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  1. Hi Vince, like you, I bought a pile a few years back when I knew that the NZ dealer was about to finish them. used some, sold a few to clubbies, and have just a couple left. But a European dealer I have been picking up odd bits and pieces from for a few years, APPEARS to have some 10 packs left - his online listings are t always accurate…… I am looking at putting together an order of a few cars with some guys in club this week, so I’ll ask him about them, and let you know his details if he actually has them.
  2. SlotsNZ

    Racing at Ged's

    My goodness, there’s some faces from the past. We never met in the flesh Shane, but raced with these guys, when staying with Eno and Stubbo a couple of times on trips to Melbourne 2007 and 2008 What was Mannimal’s name, who worked there for Ged?
  3. I’ll be there. Good to be back at The Thunderdome
  4. Bought this on a whim with a few classic Carrera muscle cars. Didn’t have any donor chassis, so modified the snot out of it, to get rid of the front stub axles and push the guide forward about 1cm. Overall the chassis sits 2mm lower at front, 1mm lower at back. The body has been dropped 2mm into the chassis. Throwing out the Carrera innards, chopping the window unit and grinding the body and interior, took 8gms out, down from 83gm to 75gms, then 7gms lead added in total, back to 82gms, with an SRP 16k s-can motor. Overall it is fairly well balanced, runs similar to my Ninco XK120 Jag convertible, which weighs 81gms. It is for our Pre ‘65 Sports class at club. . ‘merican flavoured. A ‘63 Corvette Stingray C2. The Carrera body/chassis and narrow track means it won’t be as fast as some of the class cars, but it is doing close to my Ninco Jag on my track though less forgiving. And it looks cool …. Original wheels turned down for inserts
  5. Set up a new car for Pre ‘65 Sports. ‘merican flavoured. A ‘63 Corvette Stingray C2. The Carrera body/chassis and narrow track means it won’t be as fast as some of the class cars, but it is doing close to my Ninco Jag on my track though less forgiving. And it looks cool …. Original wheels turned down for inserts
  6. From club tonight. The meanie-Bings didn’t let Jak race, Mac was crooker than an Ozzie fraudster, JK was leaving on a Jet Plane, Smithy was playing dominoes with his hotel guests, Marty was AWOL, Crockett has gone back into hibernation….. but we still had 12 men good and true to form the Jury. Slot Racing was found innocent of all charges and released to race another day.
  7. All what he said. I also texted Gary and Leighton in case they weren’t on Mac’s list of suspects
  8. I’ll try and find one slow enough that you don’t thrash me…
  9. No, this is one I built,used, then sold 10 years back. Has been resold once since then, and relocated. The current owner has it for sale, and I’d love to see it back here. Two of our new members in 2022 are intending to build tracks. This would be perfect for either of them. They just need a car carry trailer
  10. Phillip, worth considering. This is my original “Oakland Raceway” It is for sale on Trade Me https://www.facebook.com/groups/NZslotracers/permalink/2386534198160457/
  11. Quick video from last night’s slot-wars
  12. I am a starter. Going to bring a mongoose for protection. Sick of getting snake-bit
  13. Welcome home Peter. Been wondering when you would surface. Look forward to seeing what pretties you may have acquired next week. I will be at the Bing ring Thursday
  14. In absence of brains and trust …. I’ll make suggestions Some examples My very fast (but challenging to drive) orange Camaro has an NSR Shark 30k Macs very quick one is one step lower power with a Shark 25k My yellow Camaro that I drove on the final lane last Thursday another step lower in power - a standard Slot.it MX16 which is 23k, but lower torque than NSR motors, so is milder to drive. So I recommend either of those last two motors, or the new NSR Shark 21.5k, which is similar power to the Slot.it MX16 - just gear it a little higher than you would the Slot.it. Final gearing is wheel diameter dependent as well as the choice of pinion and spur. Maybe try driving both mine and someone else’s if they can bring along for a test drive Thursday
  15. Missing you too Rod. We await the return of the “Ministry of silly walks HATS”
  16. Looking forward to racing on the reborn Upham Downs. So what will it be called ? “ Tombstone Speedway”?
  17. Pretty sure Pedro isn’t back in time to host for this week. So I’m it. We are Week 2 1 Pre 65 Classics 2 Slot It Group C 3 Modern Le Mans (GT1 & LMP1 & LMP2 cars) On Oakland Raceway. Doors open from 5:45 - just to give me a bit of domestic time before club
  18. You going walkabout again Mac? Beggar me, they’ll forget you’re a citizen soon
  19. I am going to be a bit late tomorrow. Can you put me at the end of the first class roster. if I don’t make it by the time my name comes up, “Marty” me
  20. Gee Gary, y’know, I might just have one or two of those spare……
  21. Indeed, plus one. Used to hang out in that street as a kid
  22. Munter - you’ve almost certainly met Malcolm, who has been based in BOP the past few years. He has been to HB a number of times. I doubt you’ve met Hugh. He hasn’t raced for a few years, or outside Christchurch to my knowledge. But they were the go-to guys driving the Sockburn RTR club when I was introduced in 2006. Malcolm was club founder from memory, Hugh hosted me on a couple of trips, and had a 4 lane Artin at home we also raced on sometimes
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