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  1. another vote for the rat. Love your work.
  2. Another vote for 3mm mdf. Easily worked & sanded.
  3. Admiring the skills in this. ...and paper clips - genius!
  4. Blue flags an option then?
  5. Love the finish on this. Great build thread, engine, paintwork, etc etc. Impressive work Chris.
  6. Oh dear. Oh dear oh dear oh dear. Having seen photos of this track i realise mine will be a distant second. You've basically already made what I was hoping to achieve - but only better. What is the footprint of this beauty? Is the track routed mdf?
  7. The original idea... The execution... The skill... The result... ....envious of it all. You should be well pleased - very impressive.
  8. Looks like a 'must do' on the next visit.
  9. Gotta love a grabby hand thing. Nice and complex track - fills all the space.
  10. Love the paint job. The brick wall might suffer some damage from that front end!
  11. Looks like a fun layout. Any marshalling difficulties?
  12. What's not to love about this one. Luverly.
  13. Fair enough - already looks great.
  14. If you painted the insert black as in Rusty's sample it may look good - depending on your painting skills.
  15. And this from a Kiwi - I've seen your roads! By the way, I will be back to see more. - Awesome place. My driving is of such a standard that I don't need extra hazards.
  16. Playing with styrene now to fill in a blank wall. It will become a mountain/cliffside thingy - the idea being that the road has been carved into it. In affect though, it will hopefully weigh less than 1kg. Its all mounted onto a piece of chip board which protects the wall - protects the wall from me sticking styrene scenery to it !!! It still looks a bit blocky so will keep carving at it to remove all the bits that don't look like a mountain. Bit of colour should help too.
  17. Strong winds on the Harewood high plains.
  18. Bit of scenery & foliage makes a difference.
  19. Omg, amazing. Surely they'll drop in price like vcr's and microwave ovens
  20. I Am The Walrus

    Cheap Tricks

    For those of you who play with scenery but fall over when they see the price of a bag of "grass" at between $9 and $14, I've purchased a couple of florists blocks instead. These are the green foam squares florists use in flower arrangements. I use a fine cheese grater to mince them into grass. 1 square yields about 1 litre of grass (half an ice cream container) or about 4 bags worth. Looks exactly the same as the Woodland Scenics though the blocks only come in one colour. Cost? About $2 a block from Spotlight.
  21. Nice to in your country where its less likely to die from being eaten, stung, or bitten. Btw, you've used too many vowels. Its "Fsh n Chps".
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