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  1. Yep, have all spare parts in a separate war chest for our club members. (not in the shop) If you want, I can get it fixed and ready for Thursday, so long as you it drop around by Tuesday evening.
  2. Rod, based on those results, I have been going through my remaining stock, bending some axles, and chipping some teeth on gears, just for you to buy You were flying.
  3. Gentlemen, Scholars, the assorted collection of riff raff who turned up tonight, and anyone I may have overlooked. The part laps are just done so I get ties into the correct final order.
  4. I watched "The Mask" too many times. I have Jim Carrey delusions - in my saner moments. All dressed and ready for club tomorrow. Everybody gotta hava cula
  5. I so badly wanted to raid that cabinet behind him.
  6. Didn't someone on here have a nice scenic track called Warwick Farm - that I presume was a reproduction of the real thing.
  7. Hope to get there, but if I do, I will be late. Count me out for the first class, and I'll message whether I will make it in time to race the Legends.
  8. Bonjour Nissart, we look forward to seeing pictures of your track, and some of the cars you produce from the 3D printing. - To post pictures on this forum, you need to have your own place to host pictures, then use the "Insert other media" button below at right, to post the picture address into a pop-up menu box
  9. Yes you did, sorry, error by me, fixed - table above now reads correctly - dang...... you spotted my blatant attempt to slow your march to overtake me..........:) Actually, I thought after I posted, I should have congratulated you for the round win. First time Mac has been toppled.
  10. 13 of Slotting's finest gathered at Bahia Vista for a resumption of racing after lockdown. Results from Legends gentlemen Some guys haven't missed a round yet ..... anyone would think there was some competitiveness going on here.
  11. Dave, I have to go out about 4:20. I'll leave them in the letterbox.
  12. I'm out, but don't worry about me, I was teetering about rejoining communal activities anyway. Have a great evening, and spread the blagging, deep, wide and long - I expect pictures and video. - Pedro - when you're in town, I have bits for you - Crockett - I have bits for you - Reptile - I have a lathe for you if you want it, - and a power supply to try (that's gratis) - Roscoe - I have some bits here for you that you may find useful Guppy Lane coffee shop is open for anyone from club who happens to be passing by the area. (Apart from Thursday. I am out from 9am till 3pm weather permitting)
  13. SlotsNZ

