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  1. You don't need to. Each time you use the race, ensuring you also select the season will add that race into it. Just do that as many times as needed, 6, 10, 16...whatever.
  2. Alan, A bit late on the scene but did you ever get this answered? We've been using RC for awarding points in the heats for a win and fastest lap, then awarding points in the finals and one for fastest lap in the final, all then being collated and put into a Season Championship table each year for the last 4 years, this being our fifth. If you still need help give me a shout
  3. So would a wireless keyboard work for you in the short term? Better than Dave having to code up a solution. Even better, just a wireless mouse? I don't find it a chore going into the power menu but I have the keyboard/laptop at my fingertips. We also use live starts but dead finishes and use the dead time to enter the lap sections before moving on to the next heat, powering up and allowing the two warm-up laps.
  4. I think the track call button can be used like the space bar to advance to the next heat as well as start it. If so, do away with the auto advance and you'll regain control of the power between heats. An alternative is a wireless keyboard, which will give you full functional control over RC from a distance.
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