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  1. Awesome stuff Cam . As always the quality is off the scales . The level of detail that you have achieved with the body is amazing. The extra detail items that you supply is also unbelievable, mirrors , wheel inserts, detail door / bonnet shut lines, detailed interior, aerials, light buckets front and rear, Rear wing and uprights, the list goes on . With the V8's, Utes and now the Porsche we will be able to emulate a real V8 super car weekend. So looking forward to seeing 8 of these beautiful cars running around my new track . Really looking forward to the first big outing for them at the Hornsby 6hr in Feb . Close fast racing will most certainly be a highlight . Having had the pleasure to drive the prototype, I'm in a rush to get mine on the track . Very fast and very forgiving, even when you screw a corner up it still wants to let you off the hook for poor driving . Well done Cam and it will be another big hit . Cheers Pagey
  2. Thanks Axe , the social event was fantastic this year with everyone staying in the same complex . Food was good at track but we needed a big meal on Saturday night , just making to the pub bistro at 9.50pm . Phone orders were done for boys at the track . 20 plus steaks with 10min left on clock had the chef unhappy but management rapped . 😳😂 Plenty of laughs of course, a few mentions need to go Vic boys . Arkin's volume knob is directly related to beer input. 😂 Greg the quite achiever,was showing around a photo of some random bloke from 1997 at a slot race with long hair and a good looking rooster . Claiming it was himself? 😱 SA had a few guest appearances, that were gold .Great to catch up with Shane and try to get him out of retirement. A couple made it last night also for a couple. NSW as always shone in this event . Jim's red wine was very smoothly delt with . Cam with a strong effort causing him to turn into a Jedi look alike at the track next day sleeping to recharge . Still drove like a demon ? That plan didn't work either, trying to take him off his game . 😳 New comer Ben very solid and most definitely on the podium. Shouting the table of 20 blokes tequila shots ! ⛽️ A few boys nearly needing a track call . 🙃😜 Qld most definitely need to up their game ! Jaques making a great effort to carry the state in the last night He was in fine form and a great solo effort. I was as usual the class clown 🤡 but all in all the atmosphere was fantastic. A few late nights back at our NSW party pad finishing up at 3am could have affected my driving ? Na just no ability. 😂😂😂 A few strange things happened also , taking Troy for his first APC and road trip was also good, but we come home with Toby ?🙃 Also Clintons track call over a stray pair of undies back at team nissans room was memorable. 😂😂😂😂 It's not all about the drink for me but more being able to sit down with like minded blokes from around the country and share a meal, laughs, stories and a few drinks of course . Can't wait for the next big event . See you all then and maybe meet some new blokes also . Cheers Pagey 🤓
  3. As always a ripper of a weekend. Big job to step into for Robbo doing the race director job , especially as he had never even been to an APC . Yes there were a few hiccups, but really at the end of the weekend we were all very grateful for what you took on for all our enjoyment mate . Well done for having the guts to do the job . Thanks to Werner and John for there efforts in scruitineering so many cars . Thanks Werner for the APC, 10yrs of commitment is a huge thing in our small hobby. Thanks to Bill for all the track maintenance and jobs over the event . Thanks to Chris for the race centre and facilities along with the ladies for food and drink . Well done to all the place getters and race spirit over the race meeting . But of course a major highlight for me, is always the banter and mateship between everyone. The interstate mates that you only see once or twice a year is always priceless. So many laughs and fun over the weekend. I think that our racing is going to be very exciting in the future with some new hot shots from SA , Vics with plenty of champions on the rise along with Qld as always still very fast and our own NSW bench mark of Cam . We have a great group of racers and I'm looking forward to lots of more race meets to come . Great suggestion from Jason is a race program that has us getting to sit down for a meal and few beers together would take it to a new level . If it means that we would have to drop one or two classes but I think it would be worth it . I think this would make the event more manageable. Looking forward to the next catch up and race already. Cheers and thanks Pagey.
