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  1. Thanks guys for the help, tips and tricks, the car was much better on friday night, the running of the motor in hot water + detergent was the route i took. It did not remove the sluggishness but it was enough to get me by. Many Thanks the_Wombat
  2. Thanks Mick, i reckon the tricks would do just fine though, i wanted to keep the standard sized motor and gearing for the Nationals otherwise it would be POWER all the way. Kind Regards the_Wombat
  3. is it just acrylic spray? Kind Regards the_Wombat
  4. Cheers BigMick, do you know what the spray is called at all?
  5. Hey, Just wondering if anyone knows any good decal printing places in Adelaide that you can give them a file and they print on the paper or they can sell you some waterslide decal paper to print on at home. Ebay does have some paper but I am hesitant as they are expensive and seem shabby. Many Thanks the_Wombat
  6. Hey everyone, Just saying hello becuase im new to this and everybody else does it . If you are questioning my username, i couldn't think of anything else plus it kinda sums up myself, i can be a bit of a Wombat sometimes. Kind Regards the_Wombat
  7. That would be a sick class clubs could run, every body prints out their design and builds it up from there. One thing though is every body needs a 3D printer or the club could have one every body uses. the ideas... Kind Regards the_Wombat
  8. Ok thanks everyone, i will try and fix this silly motor. oh and sorry if i didn't make it profound but the motor was just the stock yellow motor pictured below (This is not my photo but for illustration purposes only). Kind Regards the_Wombat
  9. Hey, I was racing my Slot.it group 5 the other night and each lap the motor was getting slower and slower until I could've probably crawled faster than it. Another club member added 'Voodoo' drops into the motor making it better but not permanently better. The motor is the stock yellow one that comes with it. If anybody else knows any tips and tricks on how to make dying motors up to snuff again, it would be much appreciated Kind regards the_Wombat
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