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  1. I have managed to connect arduino uno board to race coordinator for lap count and timing also the 5 start lights. My question is when the race is paused 1,3 and 5 lights come on and because i am unable to find tri coloured 10mm l.e.d.s they shine red, so can the command be changed to light up 6th amber l.e.d cancelling out the three that light up now. I think it may work because there is a pin available not being used
  2. Firstly i apoligize if this subject has allready been covered, i am new to this forum. I look after disabled kids as a volunteer so i put together a scalextric track together from 3 kits built all the buildings ect so now i would like to build a lap and timing system. I have tried webcam but is to unreliable because the kids keep activating the webcam by fingers or knocking the table. I have a game pad and a arduino uno board so i would like to know step by step details on what i need and how to put either one together. I am not sure what sensors to use but something that will not activate by knocking or shadows. Any help would be usefull
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