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  1. Hi SlotsNZ, The night racing is a blast, during the night enduro I found that after about 7 mins drivers started to loose concentration and could'nt remember which lane they were in. This made marshalling a bit of a drama, (although the upside of this is a marshal putting the car in the wrong lane had an added advantage of sourcing more funds for the chosen charity) so I reduced the maximum time "at the wheel" for each driver to approx 5 mins and this seemed to work out much better, with only a minor reduction in funds raised. Keep me posted on how it turns out. Cheers Datsun510
  2. Yeppers, soft top Datto. Resin kit from the States, Chassis from Pendle slots, runs well. As soon as the weather warms will paint my BRE Datto 510 running same Pendle Chassis.
  3. I recently decided to change my old clunky light gantry with a new easy to service slimline version. (the old gantry can be viewed in the ACT section of tracks). I found some half round Aussie Duct at the local Office Works outlet, the beauty of this duct is that it is hinged, perfect for accessing the emitters. All I did was cut it to the correct width, drilled 3 holes for the emitters (ensuring that they lined up perfectly with the sensors set in the lanes) manufactured 2 steel supports and attached them with small angle brackets I had laying around. Installed the emitters, painted the gantry, attached to the track and voila... new slim line gantry, total cost $8 odd.
  4. HaHa I could do that, yes it is a RS200, hit with a blow dryer to bend it so it looks like it hit the tree it's resting against. Changed the light gantry, the old one looked a bit clunky, will post pics of the new slim line updated version.
  5. I used to run a very large, fully landscaped 4 lane Scaley track, it was a great layout, but the extremes of the Canberra weather caused continuity problems and in some cases, buckling of the track. My fellow slotters suggested I convert it into a routed track. I spoke to "32 Coupe" and after several discussions and looking at different designs that he came up with, we agreed on a design that was similar to my original layout, with room to build a pit and spectator area. 32 Coupe routed a great track in a very short time frame and kindly delivered the sections. Thanks 32 Coupe, would gladly recommend your work. All that was left for me to do assemble the sections, paint, lay the braid and add the scenery. I wired it up to run in either direction and added LED night lights for racing at night. Here is the finished ? trackā€¦ I think it will evolve more over time.
  6. Thanks to Slots NZ, Shadow_Rusty and Matt-crackers for the development of these screens. I hope to install over the next few days and looking foward to using them.
  7. Hi Slots NZ, The race and race results screens are ideal and just what I was looking for. Do I have to program them myself or has someone created the necessary files that can be used to repace the existing ones. Thanks once again
  8. Hi Slots NZ et.al. Thank you for your responses. After playing with RC over the past few days and there are some features I would like to see in RC. I guess you could call it "my wish list" (am aware you can edit RC but I have absolutly no idea where to start or how to go about it ..... a duffer when it comes to that sort of thing). From an "end user perspective" I think the following featues would be nice (I give credit to those, SlotzNZ in particular, who have displayed some of their sample screens, they are exaclty what I was looking for... thanks Guys).. Race screen to display more than 5 competitors rather than scrolling down to see them all Race Screen to allow power on, power off and who will be on deck next neat. Results summary and report to display total elapsed time Report builder to customise reports (big ask I know, perhaps one for the developer?) Is there anyone who can advise me how to go about getting the first 3 items operational? Cheers and thanks once again to those who responded, appreciated.
  9. I am new to the forum and have recently installed Race Coordinator (upon the recommendation of fellow slotters) to manage races, it replaces the Trackmate system (complete with a call button and relay to control track power). I am using Race Coordinators Trackmate interface. I have a couple of questions that members of the forum may be able to answer. The printed report does not display total time taken to complete a series of heats/race (racers like to know if for e.g. if two racers finish with 35 laps ea, they would like to know how close they were to each other). Is there a report builder available to customise report output? If not, how do I have the report include this information? Is there a function that will allow power to be restored, automatically, after the completion of each heat (power currently cuts out at the end of a heat, which requires racers to move around the track to collect their cars. I know that Ctrl 0 and Alt 0 are used to control power to the track, but is there a way to have Race Coordinator restore power automattically after the completion of a heat/race? Thanks in advance
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