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  1. you were the person that introduced the srp 25 into Mini-Z which was a lot faster than a fox II and turned several people away from racing on the gold coast. Gold coast is the only place in queensland that introduced mixed chassis rules for a single class and its the smallest club, so i dont see that as being a success. Mini-Z with fox iv is still the biggest supported class at APC and it would run a low torque motor with less weight if a legitimate commercially available motor was available. Scale auto also isnt raced as a club class in any Queensland clubs other than GoldCoast after you made changes and started bypassing the legitimate Australian distributor, so as you said please stop hijacking the thread.
  2. Narangba and red racer only run the foxiv as well.
  3. Brett, I would take the lead from the front and put it up the back, change the front wheels to light weight racing wheels. Change the guide nut to a plastic one and pull the guide back a lot more.
  4. yes science doesn't lie....lol
  5. Rollout depends on driving style as well, I personally rely on braking and corner speed. I also like a car that slides. With heavy cars I run a shorter rollout to get brakes with lighter cars I run very tall it just suits how I drive. As Paul said once you get to understand roll outs you can pick a gear and tyre size without driving a track. Rollout is critical in fixed gear racing classes .3 in tyre size can make a big difference especially with cars that run larger diameter tyres. This is the reason I am not a fan of fixed gear racing, means you go through more tyres. Play around with it Brett its an aspect of racing I really enjoy.
  6. mobile raceways in melbourne sell barrier trips, they are clear with a barrier pattern printed on they look really cool its not cheap though http://www.mrslotcar.com/mrslotcar-tf85a-poly-carbonate-track-fencing-15mm-thicknessa75mm-higha-x-24-mts
  7. might have to try and see if I can make it to this, you melbourne guys know how to put on a great race meeting
  8. Cam I didn't call you a cheat never have, I have never been critical of anything you have done. All I have ever stated is it was disappointing. And quote from Jimmy Hi Guys Just like to clear up a few points & put this subject to bed before it destroys all the good work alot of people have put in to make the APC such a great event. Firstly our local rule is if a car stops under the Donut at the end of a bracket,we always replace it at the exit of the donut where everyone can see it,Greg was only doing what he thought was right. Missed racing you at APC in Melbourne you were missed by several people, I was looking forward to you coming. Situation in Queensland is a mess but that is because of several reasons and little to do with me. APC and MCN continue to be a fantastic slot car events every year and I hope you change your mind. Cheers Jason
  9. I am as bewildered as you pagey I am not implying anything or intending to upset anyone. Was even careful this time to try and not leave what I wrote open to being mis construed and I was attacked again.
  10. My last name is Kerr so gary is using primary school wit to attempt to insult me.
  11. No cam I didn't say you did it. Greg was pitting for you and he did it, he admitted to it after as being standard practice. All weekend we had been moving our cars back so we could see them not knowing all the locals moved them forward, I don't ever mind getting beaten. It was just disappointing to spend a $1000 dollars and hours traveling all the way down and loose that way. I didn't get a good run in qualifying and didnt see the need to qualify high anyway as there were heats before the final so lane choice didn't mean anything. Look at the heat times and I ran a faster pace than you in my heat and I was only cruising winning the heat easily winning by 4 laps. So I dont know where you get your theory of me suddenly finding speed my total race was less than half a lap behind yours. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 1/24 Formula 1 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Semi Final 1 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 6 x 3 Minute Heats - 70 Second Lane Change Start - 18/08/2013 10:27:43 AM Finish - 18/08/2013 10:52:41 AM ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ JASON KERR WHITE GREEN RED YELLOW BLACK BLUE Heat Laps - 31 32 32 32 31 33 Pos - 1 Sub Total - 31 63 95 127 158 191 Laps - 191 Best Lap - 5.459 5.560 5.487 5.510 5.595 5.418 Bell Lap Sub Pos - 1 1 1 1 1 1 0.862 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 1/24 Formula 1 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Semi Final 2 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 6 x 3 Minute Heats - 70 Second Lane Change Start - 18/08/2013 10:57:28 AM Finish - 18/08/2013 