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  1. Managed to capture a few successful forward rolls on film with my slot Monster Truck
  2. Put together a "easy" track to test the speed comparison of my Ninco, SCX & Scratch Built Off Roaders. The Ninco Hummer was the hardest track to get to do a full lap with out de-slotting. The Ninco vehicles had the edge in shear speed over the SCX cars but did not handle the obstacles nowhere near as well. The Toyota Land Cruiser & Hilux are both still running on the kit supplied 3 volt motor's. Glad to see that the Nissan King Cab & Lunch Box Monster Trucks are up near the front of the field.
  3. Hi ZeGas A while back SCX produced a range of TT slot cars that came with 4WD and a long "drop arm" and are capable of driving over some of the obstacles my track. Like wise the current range of Ninco "Raid" slot cars have 4WD and a drop arm. Scalextric are now producing Monster Mayhem trucks but I have not seen them up close. I do not know if they are fitted with a drop arm and I do not think that they are 4WD. Not sure if you have seen these YouTube clip. In the first one you can spot a standard SCX TT Peugeot and a Buggy taking on my track. In the second clip are some of the Ninco Raid slot cars trying out the truck with the obstacles removed. I intend to make a set of obstacles more suitable for this cars, hence the way I have made my track with interchangeable obstacles. One of the things that I try to get across in the video's is just how easy it is to make your own unique slot car's. Dave
  4. A simple guide to converting a Tamiya 1/32 scale Mini 4WD Series "Toyota Hilux" into a off road slot car.
  5. 1:32 Scale Slot Monster Trucks Enjoy
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