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  1. I'm selling a scalextric digital track for pictures https://www.gumtree.com.au/s-ad/emerald/miscellaneous-goods/scalextric-digital/1197941398 it is a platinum set with a pitstop challenge set and single piece sections mounted on a board using scalextric clips so as it can be removed 9 cars in good condition check it out
  2. I have a Scalextric digital set up for sale on Gumtree here is a link https://www.gumtree....ital/1197941398 thanks
  3. Try Atura hotel Dandenong i haven't stayed there but its newish and Cam and Pagey stayed there last time they were in town and i think it was OK
  4. Congratulations to Thunderbird raceway for a great event and to all the Place geters for your top drives All The Mexicans had a ball at the event this year especially Doug who now is an A grader Well Done!!!! Personally i could put in a decent Qualifying lap but with a couple of deslots my results were not as good as i hoped for i did drive a lot better and my confidence picked up on day 2 and with a little more track time i think my results would have been a lot better Please note "This is from Page 52 of my excuse book" It was fantastic to catch up with ALL the familiar faces from all States, and have a few beers with the boys and have some laughs i sure i will think back to so many of the funny moments and have laugh again like Jimmys Face when he had his Tequila slammer , Nice one Ben!!! Or Doug walking on the track OMG i thought he was going to brake it for a second it was flexing for a second there. the list goes on and on The APC is always a top event and did not disappoint this year i do think a slightly earlier finishing time on say the sat night or if possible we book our return flights on the Monday to incorporate a dinner and a catch up in a social element would take it to the next level as the Sunday night at the Mawsons was priceless well that's my two bob Race ya later
  5. Hi Robbo i have just checked Chris Watts and Jason Lane Entry forms and it looks like we have paid for all our entry fees "classes and Nomination" on the 22/3/17 i have the receipt. But we have not sent any forms in!!! Sorry mate how would you like me to send you the Entry Forms and i will get on to it Thanks
  6. Well Done for stepping up and taking on the race director roll im sure you will do a great job! cant wait to get across to Adelaide and run a few of my old Plafit Cars and a couple of new ones and learn a new track if Andrew and Peter from slot fest are an example of the local drivers i think i better lift my game as those guys were fast on a new track so give them a home track environment and i'm sure they will be hard to beat as well as the usual suspects like Cam and Simon who are always fast and consistent and i do enjoy racing against Pagey as he goes alright and isnt a bad bloke as well !! anyhow Cant wait as it will be a great event . It always is
  7. The racing over the weekend was awesome thank to everyone who braved the cold and came down to Hallam for Slot Fest with teams from NSW Adelaide and Qld all putting in some great drives. Also i feel us Vics are coming to grips with the national scale classes and We have lifted our game so well done to "Team Vic " i'm not sure how Beno fits in here as he teamed up with Vic Brett who built some kick ass GT and OALMP cars but you know what i mean the racing was very competitive and close you needed to bring your A game to be anywhere near the pointy end As for catching up with everyone, it was rely good to see my Slot Car Mates from interstate again and meet some new ones We did have a couple of Carltons and herd a few funny story's it was a good night this could be a problem in Adelaide at the APC i can see a few late nights ahead ,some real sore heads in the mornings and some average performances on the track!!!!! anyhow i hope you all had as much fun as i did and look forward to the next time we catch up Race Ya Later Arkin
  8. "Grandprix of the world" what a great link i rely enjoyed checking out all those tracks and there are some great links i noticed on the Dutch ScaleAuto ruleset link from Benno they allow the use of rear suspension i wonder if we will go that way here in OZ?
  9. i might be wrong here but wasn't the winning car was a McLaren F1 not the MP4
  10. Thanks i weighted up my Audi for the MCN but i had some offs going into corners a little to hot the extra weight in the body really changed the characteristics of the car and i like to run deep into corners and try and out brake my competitors so i will be building a 150 155 gram car were as my Mate Chris also ran an Audi but he adapted to the new characteristics and placed 2nd so i guess it will depend on the way you drive to what car will work for you.
