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  1. Last night’s escapades. Loving those hot chips Marty. Sorry for JK having to pull out at the last moment. Still looks to me like someone shot your tyre out …. You been messing with our domestic patched mafia?

    Will try and get a video up later today. It was really pleasing to see all 3 of the newbies able to duke it out with established drivers, sometimes for several laps door to door. - Roscoe, yup, I can see now that Philip is competitive. I asked for help to hold him down after Le Mans, while we put one eye out…..a sad lack of support was forthcoming. 
    10.5 volts saw lower de slots, close racing, a lot of door slamming… Apologies to Pat and Smithy, who I did “slam” on occasion. 

    Just a night shot to show off the repaired lighting


    Pre 65 results and best laps



    Group C results and best laps


    Le Mans results and best laps




  2. On 8/3/2022 at 4:47 PM, Icarve37 said:

    Actually specifically the 935 k if it varies by model?

    No, as all cars used the same hub, and the stock tyres of Sideways cars - at at least until last year, we’re always Prospeed medium wide.

    - sorry my chart is no longer visible. The images were all hosted on a server I no longer operate

  3. 10 of the best racing  last night, even with all the “defectors” jumping on planes summer heatwave bound, and other lane excuses like heads falling off, moving house (2 1/2); and staked out by wife and left to be eaten by fire ants….. 
     Leighton’s long arms proving useful.
    We ran all classes at 10.5 volts. Lap times were maybe 0.15 a lap slower…. Not much difference. But it did feel less “frenetic” 

    Legends results. I did a 30 minute upgrade on Richard’s car before club, then had trouble keeping up with him….

    Muscle car


    65 - 80 Sports. Smithy was utterly flying in this, and would have taken it out with his Matra, had it not been for a mechanical ? Issue



  4. 21 hours ago, RichieA said:

    I would like some help as to what parts to purchase for the legend upgrade please Mark

    I'm in for Thursday as well

    Come as early as you can manage, and I’ll take you through a build. 
    - If you bring some small change, there’s a couple of bits I can best help you with straight from my own parts bin

  5. Received this message from on of the BOP guys today. It’s fairly self explanatory. So tossing it into the puddle, to see who might be interested in doing something.

    Hi Mark. I'm part of Steve's Omokoroa crew. Every year my son  organises a father son weekend (4 sons and their dads) and we get together somewhere and have an activity. We're going to be in Hawkes Bay, weekend of 10th September, and I wondered whether  your club would consider a half day racing for eight people using club cars. If this is a possibility I could give you a call and discuss details, times cost etc.

  6. Great turnout for racing, considering how many of us sidelined with assorted plagues.

    Gutted I missed it, had all my cars prepped and doing sharp times on Oakland.
    New lap record of 4.740 with my LMP.

    ps, did a 5.09 with Leighton’s Group C Shell Porsche after I finished the tyres on Tuesday. That’s quicker than my own ones.

  7. We should probably hold a wake for the V8s. They were one of our original classes, a first choice on the Ninco track..
    Apart from a few weeks, I have driven the same car since February 2007 … 15 years out of a Scaley. Just one motor change when the original started doing snail impersonations. That is pretty impressive reliability. Take a bow Sir Hornby.

    They are ugly, out of proportion, windowless bricks, but have been a source of much fun.

    ps Shane Van Gisbergen just cleaned up in Darwin :P


  8. 13 hours ago, thesnake said:

    I feel like, as smithy has mentioned, if we get enough consensus some weeks we could run some of these classes as a one off, like we used to do with legends. Means people might not have to off load. 

    just a thought and open to other suggestions! 

    I also like the idea of 65-80 moving to a nsr classic/ thunderslot mix in the future, but again just my view! 

    can’t wait to see what people do with their legends! Exciting times for the club! 

    Indeed, exciting times ahead. - The way we ran the Legends for the IROC race (cars I supplied stayed on the lanes), was the basic setup, but people will undoubtedly have some flashy looking alloys. I am looking at buying some sets of blue and red anodised alloys at Pendleslot, to set up a couple more. Phillip and Leighton grabbed a couple from me Thursday, and Pat a backup in case he doesn’t manage to paint his white kit this year :lol:

    for the 65-80 class, I think if Mac and Pedro put theirs on track to the “Nationals” rules (they are the rules for Tony’s events - not “national” rules), we’ll quickly gauge what effect it would have on the competitiveness of other cars set up to the existing rules….. meant to put that in my previous post. 
    All in all, lots of good outcomes.


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