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  1. Thanks Mac for the poster again
    Brilliant racing. For the newest members L8n, Gary and Phillip, their first experience of the full blown teams madness.
    We used to have 3 man teams for these events. But despite Peter being away on RC duties, Marty NOT being ready, and Ryan lost on honeymoon, we had 4 man teams.
    A short outtake* 

    *no slot addicts were harmed in the making of this movie

  2. Thirteen on the grid last night, plus pizza king JK providing culinary support; and a welcome back to The Handler… we had a chance to hold him accountable for the reptilian antics. Needless to say, he denies all responsibility.
    Crockett still “has it”, taking out Scalex F1.  We lost connection near the end of Australian Touring Cars, so we can forever deny that Phillip was on the cusp of seeing his name on top of the gloat podium for the first time.
    Worse for me, I also found myself struggling to keep up with L8n. So much for “fresh meat” 

    Smithy was flying all evening, and took out GT3

    Pat pointed out that one of the most entertaining items was the synchronised head bobbing, so I included a little for your viewing amusement





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  3. Paul, I am also away this week - I think you are due to host?
    I will be back next week in time to host, 

    Ross and Graeme - for when you do need it.

    This is the standard Trackmate board. Everything else we do locally, and I have the software on stick, for when you want another module

    I have one spare promised to Pat, but we should buy at least a couple sometime, so I keep a spare around….


  4. 4 hours ago, thesnake said:

    It’s ok! I’m narrowing the wheels anyway! It’s gonna be tight, but I think I can get them to fit! 

    Four  things that can help - and assuming you are already using the narrowest rims at 8mm

    - single sided bushes or oilites - so nothing is sticking out beyond the plastic bush mount of the chassis, (or grind away that outside edge)

    - On occasion I have shaved/ground off part of the boss of the wheel, so the grub screw is effectively closer to the edge

    - a bit of dremel work on the inside of the wheel arch to thin them

    - trim the whole outside of the tyre so it is flush with the outside edge of the wheel, then re-contour a “round” on the outside edge

    Between the four, I have gained about 3mm per side breathing room when needed

  5. Ross also has one of the Fly brand Ferrari 250 GTO, with the nasty engine in front problem.

    Taking a not-too-serious look at the rules…

    Classic Sports pre '65 - narrow bodies. 

    Motor: Open -16k maximum

    Wheels: Open

    Tyres: Open

    Gears: Open

    Axles: Open

    Body: Stock but can be lowered on chassis.

    Chassis: Essentially stock when viewed from underneath. HRS chassis and donor chassis allowed

    Interior: Stock when viewed from above but base can be ground to reduce height.

    Remarks: Front axle height can be set or tubed. Motor can be braced to rear axle bushes.

    It’s pretty loose, “it’s rules Jim, but not as we know them”. Sorry…. my Star Trek gene resurfaced…
    So all the reptilian members need to do is have those wheels sawn off so they sit inside the wheel arches, and the bun sawn off so it fits above the ears, and all will be good.

    FWIW, My order with the SRP 16k S-Can motors included, will be here in a couple of weeks. I bought them partly to ensure motors for this class for everyone. I have spares, I think Mac has spares, and I have set 3? aside for Pat.

    Its a pretty good looking car Michael….

  6. Shoot, didn’t even see the drama while I was putting away the cars. It might be sabotage by a departing driver team, for hogging all the gloat. 
    My money is on Reptile Nation or The Bing Things :blink:  Just saying like… 




    Fly Classics results - bad luck to Gary as the wheels literally fell off, and to Leighton- Leighton “you have a screw loose” :lol: mine.
    Thats a long list of heats with 15 in the house


    DTM Results 

    Group 5 Results 

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