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  1. Hi I have a large digital scalextric track which I've really enjoyed over the years but think it's time to reclaim the garage. I haven't measured it but with standard cars it's about a 10second lap, 2 panes in parts, 3 in others, with separate pit lane. Is set up with PBPro which has been upgraded to Simple H to allow it to run more power. Handles 6 cars easily. Has some simple scenery, and some lights set. I can put more on it and a video at some point but wondered if people had any view on the best way to sell it. I could sell it in bits so wanted to check if people felt there was a market for a ready set up track. I suspect I have spent about $2,5k on it - don't really want to add it up to be honest!!! I could;t work out how to upload photos, but will load them to Flickr when I can and upload a link if useful.
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