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  1. Quick update - gave Monsignor Ferrari a laugh over the driver names and plinth script. it shall of course appear with both drivers - yet to respond to my appeal for a third line quoting Jim ....
  2. Stay tuned.... In case anyone is unfamiliar with the relevance of the expression "A Pack Of &^#%&*)*&" I already sent this video to Maurizio with a detailed explanation of what is required...... Let the plinth wars begin....... Suggested Plinth lettering Nissan Skyline GT-R - 1992 1st Bathurst “Gentleman Jim” Richards, some guy called Skaifey I actually thought it would make a great 3rd line if it could be squeezed onto the plinth. Nissan Skyline GT-R - 1992 1st Bathurst “Gentleman Jim” Richards, some guy called Skaifey " You're A Pack Of &^#%&*)*& " yeah , that works....... And in case anyone actually doesn't know his record Racing career summary Jim Richards Races entered 990 Wins 207 Podiums 510 Pole positions 78 Fastest laps 155 Race win percentage 20.9% Podium percentage 51.5%
  3. I read the topic header, and was expecting a short, hairy footed creature holding a wooden staff to appear.
  4. I'm away Thursday Paul - as you know. But hopefully you get a gang together
  5. Let's keep Paul busy, so he has no time to tune cars. Advanced Pulley with lateral position fixing and M2 set screw. This is a custom made aftermarket part manufactured by one of the clever engineers in our local club, for use with Professor Motor and Overdrive RSM3/RSM4 lathes. * Note that this is is NOT a split pulley for use with complete Scalextric axle/wheel units, to use with those, you will need to remove one wheel to thread the axle through the pulley unit; though that can of course be done. This is primarily for use with smooth shaft axles from hobby brands. It takes NSR 2.37mm , Slot.it/Policar/ScaleAuto/Sideways 2.38mm, Spirit and Cartix 2.4mm or Ninco 2.48mm axles etc up to 2.5mm which are used with Bronze bushes to position the axle in the standard jaws of the lathe. This makes it capable of truing wheels for almost every brand of car with various diameter axles. **You will need to equip yourelf with an appropriate diameter axle and matching bushes for the type of wheel you wish to true.
  6. Must say, Gazza's pics from the 6th have me poking around my pockets for any spare cash to turn into slot cars...... and in my wife's handbag (wish me luck, if I'm not back in 3 days, someone erect a memorial to foolhardy bravery.)
  7. No, not in V8 Supercars. It was part of the death of real racing in F1, and in electric F1. I just don't bother. It just turns it into a computer game.
  8. Indeed it is, - I do get a few actually, makes you feel its all worthwhile. Sometimes there is an additional adjective in the questions, usually beginning with B of F. I am impressed with the linguistic breadth of some...... But for all that, I haven't had to file a claim for lost goods here or overseas right through Covid. Everything has eventually rocked up at destination. Wish the same could be said for my EBay and Alibaba stuff (Maybe Xi has Jack Ma personally sorting for export....... )
  9. Well beggar me. Sent a parcel of tools to NSW last Tuesday, just got an email 9am Oz time, thanking me for good service . . . 8 days..... Best I've seen since the start of Covid
  10. BU@&%@ - off to open another bottle of Beach House....
  11. the way I read this, we will have an F1 type queue, and you will get allocated x number of “push a button to get boost and pass” each race. so basically we are into the realm of e-sports, but you still get to sit in the pseudo-race-car. https://www.autosport.com/sup/news/154518/supercars-set-to-trial-pushtopass-system-in-2021 Siiighhh
  12. We jabber more than a team of Ozzie cricket sledgers......
  13. I just noticed this on the Professor Motor site this morning. It confirms my suspicions - USPS have just giving up on scanning, and "Priority" takes less priority than no priority. Maybe the new regime will increase funding to USPS, after vaccinating all their staff, and they will someday catch up.... My Parcel from Miami that left 16th December is still somewhere in a mountain of mail..... maybe it will reach NZ by end of January. JUST BE AWARE ANY SHIPPING IS VERY DELAYED AT POST OFFICE, UPS AND FEDEX ! NOTHING WE CAN DO AT OUR END TO HELP THE ISSUE UNFORTUNATELY - PLEASE BE PATIENT IS ALL WE CAN SUGGEST - PRIORITY USPS PACKAGES MAY TAKE LONGER BECAUSE THOSE ALL GO TO DETROIT FOR SORTING - SO IF UNDER 16 OZ. USE 1ST CLASS FOR FASTER SERVICE - TRACKING INFO IS USELESS UNFORTUNATELY SINCE USPS RARELY SCANS PACKAGES IN TRANSIT - ALSO THERE IS NO SUCH "PRIORITY 2 DAY" - IT DOES NOT EXIST
  14. SlotsNZ

