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  1. Really well done. You captured their postures.
  2. While there are point and shoots with close up attachments, you won't be very happy with the results. A DSLR, or one of the micro four thirds cameras is also a good option, especially if you have a hankering for some video. It's not a matter of bells and whistles but so ly getting decent optics ember can better guide you towards what are reasonably priced outfits in Australia. Sounds like you like canon, so might be wise to stick with one, benefit from perhaps having access to one another's lenses and using the same software, workflow
  3. Make the table kid height..low the ground so they can sit in the floor and whilst a narrow layout against a wall makes for easy marshalling, something in the centre of a room..all a big sandbox might be fun. Also, getting kids into the layout planning can be great fun. The less structure imposed, the more their imagination can flow, the better.
  4. Very nice design and workmanship..simple but well thought through.
  5. Do they actually exist? Kyosho seems to have let dslot languish
  6. Don't set it below track surface. By the time you roll in down, starting ever so slightly proud will get you flush...that's where you want to be
  7. Skinny face? No that's the wind at speed pressing. Very nice conversion.
  8. Thanks difinity. That's what I was looking for. Forgot the lower lead melting point vs gold and silver.
  9. I use a torch when I work at the jewellery store, so am used to it, but getting back into chassis making and wondering if it's worth trying an iron. Gold and silver are great to work using a torch. But I don't have room at the shop to build chassis, and it's not my shop,...etc.
  10. In jewellery making a small butane torch is favoured, whereas electric irons seem the norm for scratchbuilding slotcars. For the torch fuel can be a hassle, but for irons there is always a cord...torches have no delay in heating up, but less control n the heat than variable temp iron. But which is more effective?
  11. Brass and certainly modifying bodies, but my balsa skills aren't good enough to count. Otherwise I will try to make most anything, but at some point the thing gets a bit anal...if one only counts those making every bit and piece, I really doubt anyone qualified. It's a matter of interest and degree. There is RTR , then tuning, and I'd say from the point of homebuilt chassis it's venturing into scratch building territory. I don't think there is some distinct cutoff. Someone making exhausts from tube..that's scratchbuilding. Maybe not a full scratch built model, but the activity surely is.
  12. If wheedling doesn't work, would cash? You know me
  13. Great person who represented much that is good about enjoyment of cars, driving and sport...gender doesn't matter...
  14. Definitely a bad hair day. That's what you get for being cheap with your mechanic.
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