    Super glue removal

    I mount both plastic and alloy rims on a lathe, and use the sharp end of a blase screwdriver to get the majority off, then a sharp blade held sideways against any remaining protrusions, to finish. It does create a bit of alumimium or plastic dust, but hey - why use a screwdriver when you can use a sledgehammer ........
  14. They took a long time to hit the market. But by golly, they have hit a spot.... Still deciding if I will get either/both of these Dodges..... I already have 17..........
  15. Ya beat me Gazza ! Can't link the Facebook video, so just did a screenshot
  16. Very little, we're only talking a few percent more wattage overall, a lot of other tuning factors will make a larger difference. Actually, thinking that you haven't bought a Group C in a few years - the advances over time, of gradually lighter bodies, chassis tweaks etc, probably make more difference. The CA41 code Toyota 86c are very quick, but there is no single model which dominates at our club, and after initial difficulty getting the Nissan R89c with a narrower rear track up to speed 3 years ago, it is now my quickest Group C, and usually on podium at club.
  17. DM when I open your post to inspect the image address It get the http thing then lh3.googleusercontent.com/Zbg5jinU4AynWHFByelZPIOdDFqcaTBvSf5m3z1imHy4PRqMex0wW3YcjJmhwHlxwXqvP2LkSROCG60f76PdQk0nAo1XQ0GbaB3HgbYcj1lJ6qyR-z7uMCllfmeYpI4S_1A0yBfT1Y9wu7ZBWWEWfAsa8neGDfWTR3NMRXFIVe_lCNHfHyTb-BoTLkXe3T5ldxTNGxMRVjutlDqkLb2A8ir7QFkVfRViHfW2jXSQNBhOw3jI-KiX4D1KNcQEJ8U_f87Ivgp1GUIefZOAiXnCUoYF7y2Vwg0FlCnmZ_lH8xGGyIXo1KmOdA5EBKlhgc16lTVgVevSekQGiomWzXMr1L_BG1zkWm17wtkaAFE4BMNLtXd3NP39vl3kiyNsA80YeVdZ83LI5X5VjmX-wPK0PPGgj2PxHONteEFy3ZvcFckvaZZ2cIii5uHGpSqoAQG-QVsDsKDhPXKs9ufS09fw2mNPSA9ZUGt9ZSvt36XAQOaRNIod5LgNd4uNa9gGp8bstYBaAlDSBFP1Vj4NKbLsoFi5sjm3znhbgIrakw8bUudtTjU6GCcLxE30R846onPJFmenXNAmXm7f6S5T15k3q6gnkor6yvFfDjmnsdD6K0s-xGmQUtWL01K4kAcErLkMU4jXJHdMr-KTFkaNusSI5VoEgLS8gQByUqef25FIlK7vPil3GqYLxJFjKbCWsZvJ5XpEZO3baXYUVY5VCVlZoPQ=w1067-h800-no?authuser=0 So either Google pics invalidates image address linking somehow, or what you copied wasn't the image address ... Try doing the same again, but pasting it into a new browser tab, just to see what you get
  18. For a few years now Matt. Likewise the 65-80 sports.
  19. EDIT: For clarity, re-reading my poorly written post. The car pictured at bottom is not the livery coming this month. The red NISMO car comes this month, The livery below is scheduled for Q1 2022. Slot.it just announced the 2nd livery of the Nissan Skyline GT3 which is coming out later this month. Rather fetching I think
  20. A bit of news from Policar on the track system development. There will be more news from Policar and Slot.it after the Verona Hobby and Toy show this weekend (It is the Italian national show, which was canceled last year due to Covid. It is also more-or-less in their backyard, less than two hours from their base in Reggio Emelia. From Maurizio Some Policar track news....If you have missed the news, R5 curve is being manufactured, all moulds completed.We have also completed the design and testing of the new Power base for lane 3 and 4 and for an improved PB for lane 1 and 2. Manufacturing orders have been placedBoth parts now include one border between the PB electronics and the track. These parts are available separately.What Greg says is true: in general, the PBs are designed for the homeset racer. Due to safety regulations, the boards and the controllers must include all the necessary means to work within the expected limits, that in my opinion are well suited for 1/43 or 1/64, not certainly for 1/32, where they affect overall performance, because there are current limiting devices on the PCB inside the PB, and thermal switches inside the controllers. We must work within these boundaries.We are actively working on the Lane Changer and we will show the 3D printed prototype this week at the Verona Hobby Model Show. Mechanical design is almost finished, working on electronics now. It consists of two same pieces. The cut in the middle of the grey section is for prototyping purpose only.The lap counter with Bluetooth interface is also being developed and we expect a prototype soon.
  21. Funny guy Sports Racer - - - planning to do all your driving with that above ? - r377, have you ever resolved the problem from back in June? Do you know which model of controller do you have (All P.M. controllers are identified by a 4 digit model number) By "upgrade" you really mean "repair" You can never get extra braking capacity by adding or changing the brake pot. They are there to provide a reduction in braking, by adding some resistance into the dead short circuit. In other words, you can't upgrade braking to make it better than dead short. Depending upon the model of your controller, and it's original purpose; the brake pot it will have been fitted with will be either of PMTR2039 5 ohm wire-wound for commercial 1/24th racing PMRT2042 25 ohm wire-wound for 1/32nd RTR racing See here The product code 1417 doesn't gel with me. So it MAY be a PMTR2039 5 ohm pot for 1/24th controllers, it certainly isn't a 25 ohm PMTR 2042 as used in 1/32nd scale racing hard body controllers. They have quite different marking on the can. ALL controllers start from that base position of dead short to the track at rest. So if you are lacking brakes compared to another controller, then you may have any of - something is wrong with the existing brake pot which is possibly open circuit - or the controller wiper arm is not properly contacting the base position of the wiper plate - either by wipe/swing angle, or some loose play is allowing it to float above the wiper plate - and/or the flat brass stopper at the base of the trigger is not contacting with the screw that comes through the board - (or that is extremely dirty) There must be some experienced racers in your group who will be able to identify the issue with just a quick drive with the controller.
  22. Pat, I have some concentric bushes - we usually fit them to change the motor shaft to axle shaft distance or lower a car, but they could equally be used with the bush offset at the bottom - to raise the chassis 0.6mm - which is equivalent to fitting a wheel of 1.2mm bigger diameter. You just need a pod that takes a Scalextric type bush as opposed to gimbals. You're welcome to grab a pair from my war-chest sometime soon when someone kind in Welliewood lets us out to play
  23. SlotsNZ

    Wide Boy XR3i

    Transformation ! That looks very down and dirty.
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