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    My Home Track

    Wonderful attention to detail Jab. If you're in the Dandenong's are you anywhere near that "track deficient doggie?" Knoath, I haven't used it yet, but one of our club guys says he always uses 3mm MDF to make the fences on his routed tracks, and that's what we'll do on our club track in a couple of weeks from today. I'll let you know how we get on with bending it to fit R3 and R4 curves outside, and possibly R2 and R3 insides. We plan on routing a groove about 5mm deep to fit it into on the main "flat" surfaces to keep it roughly in place while we glue and brace it, and just pinning it to the outside walls of the elevated sections. It means a 3mm "lip", but by painting and signing both it and the main wall below it in contrasting schemes, we HOPE to create a deliberate sort of effect on the side walls of the elevations. Jab - can you give us any advice on this??
  2. Well that beggars up my next suggestion then ! ! ! ! ! ! ENO, just PROMISE them a BBQ, wait till they have the table mostly made, then inform the other parental unit "Honey, a few of the guys are gonna stay for tea, and they've had a few beers while they were working, and need a decent feed before they drive home . . If I turn on the BBQ, can you cook up this stuff here on the bench for me .. . . we'll be in the garage testing the new track, call us when it's ready" . . . I have a deep sense of forboding that Eno is going to remember this, something may return to bite me . . . . . And if he doesn't . . . ."the other parental unit" just might
  3. BRILLIANT IDEA . .must write myself a note so I remember to try it. Well, it seemed like a sort of community thing to do - hey, how about we have a "persecute Eno day" Eno - that's okay with you isnt it?
  4. It's as bad as my place. At Christmas I said "Dremel" - wife thought I said "shirt" I said "Air Brush", wife thought I said "shirt" I said "Hardware store voucher", wife thought I said "shirt, and was repeating myself", so I got 2 shirts . . . to add to the thirty odd in my wardrobe - not even counting the 15 or 20 business shirts. Eno, from what I hear, someone needs to buy you some workshop tools, so you can get that track built . . . .
  5. Am amused by the references to Eno and tracks. Is he "carpentary-challenged" or simply a bit slack at getting his home track up for "community use" ? Nah not qite that big, the overal dimensions are 7.15m x 2.15m, so the front straight is 5 metres long, and the diagonal overpass is about 6 metres all up, including the turn. Long enough to justify high gearing though, as it is a flowing track with no R1 curves used anywhere. All turns are either R2 with R3; R3 with R4, or, increasing curve with wider entry/exit. Not very "technical" but the idea is to make it fun to drive as most of us are new at it, or our last car was 10 bits of brass tube with a mabuchi 16D araldited into it, - about 30 years back! We're also planning to help support it - and repay the mug what financed the club out of his own pocket - eventually - with some commercial party hires, such as the car racing clubs, church groups, sports clubs, corporate hire etc. We've been fortunate in getting a pile of sponsors to help with costs. The Toyota Dealer, BMW dealer, a used car dealer and now possibly the Audi/VW dealer all on board as sponsors, plus a few other companies, travel agent, wine wholesaler, electrical firm, and the biggest timber/hardware corp. in NZ supplied us timber and related stuff REAL cheap. And . . all this off a couple of pictures of a track layout and a tiny article in a community newspaper. People have been generous. So if anyone needs encouragement to get out and get a club underway in their area - it can be done. I planned this while lying on my back with a busted disc. Any/all documents I have developed, ideas, plans etc, I am more than happy to share with anyone who wants a hand to try and set up a club. I have made sure everything can be "templated" for easy re-use here in NZ - or in Oz. I really pushed the fun, social, and father/son/daughter aspects of a club, as most people didn't even know what a slot car WAS in our area, unless they'd seen commercial tracks 30 plus years ago. The whole HO scale, TYCO / AFX thing didn't even seem to compute, I had to explain how they work, show them track and cars . . . . but it has worked, we have about 15 adult and 8 junior members to start with, and a number of other people proactively showing interest. Once we do a few "hires" we'll probably pick up more members as well.