    Sorell Creek Track

    "Quick and Dirty" is the kind of scenery I believe in. I believe in it deeply and truly. Thanks for sharing. Hope the fam enjoyed.
  15. Alpha, (Spelt 'ph') if I remember right, were a budget range of Fly releases with a very basic chassis that came up in ownership change 4.7b v9.6a (or thereabouts ) It is the same Ferrari 512 body mould as was used in previous releases in both Fly and GB track ranges. I think the body was lighter simply because of the light weight interior as Rafael B. jnr, who was in charge by this point, would never have created a new mould with thinner plastic walls so to be light, just for the budget range of cars. More likely it got the lexan interior treatment to save manufacturing costs, which improved performance slightly from awful to almost-awful, as an unintended side benefit.
  16. Brilliant Bram, what a good idea.
  17. SlotsNZ

    Motor brackets

    You should throw this one to Bingo in our club, he speaks “CAD” like it was his native tongue
  18. SlotsNZ

    Motor brackets

    Now Chris, posting all these pictures of perfect chassis, totally devoid of tyre shavings, grease, and general cr@%, just makes us feel guilty about our cars. Couldn't you post pictures of a chassis that just came back from 15 rounds of proxy abuse, totally in the "wild" state. Just once . . . . It would make us feel like you don't live in an alternate build-reality where bots arrive overnight, restore every chassis to pristine state, then place them back ready for the next war.
  19. I have always felt that the giants among us should have to kneel while driving .....
  20. We must own this place by now - can someone let Vince and Charlie know
  21. SlotsNZ

    Slot It N22 tyres

    Ultra grip - and even Supergrip which come as standard on NSR cars and are shore 22, have very good grip, but require more care when truing. A closer match would be Sideways Hi-Grip. The medium is supposedly the equivalent at 22 shore, but I don’t get as much grip. The “soft” at 18 shore is pretty close to N22 for truing and on track. HG1S is the size of 1171N22 HG1SW the size of 1172N22 But having just set up 2 cars on N22, I don’t think anything else combines the grip and the ease of truing. It is a bit of a beggar that they won’t be made anymore. Hopefully Armchair have stocked up with plenty to last a while.
  22. Fedex from a small town in northern Spain, left there on our night of the 29th (Monday). Just arrived in Singapore via Dubai, so will hit Sydney tomorrow, and due in our regional location next Wednesday. A Fedex from Michigan, left 5th December, arrived here the 16th. [ I somehow avoided a 2 week Fedex shutdown within USA during December, due to a freight backlog.] A USPS from Florida, left 15th December, passed through Florida sorting the next day, no further updates. An EMS out of China early December, took 8 days.... not bad at Christmas.
  23. SlotsNZ

    M2 Allen Keys

    I probably build 25 - 30 new cars a year, as well as maintaining those I race weekly. I use a) A ScaleAuto torque driver - replaceable tip. I eventually broke the tip on the ScaleAuto one day when I dropped it. So I replaced the tip with one from the cheap M2 drivers you can buy on EBay. It has been working fine for about 2 years on the cheap tip, I haven't had to replace it even once. The tool itself is about 7 years old. b) A Slot.it torque driver (non-replaceable tip) The Slot.it one which is a bit small for my meat hands, sits in my mobile box, and so gets less use. It is about 5 years old, still working. IMO - no need to muck around with torx screws, especially if like me, you have over 100 running cars on M2.... Just buy a torque driver, so you CAN'T over-tighten. And if anyone says "the torque tools don't tighten up enough" Well, I don't recall ever having a wheel fall off, or a spur gear slip.
  24. Keith, you have come up with almost identical weight and balance to me...... is this a case of "great minds think alike" or "fools seldom differ" Yeah Kevan, some out there in slot-land would have us feel guilty, they would indict us for being in possession of "lead sleds". I tend to think these modern RTR are very light cars OOTB, and without magnetic down-force of plastic tracks, even the smoothest car is a bit high for optimum balance in corners. After all, a basic brass chassis in an old WOMP would probably be heavier, even with a lexan body. And a lot of those were glued to the track with the old liquid magnet in a spray bottle. From setting up a few of each model, and running two DTM national events, I used a weight allowance in the Alfas - are as going to in the Mercedes in 2020, to enable them to compete with an unweighted Opel, as the Opel were lower and wider. Both years, the track owner took out the event with an Opel, and one year another Opel was 2nd, but I had a 3rd with a CA35 and a 2nd the next year with a CA45. Overall, we were hosting similar numbers of Opel and Alfa entries, and getting a good mix of models in the top 6 spots and down through the field. It equalised the models pretty well. So a bit of lead induction to lower the COG, and compensate for things that happen on track can only be a responsible use of track time - well that's my story and I'm sticking to it.
  25. Just spotted this post Keith - what does "decided on a weight of 58-01 gr" mean. ie, what s 58 and what is 1 ? The continentals apparently run with floppy front axles, allowing the front of the chassis to slide on a plastic track. Because the Skyline chassis sits higher than other DTMs, that can cause rollover. Irrelevant to us if we lower, true, and set the front axle so it cannot rock. But for the unknown reason, fitted above the chassis, it has definitely helped my body rock stability. I may take them back out and try using some foam to limit body rock/float, but that shouldn't be an issue anyway with the 2 front screw setup. So it has me a bit beat.
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