11:23:26 AM ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ CHRIS WONSON BLACK BLUE WHITE GREEN RED YELLOW Heat Laps - 31 33 32 32 32 33 Pos - 1 Sub Total - 31 64 96 128 160 193 Laps - 193 Best Lap - 5.599 5.457 5.483 5.626 5.487 5.562 Bell Lap Sub Pos - 4 3 1 2 1 1 2.852 SIMON WAKELIN RED YELLOW BLACK BLUE WHITE GREEN Heat Laps - 33 32 31 32 32 33 Pos - 2 Sub Total - 33 65 96 128 160 193 Laps - 193 Best Lap - 5.414 5.484 5.675 5.470 5.472 5.553 Bell Lap Sub Pos - 1 1 3 3 3 2 5.031 CAMERON NEILSON YELLOW BLACK BLUE WHITE GREEN RED Heat Laps - 32 31 32 33 31 33 Pos - 3 Sub Total - 32 63 95 128 159 192 Laps - 192 Best Lap - 5.514 5.643 5.555 5.488 5.635 5.488 Bell Lap Sub Pos - 3 4 4 4 4 3 1.981 In the final everybody went quicker except you so i dont see how you can think anything underhanded was going on, I just went flat out as you can see I set fastest times on several lanes and lost a lap when we touched when I tried to pass you after you had passed me during the lane change giving Paul the lead in the final. As you can see winning margin was .2 of a sec a lot less than the amount your car was moved around the track as confirmed by Greg and Jimmy so I dont see it as sour grapes just a fact. Not once have you ever heard me complain about being beaten by anyone else.
  12. Which race are you referring to? APC f1 race
  13. Yes and well done, of course the bearing probably wouldn't have failed if it was glued in straight. You could also call your result "second last" as there were only 4 cars in the FLM class and I think 4th place are yet to finish, not really much to brag about there. Dean and I won GT with the slowest car on the track that day thanks to another bearing failure in Werner's car (I'm starting to see a pattern here) but with only 2 cars in the class it's a hollow victory. Pete looked so upset at losing by a lap I wanted to give him the trophy. I felt a lot of sympathy for Werner that day with only 6 teams (it's an 8 lane track) or roughly a dozen people attending one of the biggest races of the year at Red Racer. I tried to get more people to come but there was a common thread to their reasons for not attending which I conveyed to Werner. See if you can guess what that was. Jason perhaps you could enlighten us as to what efforts you made to encourage others to attend. The biggest enduro they've had at Red Racer was actually the 2015 Scaleauto GT 8 hour that was won by team Phoenix. I don't think you were there as attendance was quite high. Anyway, back on topic - Jason your arguments lack any kind of scientific method. You had a bearing fail and you blame the bearing, end of story. Nothing to learn there? No investigation? No thought of trying anything different? And Jason, please make an effort to spell "Rossko" correctly. "Manners", it's in the dictionary, look it up. Now can we get back to setting up Scaleauto GTs, or would you like to waffle on some more about your carting prowess? Did you race under an alias? Now that I look there is one point I should respond to. You want claim you couldn't get people to come. Let's run through those people you race with because I spoke to most of them looking for a partner when my team mate had a family issue: Steve had a prior commitment Noel couldn't he had a family function (also asked me to race at sa enduro at Hornsby) Mark was happy to come race as my partner when I called him Grant and Gerald couldn't make it they work Saturdays So that leaves jan, kym, Ashley and stew. None of them have attended a race meeting organised by Werner in the last 3 years why would they start now? As a side note it was me that talked Werner into allowing the srp motor to give the gold coast guys an opportunity to run, which was why I tested one in a v8
  14. I didn't attack the dapto boys I stated a fact which Jimmy ended up admitting to which was the advancing of cars up and around d the donut. That practice did cost me a win and that is fact. I wasn't the only person that got sick from the food at the bowling club and that is also fact. I have never demanded respect I am not sure where you get that idea from, I speak my mind instead of kissing arse that's why certain people don't like me. How did I attack Gary by saying I don't glue in a bearing?
  15. Garry your personal insults aernt worth responding to, this thread was actually about new people helping older people so how about we stick to that. No I didn't race under an alias, here is a Magazine Advert from Kart OZ and I wont bore you with all the results. By the way i didnt say your way of doing bearings was wrong just that Paul (fastest guy in the country), the winners of many scale auto 8 Hour Enduros and myself dont glue bearings in. Just because you have done something for 40 years doesnt mean its the right way or the only way.
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