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  1. The good thing is, caterhams are cheap as well. (comparatively) $50 4 months later and I still haven't done it. I'm not the best at soldering at the best of times, and now I'm on medication that makes me shake.. I killed one car already so I've given up and still have tonnes of cars doing nothing. need to clear the shed of all the junk and get the track up and going but too much other stuff happening.
  2. Just cut off the health warnings. We have those heath warnings here on plain packaging. but my Marlboro's are imported from the Philippines and Korea where no such bullshit exists.
  3. Well I'm fine for Marlboro, but I'll give a few of those other ones a print out.. Cheers for that
  4. There's no Hiding Marlboro's involvement in Motorsport throughout history. This is going to be reflected in my track. We may have plain packaging here, but if you get imported smokes, you can put the packets to good use. Cut a packet up, gets you 4 usable logos (5 if you have a logo on the side) Double sided tape (I'm using 3M Scotch poster tape) BAM. PERFECT size for fences. Can also cut up the cartons and they're the perfect size for buildings as well And to think, All this time I've just been throwing empty packets out. Now some good can come out of my addiction!
  5. Picked up these cheap: My first Subaru, from a set. Looks amazing and 4WD. SCX Mitsubish EVO VII. Shows little signs of use, but magnet is missing and tyres are GONE. Looking forward to tuning this into a drifter.
  6. I've actually taken photos of all my cars from many different angles so when they are ruined I can remember I once had some good cars. They're all just as they came so I have no idea. no stats or tweaks or changes just yet. Soon I'll have a couple more to put up. is there a shelf queen / eye candy thread?
  7. Hey, thanks for the link. I've checked out those forums a little and found someone who got an f1 in car microprocessor into the caterham without having to modify the car or chip. so I'll do what they did. I am now just waiting for some stock confirmations from various places before I go mental. (I have 10 cars in my workshop ready to be chipped)
  8. I know I am going to have to do some hacking no matter what, But if I don't have to hack the side or the driver apart I'll be much more happy. I'll take it into my local shop and check out the size of the f1 chip (They still have them cause I don't have any F1 cars) I just wasn't sure if anyone else had something even smaller.
  9. I figured I'd take some photos of some of my favorites before the racing gets serious at home. All just Scalextric except for the orange McLaren F1. The Lancia and Audi are absolutely exquisite models, I am almost too scared to drive them. But The antenna coming off the Bentley spurred on some photos. Since the photos: The green P1 has scuffed mirrors The MG has lost a mirror.
  10. So I have myself a nice Caterham, and I would like very much to make it digital, as with a bit more weight in the front will be my fastest scalextric car by a long way. but the car is very, VERY small, the only place I can see fitting any sort of chip is hacking apart the passenger seat and putting it there. and then maybe making a cover of some sort to hide it.. The only place to fit the led is right in front of the motor. (Damn braids, prop shaft and gears take up the whole car. So what is the smallest chip I can get to reduce the amount of hacking I have to do? Thanks in advance all
  11. I've checked them out, their SSD track behind the shop is quite good. And they were pretty flexible on prices and very helpful the couple of times I've been there. Just a little too far from me to go often.
  12. Well an update to the problem. I've since got the 2 more and labeled each set 1-6. (lane changer and sensor as they came) 1 and 2 work perfectly. So lane changer 1 and 2 and sensor track 1 and 2. Sensor tracks 1 and 2 work lane changers 1-6 perfectly, no problems. sensor tracks 3-6 all have minds of their own. and work for between 1 change and a million changes in a few minutes then stop. I am buying one more in the hope I get another working sensor track. If not, I'll keep the 2 that work, then just get rid of the rest. I am now moving on to track design ideas.
  13. It's all in the cupboard, as I still haven't even decided on a layout, yet. Just waiting for the next lot of stuff to arrive. and that chicane looks AWSOME! My biggest problem with any sort of modding or repairs is soldering.. I am very skilled and creative in many ways, but I could never solder for s#!t! But powering them individually might be an idea. And them slowing the race down a little might be a good thing, If people know they have to slow down it'll get more competitive in other parts of the track.
  14. Thanks for all the advice all. It appears they are faulty. I can't be bothered sending them back, (to the UK, then waiting for the replacements to arrive) so I've bought another 2 of the left hand ones from the same place. with some other bits and pieces. $20 each and $60 shipping. As it turns out, I'm probably going to have to give up on a hobby anyway. since I spent the 2 odd grand, I've become unemployed, and need real car work done first, so I'll probably sell off some of the stuff and wait for better luck.
  15. Well the sensor tracks from the left hand ones when used with these worked fine. So now I either have to work out some way of fixing the too easy to overload sensor tracks or get a refund. I'd rather find a fix if I can.
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