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  1. Actually after having the same message on a new board, after you get the message just save the changes anyway, and update the track. Hopefully when you go back in it will work as normal. Worth a try anyway.
  2. No I'm sure its an R3. Not all unofficial unos are equal, they often have different chips. Try emailing Dave @rc he may have an alternative sketch if the board isn't resetting correctly.
  3. The only thing I can suggest is try a different type of board, sounds like your reset button isn't working either, the board should turn off and the TX RX lights should blink a few times on reboot. P.s. I assume its a uno R3 board?
  4. No that doesn't sound right. Can you also test by pressing the small reset button on the board itself? I think Dave may have seen a similar issue before, when rc starts it sends a reset instruction to the board, I vaguely remember some of the fake boards aren't able to soft reset. If it works using the reset button then try sending an email to dave@rc.
  5. Hi guys following on from my RC Speak app (https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.slingshot_racing.rcspeak.demo&hl=en_GB), which enables voice announcement of lap times on an Android phone. There will soon be an Apple version available in iTunes, the Apple version has been done by another developer so may differ in a few places. Both variants are paid for apps (but there is a free demo available), but this is just to try and recover some of the submission costs when registering and submitting apps. Cheers Slingshot
  6. OK the code is below, you will need to download AutoIt first from https://www.autoitscript.com/site/autoit/downloads/. You can either run the script (call it startRCPractice.au3) or you can compile it into an exe and add it to your PC startup. I've provided the source since you'll probably want to change the location of RC, the commands that get run or the timings. Hopefully its self explanatory, but it simply emulates you doing key presses, so if it works with you pressing the tab key followed by the 'p' key that is how the script will do it. Problems you may have:- Timings too short for your PC startup. Different version of RC may have different tab order and controls. Mulitple races starting with 'p' so it selects a different one. Another Window pops up taking focus so the key presses go to the wrong window. Anyway hope it helps, it's pretty straightforward once you've had a play. Local $screenTitle = "Race Day Setup" ; Run RC from the specified location. Local $iPID = Run("C:\Program Files (x86)\Race Coordinator\RaceCoordinator.exe", "C:\Program Files (x86)\Race Coordinator") ; Wait upto 60 seconds for the main RC window to appear. WinWait($screenTitle, "", 60) ; Wait for 5 seconds. Sleep(5000) ; Make sure the RC window is active before sending commands WinActivate($screenTitle) ; Send 17 tabs and then space to set to single race, and then 2 tabs and P to select practice from the drop down Send("{TAB 17}{SPACE}{TAB 2}P") ; Send the start race shortcut (ALT+r) send("^r") Exit
  7. If anyone is still interested in this, I've written a script using autoit that starts rc and runs practice mode. I can supply the script or it can be compiled into an exe that can be added to your startup progs. Cheers Slingshot
  8. Just to provide a little background that may or may not be useful, USB is typically not very good in noisy environments, and is more of an issue with the USB design. There are plenty of documented problems with USB with and without Arduino's that make interesting reading i.e. https://www.linkedin.com/grp/post/1268377-197879120 or https://decibel.ni.com/content/thread/19196 You'll find plenty more like this which may or may not help, this is one of the reasons I tried Bluetooth, since ethernet which should be better for reliable comms is too expensive for a lap counter IMO. Now I'm wondering if the better isolation would help, so something like :- http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/like/221721409261?adgroupid=13585920426&hlpht=true&hlpv=2&rlsatarget=kwd-123671518146&adtype=pla&ff3=1&lpid=122&poi=&ul_noapp=true&limghlpsr=true&device=c&chn=ps&campaignid=207297426&crdt=0&ff12=67&ff11=ICEP3.0.0-L&ff14=122&viphx=1&ops=true&ff13=80 Quite expensive but may be worth a go if someone wants to try. Please make sure you haven't got pins configured in RC that have nothing connected, these unconnected pins may just of float around acting as an aerial for RFI.