  6. Excuse the invasion my ozzie friends! NZ is about where Australia was say . . 3 years ago, almost no "plastics" racing here at all. To my knowledge, just one club, Christchurch, has a large hardbody section - racing on wood. No plastic track clubs at all. The first "plastics" club is currently being set up in Hawkes Bay, - East Coast of the North Island, although I hear that some guys have formed some sort of club in Wellington for plastics, separate to the NZSCA afffiliated 1/24th club. A group of guys in Auckland are rotating between their houses to race their 4 lane tracks. So any members from NZ reading this are invited to get in touch with Hugh at Christchurch Club, or Mark at Hawkes Bay club to let us know what you have, or would like to get going in your area. I (Mark) am happy to act as a conduit, and to give some advice from my fresh, green perspective on how we have gone about setting up a club from scratch over the past couple of months. Hugh and I have started kicking round the idea of standard rules for box and modified racing, working towards a hard body nationals in 2008. From what Hugh tells me, we need to get a bit faster as a Sydney team kicked the custard out of a team of his guys who went over there in 2006. http://www.chchscc.nzsca.co.nz/index.html Hugh http://www.burmac.co.nz/hbmrc/index.html Mark
  7. Supa Cheep and HRT in particular look somewhat "toylike" in their simplicity of lines. I guess that means the slots will look less real in the new liveries too . .
  8. Hi Eno The pics are slightly bigger on our club web site - and there are a few other views. http://www.burmac.co.nz/hbmrc/index.html We "researched" this design from Centurian in South Africa. I think we made ours a little skinnier but added some lane length in the end, to fit our situation. Here's what I had. I shot them small on my digital, because they were for web only. That's the "Centurion" track above. Track base is 4x4 legs, 4x2 framing, 6 x sheets of 8ftx4ft 16mm "chipboard" for tops, strong enough to wander around on as we will be for a while, as we work on things.
  9. I thought it looked kinda yellow . . . . must be from the north side of the ditch
  10. Yeah yeah, well I know I'm a bit slow on it, . . . . glad you both had a good one. Speaking from the hall of geriatricity, I recommend you both do an about face now and begin counting backwards, or you'll end up short, bald, round and senile like me . . . . and I know this is true, my daughters tell me so. BUT GUYS, what goodies for the track did you get?????
  11. Fantastic track, thanks for sharing those oringal pics in the thread, and really pleased for you that you and some mates have been able to get it running again. I really felt for you when I saw the disaster.
  12. Thanks Bladehunter and all who have taken time to comment for the interest - sheer pride now keeps me working to make it better , can't have a grotty looking track when people actually look at development. SHEEP I keep forgetting to ask, anyone know where I can buy 1/32nd scale sheep in bulk, need to keep McGregor happy . . . ROFL. I plead indulgence on the slow progress though, my back is not flash - back rebuld in September gone, and I am also working on getting this sucker up and running for our new club. 96 feet, 4 lane.
  13. Hey Knoath, thanks very much for the link. I might try some with the left over foliage. I finally figured out how to make the Woodlands stuff up - the spare foliage I bought had different - read correct and clear instructions. Either the original foliage had gone lumpy, or they should have said, "pull it apart to make little pienes instead of one hard lump of foam" Lots of great stuff on that site !!! This is the first few I put up, but the compressiuon sort of lumps them together.
  14. Ahhhhh NimRod after seeing what terrific stuff you did with that Artin track - - we'll just all give YOU orders to make up all the custom parts we want :( And I'd like 4 of . . . . plus 2 of the other and 6 of . . no?? ah well...... Does anyone know if the SCX agents in Australia will be getting the new American NASCAR oval track - or better still, making available the banked curves that come in it? Neither the set nor the banked curves appear to be anywhere on Tecnitoy's website. None of the Australian retailer's sites I know of show much in the way of SCX sets either.
  15. Hey there all, rather than start a new thread, - not sure whether I should do that, can some of you who use Carrera cars give me a really general run-down on how they perform on plastic track compared to say - some standard Scalextric or Ninco offerings. eg Scaley GT40 - which I think is fast as heck Scaley V8 Supercars Scaley 350Z, NSX or Supra - something like that Maybe a NInco Mosler or something like that Reason I ask is, I can't buy these off the shelf in NZ, but they make some beautiful models, and some unique ones like the hotrods, but if I can't race them evenly with other common brands I don't want to lash out a few hundred bucks to find out the hard way. I know they are not "Fly" or "Slot-it", but body shape for body shape, how do some common ones go against the other brands? nb Mine would be used mostly on Ninco track, sometimes on wood, and occasionally on Scalexltric Sport.