  11. Kim you are right I do enjoy the build test and tune for my National type class cars and my club box sometimes does not get opened until the following week and there are even flexi cars in there also the mini Z comments are spot on but it will be fun testing some new combos.
  12. I disagree with keeping consistent rule's in a class especially in model car racing compared to Lexan Flexi cars that haven't changed for decades Scale model car racing is evolving i e 1-New body types become available 2- Chassis become obsolete like plafit 1300 and scaleauto 8000 3-Chassis evolve like plafit 1900 or scaleauto 8003 i mean the new Mini Z rules have created some unknowns and it will be great to see a range of new bodys on the track not just mclarens and rules may require a tweek or update to keep the class even or even new rules created with car evolution i see this as exciting for a racer that is coming back from a break they might have to purchase a little more than tires to get up to speed or maybe check out Retro or vintage type classes
  13. Race ya later all 4 Classes
  14. i herd a rumor :huh: and i believe there is a mix of all the above chassis
  15. Awesome thanks for the clarification
  16. Thanks Jan it does read as max 27.5 witch i will use as my guide what was the old max size as 27.5 is quite a large tire or was there no restriction
  17. Good one Pagey looks like you just made it you will love the new track and i hope Cam is coming as well with a line up like this the racing is going to be intense cant wait
  18. Great news your coming down south again Ben, i believe your teaming up with Brett you guys will be a sweet team i do have a question about the Lexan GT class i'm about to start a build and want to clarify the rear wheel size. the rules state a 27.5 maximum wheel diam yet i read this later in the forum Some BREAKING NEWS - Andrew has requested that we make another small change to the rules for this class. In the interest of ensuring a level playing field when it comes to getting the performance differences even closer (based on available brands and sizes of RTR and replacement Magic rubber donuts) than it is already - a MAXIMUM rear tyre diameter of 27.5mm is being introduced. This change will be incorporated into the basic regulations as explained in the very first post in this thread. Andrew has assured me that these changes are not simply for the sake of change, but intended to help arrive at the most fair and popular use of the rules, across Australia. They will be locked soon after the proposed event at MR Slotcar in August. By then we should have had enough chance to get all the track variable worked out and how all the various body and chassis options have stood up within the regulations. Then we will follow and annually updated regulation pattern - like all the other stable and successful classes. what is the max diam rear wheel size for the slot fest as it is a set ratio so roll out is critical for a good pace in your car. is the 27.5 rule currant or to be locked after the slotfest??? thanks
  19. Hey Tony how did you get 193 when you didnt do the orange lane in the race????
  20. Hey Greg put Chris and Myself down as "Team Race Ya Later" all 4 Classes Thanks
  21. Also A big THANKS to ACE hobbies and Slotworx for some prizes Awesome!!!
  22. Yep i agree it was a great event. Thanks to the guys from interstate coming down and making it a top weekend of racing There was plenty of good solid racing and a few Laughs which in my opinion is why we do this. with a few finishing touches like a pit area, carpet ,a big screen for the marshals this Venue will be the best in the country Well done to Mr Slot Car with all the work put in to give us a top notch track and to do it in such a short time i mean there wasn't even a floor down 2 weeks ago!!!! And thanks to ALL that competed in the event even you Rod LOL Also i asked Mr Slot Car / Greg C to put up the Results of all races so hopefully we will see something soon. See you all at the next one
  23. the organizers down south do things a little different the race results have not been announced :wacko: i will mention to Greg C and get some results posted but Ben is on the money
  24. We finally were able to run on the new track with practice for the MCN WOW this is Gooood everyone agreed and the curved straight works well as you can see the cars approaching even with the odd slot car gut in the way seriously The track flows extremely well from one corner to the next and is a pleasure to drive and being an 8 lane there is a lot of difference between each gutter lane so its a challenge to be fast on all lanes Well Done Peter and his team of helpers Will this be Australia's Favorite track?
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