  9. One other thing, have you changed the configuration in rc itself and specified a pin for some input that isn't wired up? I know it sounds like a daft question but what changed to stop it working? If it worked fine for a month, we had 1 instance where someone had changed the lighting which caused noise.
  10. Not sure I can help much (happy to come over and fix it if you cover my costs from UK?), since you can reproduce the issue fairly easily on blue lane it should be fairly easy to fix, try each of the following in turn and see if any of it helps. 1 - Disconnect and re-connect all non soldered wiring. 2 - Check all soldered connections especially any that have frayed ends. 3 - Try a different USB cable. 4 - Try a powered USB cable. 5 - Check if it's a certain bit of track (the only problem like this I ever had was fixed when I cleaned a really dirty bit of track) 6 - Try a different USB port 7 - Try a different PC 8 - Try moving the Arduino to another position 9 - Try putting the Arduino in a metal tin (isolated from the tin so it doesn't short). if all this fails then take a look at Rusty's ideas for adding caps etc. to reduce noise. If you want to use a different interface then I'd suggest trackmate if you can afford it, it should work out of the box. I've had way too many problems with parallel connections to advise switching to them. Parallel connections are still susceptible to noise and you are more likely to having missed lap issues due to slow refresh on parallel. Switching to Bluetooth is not an option since that involves a lot of config work, although I'd like to know how people are getting on with it, at present it seems to be working pretty well for me, but then i've never really had any issues with USB either. Anyway hope that's help a little.
  11. Hi guys, I had this problem when developing the original arduino interface but only about 1 in 50 laps. I managed to debug the issue once and I was pretty sure it was noise on the usb, which seems to be a know issue with the usb interface. I found references to it happening in robotics and machining especially around motors, one suggestion to reproduce was stop and start an old drill the usb interface. On my main track my issue went away when I switched to a longer powered 6m usb cable, so couldn't debug anymore. Another test track I built to test a standalone timer using deadstrip had the problem which allowed me to debug a little, here's what I found if it helps:- 1 - A decent shielded longer usb cable fixed it completely. 2 - a cap on the deadstrip helped 3 - different boards make no difference 4 - in standalone mode I never had an issue only when using usb 5 - moving pc away helped. So my ideas to fix this which I haven't tried are:- 1 - put the arduino in a metal tin to shield it. 2 - ferrite core on usb 3 - check usb connector on board is shielded to gnd correctly. Anyway hope that gives some pointers, if I can reproduce again I'll try some more things. Kevin
  12. There's a subsection on another slot forum that dave is now using for a single point of reference, and there is a new requests thread ongoing if you want to add it to that? Sorry not sure if I can post a link to it.
  13. I have a standalone timing system you can build for 2 lanes, uses an Ardunio and an LCD display, you can easily switch between standalone and connecting to a PC running race coordinator just by reloading a different sketch. Anyway here's the link if it's any use:- http://slngshotx.wix.com/slingshot-racing#!projects/cm8a
  14. You could maybe write a command script that uses one of the many sendkeys apps i.e. http://www.softpedia.com/get/System/System-Miscellaneous/SendKeys.shtml to send key strokes to the RC window, not tried this but if you can use key strokes to start a practice session then it should work for you. If you are a coder of any sort you could write this pretty quickly in VB, which I think supports a sendkeys interface, again never done this, just a thought.
  15. I've added a couple of photos on my web page showing some of the options, the main screen shows the current racers and you can select anyone on the screen and listen to their lap times etc. http://slngshotx.wix.com/slingshot-racing#!projects/cm8a The settings allow you to optionally listen to the following information:- laptime position Gap to driver behind Gap to driver in front Gap to leader Race Status i.e. yellow flag, next heat etc. Obviously you can can have all information selected but by the time everything's been spoken you are usually into the next lap. I'll try and do a video showing it in operation and you can hear the callouts.
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