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  1. gvgftft (The cat just typed that as he jumped on the keyboard) Back in Napier - doors open 6pm. Chaos here, but I'll get the track cleared and cleaned tomorrow afternoon
  2. Hi guys week 2 Oakland Raceway Pre 65 classics Pioneer Legends Group C dropping GT1 Thats assuming we can get home to Napier tomorrow, just waiting to see what happens with flights after the storm here in Jaffa-town
  3. Like I said this morning, if we haven't got space for family ad having fun, we've lost the plot of the reason the club was set up. - But just remember, that slithery, sneaky, mouthy snake was once a shy, polite 11 year old . . . . . In other words, we take no responsibility for what becomes of the off-sprung..... Snake . . . that was just too good to resist
  4. Last night - Thanks Pat for hosting. "Upham Downs, the only club restaurant with quality wait staff on food service duties" I assigned part laps to drivers to separate those on the same completed laps, into the correct race finish order, using the details time data in R.C. Series Table is in overall position order with the dropped round
  5. Yup. Just to pre-warn, I will probably depart 2.87 seconds after we complete Legends racing, for the proverbial tea and toast, as we are 3 part knackered, and 4 parts stuffed, after completing clean and refurb of 2 rentals in under 3 weeks.
  6. Yo Pat. I think you are due hosting the week, are you up for it?
  7. Here are the results from the Legends, and the table after 2 rounds. I had the final lap segments on paper, and they separated everyone into a clear order. Mac is head and shoulders above the rest - except for marshaling, where he and Ryan are about tied ......
  8. Had a glitch with the Slo Mo - I didn't change settings, and all the slo mo, - weren't - those are the flickering sections of video - Oh TOYOTA !!!!
  9. Yo JK - I have a couple of others wanting a white kit. Would you still like me to get one for you if I do another mixed order. The blighters have put their freight up - they must have been selling at a loss... would work out to $80 for a white kit. They also have a few left with paint defects - that work out cheaper than white kits, blue, white, green, "Smokey"(black and gold) at $75 each
  10. I'll get Jenny Wu to supervise, so you don't overdo it You gonna need complete control of that Legend
  11. Tick, plus 1 - and Thunder Road is the only track I haven't done one of those "epic" movies for over the last few weeks, so we should complete the set.
  12. Forgot to say, thanks Pedro for another great night int he cave -
  13. Results from Round 1 of the Legends series tonight. Will get a movie done later Richard beat Ryan for 3rd place by 0.49 of a second across 6 minutes of racing...... (The 6.8 lap given Mac was someone crossing into his lane in front of him, just an anomaly, doesn't affect number of laps)
  14. My schedule has changed somewhat, so I am now all good for the weekend
  15. Smithy now has 2 Legends, we just have to get him to race them
  16. Without going back through my emails, I THINK that is coming at the same time as the 2nd batch of white kits - but check with Jim and Cathy.
  17. So what's for breakfast ? I prefer Eggs Bene with extra bacon and a whack of pesto, but I could struggle through a good stack of hotcakes or an old fashioned Bacon, egg and fried tomato..... Oh, you didn't mean THAT early. Before I throw them on the shop, just checking that everyone has all the Legends they need. I have 3 spares And one each white kit coming - Ford, Dodge, Chev - (someone save me from myself before I start 3 more liveries.) I also have a few more of those Slotting Plus guides if anyone wants any. I will bring them Thursday. I overcharged you Mac - they work out at $8 a 2 pack.
  18. Yep that's right. They have a limited number of GTE white kits they are offering to distributors at present, then a further production in a couple of months - but Chris (of Sideways) has been teasing us for about 2 months, as he has been handing out many, many white kits to his inner-ish circle of tuners and top decorators, who have been making up liveried cars, which then turn up in jealousy creating facebook posts. Check with Armchair, they may have some very close.
  19. In case Pat didn't see the Facebook post in our group; we abandoned the Legends round after you left. We got through one more heat and it crashed again. So we will start the series (fittingly) at Pedro's next week. Paul, Ryan, I have a feeling I had a couple of weeks at home where this was happening on my track/system too, about 3 months back. Try uninstalling, then re-installing Trackmate. I have a gut feeling it may have begun after a Windows update on my laptop, which possibly overwrote a .dll file or something. But also feel free to come grab another board power supply from me. Though that is only needed for triggering the relays. The actual board runs off USB power.
  20. HAH. You may suggest whatever you wish...... Of course it may fall under the categories of: "with all due respect" ; "I will take that under advisement"'; "We appreciate your opinion in this matter" or "Your input will be given due consideration" - All of which basically mean the same thing - a single finger salute in writing. The lack of guides to prop up front ends may be a small giveaway as to the state of construction ... It's just the bodies I may swap in or out. I will probably run the gunmetal grey Dodge. It ran well on my track last week, but I seem to remember it lacking brakes on yours when we were testing a few weeks back. So I have an alternate I built with a bit lower gearing and a bit less weight. I'll decide between the two after a quick track test.
  21. Now I understand why women stand in the wardrobe for so long, trying to decide which dress to wear......
  22. I've made up the table and round scoring sheets in the order I expect we will visit the tracks - but easy enough to adjust at need.
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