the very tight blue lane. Experienced a few issues with some of the cars and will PM the owners with my thoughts Looking forward to next round at Lenny Brokes Spitfire Raceway and the endless banter and good spread that always follows a day at Semaphore Park. Regards Big Mick
  11. Yep got my controller from them Keith great place to do business Regards Big Mick PS good luck with the Tasman tomorrow
  12. Terry "The Concours need only to be judged at the beginning of the series, thus ensuring the cars are at their best, whatever points are awarded to your car would be added to the point score at the completion of the series, Be interesting to hear what others may be thinking" Plafit have been doing that for a long time with the classic class, points system for detail then lap score for a combined total seems to work for them if the dreaded super tuners want their "kudos" they will need to add such things going forwards to be competitive Regards Big Mick
  13. I have to give you your backside back Allan I dont want it But thank you for soldering my chassis on your Jig. Will have to get one of those before it becomes too much of an issue Regards Big Mick
  14. All good Terry that is the problem with my car it is a handful fast sure but fast upside down in the corners to if you blink LOL hope to flatten that out for next year. Was hoping for a good run to show that the SRP still had a place in the series. I was involved heavily with the testing done here in Adelaide on the three motors and found next to nothing in performance variation. Still think its part of the overall package that makes a good lap time (motor/tyre and of course flat, square and true Chassis) after that its in the hands of the proxy drivers. That is very hard for a control freak like me to do !!!!! Regards Mick
  15. "I think I'll need to get me one of those brokespeed things for next year" Allan I have one I could sell you at a mark up of course ​Can only say am Thrilled to get a round win in my first Proxy thanks to all involved, it was JBs first bad round sort of I am sure No88 will be back with avengence at Spitfire and I know his cars love FPR Looking forward to the next round ( I get to have the drive fun this time LOL) although I have found watching this unfold more stressful than being a driver in the SA rounds last two years. Hope for the SRP brigade still CharlesX Regards Big Mick
  16. Good one Terry I like a close run thing
  17. Mine will suit FPR and Spitfire better its those southern Vic and Twisty Tasi tracks it is to tall for I was concerned about the gearing before it was sent now I know why. All in the data entry file system (look it up on the forum next year) for the next car next year Regards Big Mick
  18. Bugger Terry That is the second motor so far this series, my mate Chris (Mondeo) lost his in the first race Its a drive it like you stole it race so far I am into the what will work better next year already but I was doing that ten minuets after it was posted Looking forward to your round (it was mannimals track that was ferradore) Regards Mick
  19. Sorry Terry "Mick, my track is not Ferradore, it was originally satin finish enamel but I repainted the track in paving paint about 2 years back my track has a very smooth surface. I hate Ferradore!" I to hate Ferradore and I have mistaken your track for another one from last year I think, had a look at last years pics after I put my fingers in my mouth Your surface looks the same as Adelaide/Tassie ​Am also surprised by the results of your car it was a sweetie last year must be something bent in there somewhere Regards Mick
  20. Hi Peter Am new to the Tasman but have been a driver in the SA legs the last two years I think the Tassie tracks have a similar surface to those in Adelaide a paving paint or some such giving a smooth surface that allow excellent grip for most rubber or urethane I have no idea about the surface on Stubbos track looking back the results there seem to differ from the Tas/SA tracks in terms of which cars perform may be the surface might be another issue like layout maybe Stubbo can enlighten us about the surface. The odd track out is Terry's up in Newcastle ferradore if I am not mistaken. If it is anything like the ferradore tracks here in Adelaide it would be a natural enemy of rubber that is going on to a smooth track like spitfire next. Very corse here in Adelaide and will rough up the surface of the rubber tyres very quickly so next run on a smooth track they will suffer. Alas i have no idea about the "roughness " of the ferradore at Terry's place. Don't mistake me ferradore is good to race on but I have found rubber tyre dont travel so well between the two surfaces. As Lenny Broke will tell you I am a terrible fuss pot when it comes to tyres In regard to the motors, I was involved in the test cars that ran late last year with the three different motors in the and I found little to no difference then but they were three different cars. I started my test session with the 16k SRP and was able to get better than last years lap record at FPR fitted the 18k and found another .1 so I went that way. I overcame the less brake thing just by turning them up on the old difalco. I dont have a Tassie motor yet but will hit Phil up for one so I can fit that and get the only accurate test result trying it in the same car as the other two. I could talk at length about what ratio works best HERE but _____ I think from the pictures the tracks here in Adelaide are much bigger with longer straights and faster "sweeper type" corners so finding a balanced ratio across all tracks would be difficult as would a tyre that will suit all tracks. Part of the fun of proxy racing there I think. But the mighty Grandkids car of a few years ago was shunted aside buy Sloquick last year and it seems JBs 88 is on track to do that again, although I have high hopes No13s long legs will get the job done on those long straights at Spitfire LOL (still got to get round the corner at the end though). i know John at FPR takes extensive notes on all cars and gives feed back I will talk cars a performance till the cows come home so looking forward to the Adelaide rounds Mick
  21. Yep spot on Phil in regards to my car, I had well only one test/tune session before it had to be in the SA communal traveling box so went with what was there on the night. It is geared to "tall" when I ran it at FPR I got some times well under SloQuick lap record from last year but it is a bugger to drive had my brakes on my Difalco set to about where they would be for an NSR GT3 car. In my experience Tasman cars can often be run with little to no brake sometimes but alas the high tech engineering firm I contracted to make my chassis went on holiday to QLD (bloody brokespeed) and I got the car when Allan got back and I must say his simple approach makes for a good chassis IMHO but no real time to do much development. For a better than average tuner I am a VERY poor modler I will work on that for the next series. Congrats to the Podium looking forward to having a drive of these when they come to Adelaide Big Mick
  22. Pulitzer prize material is his usual standard (no pressure Phil) The animal welfare is high in Tassie hope the crows are being looked after too LOL Big Mick
  23. "Of course one option is to just buy the car and measure it, only $780,000.00!" Allan generates that out of the race fees at Spitfire so no problem there, however he would have to lose the Torana out of the shed to fit the Elfin in so i guess not LOL. "might be pushing the realms of scale credibility, No worse than a thunderslot but!!" That is blasphemy!!!!!! Regards Big Mick
  24. Thank Shelmore park guys What a great presentation you should take up a job as a photographer Not surprised I went from pole to third I know that car is a handful and would take some getting used to needless to say am pleased with the result. Congrats to JB and Phil and all others really looking forward to the next Tassie round Big Mick
  25. What else would you expect with the mighty 179 up front. Motors ltd. must have laid on a real special for us especially with that nifty NASCO venitian blind in the back window. We all know know Brokespeed is the top chassis builder in SA LOL
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