  4. Especially those blue bills . What happens on tour , stays on tour Chris . 😂😂😂
  5. You are going to be entertaining on the plan Jim . I thought Steve might be a little tense on the plan but looks like you are off the chain already , 😂😂😂
  6. Gee Charles, sounds like you and Clinton are on top of things this year in team Nissan . No lobby workshop in motel this year building bodies until the early hours of the morning? Lead wires will be a walk in the park . 👍😂😂
  7. He is going early this year , might just get the leads swapped just in time . Although it depends on the air travel again . Missed my flight ? No your wrong I'm early! Fragile stickers on slot box ? Clean up runway 2 , bring some tape. 😳😱🕓✈️💩😩😡😂😂 Captain trips are always special . 😂😂😂
  8. Our NSW team of racers , Pagey Cam Jim Rodney Steve Charles Clinton Troy Michael ( Ben) Sydney ( Piere) Sydney All have booked flights and accommodation. If the nomination is not showing let them or me know . Best help I can give you . Looking forward to the event and a great weekend. Cheers Pagey
  9. I know that I have done my nomination and have been told by others at club that they have as well . Can you please put names up of the nominations? If you need help that would make it possible to double check and chase up members at this end . But I know our numbers haven't changed . Cheers Pagey
  10. That sounds fantastic, a real interstate meet . Come on locals get in and have a go it's great fun . Last year Werner introduced a second level trophy system on some races for first driver who had never won at an Aust title before . It's a great incentive for us mid pack drivers who find it next to impossible to get a podium with the fast guys . So have a go , you might surprise yourself and some of the mid pack races are the best anyway. Glad you can make it Werner 😳😂 are any of your Japanese friends racing this year ? With the Nsw , Vics and Qlders at the one drinking hole I might stand a chance this year . 😜😂😂🍺🍺🍺🍺🎉 Cheers Pagey 🤓
  11. Will be great to catch up with everyone again . These events are always great racing but also lots of social fun with like minded blokes from around the country. Looking forward to catching up with SA mates . Ian , Robbo and new mates Andrew and Peter . Looking forward to meeting in person Kev , Big Mick , Bill etc . Vic boys put on a great race meet last week so I hope you SA boys will all come out to play . Love racing against you as a well Jason . You are a great bench mark for me to chase . Race ya soon mate and party soon at the Marwson Hotel . 🎉🍺🍺 Hopefully the Qlders come down for a visit ? Looking forward to catching up with Steve , need to get some of your mates to come with you ding . Dapto boys are the most consistent club for travel , we will have again 9 from our club , with Ben and Peire under our umbrella also . Make the effort boys and come out for a great weekend of fun and plenty of laughs . 🤓😂😂😂 .
  12. LMP was a fantastic race and were a great way to finish off the weekend. The cars are so awesome to drive , fast and handle so well that you can certainly push yourself and abilities to the max . I didn't honestly now how close it was to yourself Jan and Mark in the last bracket to sneak onto the podium by One lap 😳 , I'm glad I didn't know or I might of choked for sure . 😬 I had a huge advantage with Cam. I hope to see you Queensland guys keep traveling to events as you have and still are the benchmark teams . Great to see so many new drivers coming on though from Vic, SA and NSW . A real interstate battle as it should be . Fantastic. 🎉🎉🎉
  13. Racing today was again fantastic. Our adopted Dapto son Ben stepped up today with local Brett . Winning both classes being Gt and LMP. Brett has been racing for less than 6 months. 😳😩🏁🎉🎉 Second in Gt was Andrew and Simon . Jan and Mark 3rd . In the LMP second was Andrew and Simon again and Cam and myself snuck in by one lap over Jan and Mark to repay the 3rd we just missed to them yesterday in Slotworx. Cam has a very sore back and permanent knee damage from carrying me all weekend. Fantastic race meet in an awesome centre . Thanks to Peter and his team for the event and look forward to it as a annual meeting. Well done all the Vic boys for your hospitality. Mexicans are ok ! No need for walls. 😂 Thanks to my three road trip heros , Jim, Cam and Chris . So many stories and laughs along the way . Looking forward to the next event on calendar APC in Adelaide. Let the fun start all over . 🎉🏁🏆🍺🍺🍺🍺 Cheers Pagey Ps I will attempt to post some photos later 😬
  14. G'day mate , racing was fast and close all day . Have photos to post up but with this photo bucket stuff I can't work it out until home . Local team Raceya later of Jason and Chris were the class of the day winning both Scaleauto and Slotworx. Cam and myself got a second in Scaleauto and third was Greg and Gary. Slotworx was a blistering pole by Cam , we were running strong in second all race and had guide issues with a bracket to go and fell off the podium this time by three laps. Another local team getting second with Murray and Doug supprising even themselves with a great drive . Jan and Mark getting a well driven third . Fantastic race meet so far with awesome track and facilities. Lots of fun and laughs at the pub last night . Tried my best to get an advantage for today with everyone having a good drink , but think my plan has backfired, have great headache myself with a 2am finish . 😩🤡😂
  15. You no Dapto Steve , we play hard 👍🎉🍺😂.
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