  16. Ninco to Scaley classic/SCX adapter and Scalextric's classic to sport adapter open up a world of possibilities. Now if that Pitstop.de crowd make a Carrera to something else adaptor; Anyone could mix and match to get 100mm lane spacings Carrera's surface that some really prefer for racing Carrera's banked curve range Carrera's 30 degree curves - so we could create 15, 22.5, 30, 37.5 and 45 degree turns (albeit with the odd straight tossed in as adaptor) People could have a ball and make up any combination of track they want . . . . in any of the digital formats - except SCX of course, . .but with an adaptor to SCX digital . . . 1/24th digital cars of any brand you want with either SSD or N-Digital chips in them - or SCX if you had the adapter and they bring out these chips to buy as someone said. Gee I wish I had an open chequebook and a spare double garage.
  17. @ITElectrical - or anyone from the club. I liked the spectator crowds in the grandstand. Do you have a source of 1/32nd figures cheaper than the usual Scalextric/SCX/Carrera figures - or did you just bite the bullet? I am figuring on bankruptcy to try and put some crowds in a small "corporate" grandstand on my track at the prices I have seen . . groan slotsnz
  18. Thanks for the encouragement Steve, much appreciated. Been a bit slow, progress is limited by my back and responsibilities down at the club, here's just a couple of pics as update. If it inspires anyone to get out and do a track themselves, I will be most pleased to have made even a small contribution to the place. Compared to some guys this is a really small project, and my heart goes out to the guy whose lovely track crashed from ceiling height a couple of days ago after 18 months work. I added the grass on the end loop, painted and attached basic walls to the overpass supports and elevated the R1 hairpin at the "door end" I am planning some trees and bushes on the grass, so have tried to create a shaded effect on the grass using 3 colours and shaker pots to apply it. Reasonably happy as it's my first attempt, but making up those packs of "Woodland Scenics" trees from parts is proving a bit difficult. The foliage stuff looks like one hard glued lump of foam instead of soft fluffy stuff you can make stick to the glue. . . sigh shoulda bought ready mades . .
  19. Beginner nothing - I'm either just excitable or just crap at it! The Mountain Mayhem seems to be a good set. There's a large (no not the masters) Ninco set that seems to have a better layout with a few different radius corners in it. I think it's the GT?? @ Eno et all. The GT is just a figure 8. The one I have seen that looked quite good was the "Pro-Am". It is 9.6 metres. They give about 4?? alternate layouts - I think - on the box. One of them fits on a 8 x 4 foot sheet, but unlike their master-track, it isn't lots of tight R1 curves, more R2. One of the guys in our club reckons he is going to get one as his "base" then add another 20 feet/6 metres, to get him over the 50 foot mark. You buy it without cars, (doesn't come with them), which suits if you have some cars, or want to pick your own individually. I don't know how the "real cost" stacks up buying that versus say a GT set with cars, then buying more track. Whoops, was going to post a link to a retailer, but not sure who the sponsors are here, or the rules. Shouldn't be hard to find anyway.
  20. Hiya 2bras no sorry it doesn't look like the design-a-piece thingy supports adding anything as complex as those parts, only straight and curved pieces with a constant or tapering (to one end) lane spacing. I had a bit of a play, but . . . I had a look in the classic part, in case there as a piece there - suppose you did too, but nothing. Happy slotting !!
  21. Enough to make a "plastics boy" green with envy. I look forward to seeing the development. You're documenting this really well for giving some "how to" lessons for people like me who have always been "carpentery challenged" Thanks
  22. I am continuing to monitor this thread, but have been reluctant to even dare another post, given the emotional heat here. Now here is a good point made by Eno though. How about a 2 part comparitive. One part just to show a direct comparison of known features and limitations of each digital system, and a 2nd part which would be a running commentary of how well those features actually work. It needs to be factual, based on first hand experience, so only users of each system on Auslot Forums should make contributions. AussieSlotter sounds to be the most experienced on digital, so even while limiting his comments on preference and "part 2" stuff to SSD, he could easily with his extensive reading etc, draw up the step one chart at least in draft form. The chart could then be quoted and added to by users in serial fashion, so the last post is the lastest version of it. This could become a REALLY useful tool for everyone. Slots, I dont get emotional over slot cars, so post away. Seems as if you two upset over simple FACTS like Ninco simply advertise their product as analogue compatible when it simply does not and you two want to make a page of posts protesting. Im thinking a better solution would be if we had SCX, Carrera, Ninco and SSD in seperate sections, as well as a commom digital area. This would allow people to go straight to the information with reduced politics. Eno in my opinion you should have read the Ninco literature yourself then once armed with the facts, maybe actually apologised. QUOTE It needs to be factual, based on first hand experience, so only users of each system on Auslot Forums should make contributions. UNQUOTE It would be so easy to agree with this however its a free forum for all, and guys who dont know a thing about digital and those who want to learn and those simply thinking about perhaps buying digital or another brand of digital should be able to read and post freely. I already know quite a few faults and positives with Nincos new system, but coudnt be bothered now to post them. And for the "balance"yes there are faults with SSD, and yes I do think Ninco track and analogue products are A1. You two can have the last say on this, for me its finished, lets enjoy. Aussie @Aussie, it is not my "heat" I have been observing, it is actually yours more than anyones. More so than Eno, or Nimrod or Florida or anyone else. You appear to "jump" on people and make very personal statements about them, simply because they expressed a view that doesn't agree with yours; leading to the exact sort of controversy you claim to not want here. In my initial post I even finished with a joke to try and make sure my post was taken nice and lightly, and would not cause offense or leave a sour taste for anyone. I even gave you credit in my last post for your ability to contribute from your great breadth experience with digital, and proposed you a lead role in DOING something constructive - but you didn't make any response to my suggestion. You just took another swipe at me. I make this clear - I am calling you to account for your own speech in here. I think you have spoken inappropriately in the way you have worded posts. I was unsure whether you were calling just Eno to apologise, or me as well - but I cannot see anything I have said for which I would need to apologise. You on the other hand I think should be ashamed of the attitude showing through in your posts the past week - in my opinion, so let's have the moderators look at this thread and censure whoever they may. If it is "finished for you", then that is a shame, because I just made a constructive suggestion that would benefit current and prospective users of all digital systems. I have neither referred to quoted, or made any statement about the issue of what Ninco have stated in any literature - which literature I have never seen. Their website is confusing in it's use of english, and even as a person who does regular international business with a Barcelona based multi-national Industrials company, and is used to dealing with the rough translations of both Castillian and Catalans native speakers, I was unclear about what they were meaning. You have however in the past few days said the following about me. You assumed you knew exactly what posts and thread I might have in mind and made responses to those - I wasn't talking about those posts at all. "Also one would have to question the validity of your post as its obviously anti SSD and pro Ninco" - In that you questioned my integrity, a harsh judgement to make about a person you do not know. Given that I said "price may send some buyers to SSD and if I had one, I wouldn't be moaning about it" your statement was factually incorrect. I did not criticise SSD in ANY way in my post, I merely pointed out that people should check for themselves. Next you said "One would also be wary of such rash statements coming from a member who only joined ten minutes before making such a post." Why do you question my right to post on a subject because I am new? and why did you claim I made "such rash statements" - What rash statements? I merely pointed out that I had observed behaviour and statements elsewhere which were incorrect and that people should check things out for themselves. Next you said "As for SCI, I would be concerned about a forum that deletes only certain posts then locks a thread, leaving the left posts distorted and out of context. This is a great forum, please dont bring your SCI debate here." So you threw in some criticsom of another forum, and made the inference that I had "brought MY SCI debate here" Golly, I never referred to SCI, I have never made any contribution to digital debate at SCI other than passing comment of a light nature and once saying in a thread that it was sad day when people were driven away by angry posts, and you made inference that I had somehow brought such debate here - another slight on my integrity. Frankly, your "greetings" of a new person who made a post with nothing offensive in it at all - were apalling. But you didn't stop there. Tnen you took a swipe at Eno. And you say you "don't get emotional about slot cars" ROFLOL "You must be drunk from New Years Eno. If Ninco website and brochures state chipped Ninco cars can run on analogue, but it doesnt then yes that is false advertising. Whats your idea of false advertising? So what if a forum member here goes out and buys one based on such advertising, then finds when opening his new toy it in fact doesnt?, will you take the blame? You obviously think this is ok, and acceptable, well each to their own. I try to keep each of posts informative or constructive. Maybe you could look over your last 100 posts and see how many are actually constructive and how many are just waffle? Anyway on an informative note try this:" Then, last of all " @Eno, seems youre hell bent on covering your ass and love the political side of things, rather than slot car related posts. Seems slot car companies misleading slotters is ok by you. Also seems anyone warning their slot buddies about such problems is forbidden? " You assume everyone else's state of mind, I saw Eno as being concillatory after his one "outburst of emotion" at you and Florida, - as I was after you made took that first swipe at me when I joined here. As for trying to keep your posts constructive or informative. . . . Just my few quotes of you above would appear to contradict that. So if this thread is finished for you - that's a shame, I thought maybe it could now go somewhere, but you seem to avoid the actual point of my last post in favour of accusing others of being bent out of shape. Maybe you're right though "Maybe this thread should be left to those who actually make constructive posts directly regarding digital, so they can concentrate on the issues at hand." I think fella that you are -- to reverse your own statement -- "Pro SSD and Anti N-Digital" . . . . . I think it is you who need to make an apology. Meanwhile, would some other user of one of the digital systems be interested in picking up my suggestion of making up a features & capabilities chart and a comment area, so that people can add their cumulative digital experience into a pool of common information. Moderators - it's over to you, if you think I am out of line tell me, but after observing this thread for a week, I felt enough was enough. - Maybe such a thing as I proposed needs to be started in a fresh thread so people don't have to read everythign said here. Also, I think Aussie may have a very good idea about having separate digital areas for manufacturers, although it won't stop "bickering" completely, because I jhave abserved users of "other systems" - both SSD and N-Digital, going to the area of the other system users and making negative or nasty posts . . human nature . . sheesh!!! SlotsNZ
  23. I am continuing to monitor this thread, but have been reluctant to even dare another post, given the emotional heat here. Now here is a good point made by Eno though. How about a 2 part comparitive. One part just to show a direct comparison of known features and limitations of each digital system, and a 2nd part which would be a running commentary of how well those features actually work. It needs to be factual, based on first hand experience, so only users of each system on Auslot Forums should make contributions. AussieSlotter sounds to be the most experienced on digital, so even while limiting his comments on preference and "part 2" stuff to SSD, he could easily with his extensive reading etc, draw up the step one chart at least in draft form. The chart could then be quoted and added to by users in serial fashion, so the last post is the lastest version of it. This could become a REALLY useful tool for everyone. Even comment like - "I know my SCX digital is limited to SCX cars and their digital track, but I like that we have x and y features and they work really well, and I like "abcde" about this feature, which makes my digital experience great because . . " It would also be holding each makers product up to the cold hard light of day, and maybe their Australian agents could be made aware of the comment from here to pass back to their principals. After all, it is the user's demands who drive so much product improvement in all facets of technology. Yeah, I know I am making a bunch of work for everyone else . . I'm generous like that.
  24. I must be too dumb to generate error messages LOL., haven't had any . . Hey, if you DO download this thing and need help generating extra pieces, like the Ninco adapter, or the half R1 and half R2 , which weren't in the library when I downloaded it . . just holler. Mark
  25. Yep, there are a few freebies out there. After a bit of messing around, I found the best one to use was Slot Car Manager - it does a whole lot of other stuff as well, but the track design part has libraries for Scaley Sport and Scaley Classic, SCX, Ninco, Carrera (1/43rd and 1/24th/32nd), and a bunch of others like HO scale. Go to this link, and download it. It looks REMARKABLY like Carrera's own software design package . . . . . not sure if that is a coincidence or not. http://www.slotcarmanager.de/en/all_frames_e.html Make sure it's the english version you are downloading. It takes a bit to master, but I eventually got it all sorted, once I discovered how to insert pieces of track. It also has one unique (I think) advantage, in that when you create each new track name and save to begin designing, you can choose to click more than one track system, and if you have previously created say the Ninco to SCX/Scaley classic adaptor piece in the Ninco "library" you can now design tracks using a mix of Ninco, SCX and scaley classic. Also of course, if you have both scalextric sport and classic track, and tick both library boxes to start and the SCX one if applicable, you can adapt between them, and use parts from all three libraries via the adaptor pieces from "classic" to "sport"
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