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  1. I just had UPS from Canada in 6 days, and 20lb boxes from DSA (Divided States of America) in 27 days. The 20lb boxes were about a week slower than pre-covid, that's not too bad given the severe lack of flights. I am repeating the same orders this week, plus a 5lb box from a different part of DSA, so we'll see what happens next month. You have to give up going into the shop mate. Do it online. - I did 4 of between 80 and 150 grams a couple of weeks back, same price on all of them. $10.39 without discount. I get a 5% discount, so up to 200 grams is $9.87
  2. It's not the total numbers, is the number visible without having to scroll that is key for us Gary. This one has 20 which is more than enough, but if we have everyone there, I still have to scroll. When I get time I am going to hack the header screen, shorten it, and make more space for driver results lines.
  3. I somehow misplaced my custom Race Results screen, so I knocked this one up today. It could still be better, but at least shows more than a handful of drivers at once. When I get inspired I will do some more work..... But if anyone out there has my original custom screens - or some better ones, I would love to know.
  4. The LMP2 project was pushed back to 2021 due to the effects of Covid on everything commercial.
  5. I imagine that spare chassis are run when production of a new livery takes place. You cannot fire up an injection mould for just a few units, or few hundred units. Sometimes parts run out, and new liveries will be upon their perception of demand. I think it is no more complicated than that - just speaking generally from my knowledge of production runs in other product sectors.
  6. Left behind from Thursday racing - a red/white/blue Corvette L88 and - a headlight glass that appears to be off a Honda Civic Type R, the same as I was running - but it isn't off either of mine. Maybe Mac's one that Marty drove ?
  7. JP Indeed, I just received the reply, - the CS14t60 chassis is unavailable at Slot.it, and none due in the immediate future. So try to get one anywhere you can.
  8. More likely to simply be a lack of regular demand. I am surprised at how few replacement chassis I am requested for any model. Slot.it list them as available. - Let me ask the oracles, should have an answer tomorrow.
  9. I think you were quicker than me, it was a good tussle, lap after lap.
  10. 10 dedicated racers did battle at Oakland, plenty of laughs, good food. Make that 10 dedicated racers and one short supervisor
  11. We have "big screen" back - had to buy a new laptop as the video card on the one I was using had done a crash and burn job on itself, but I now have the 50" working again. I also have Race Coordinator set up for tonight.
  12. I couldn't see anywhere better to put this, so here will have to do. Many of us have used the free for use Laptimer 2000 software by Gregory Braun at one time or another. I only just heard that he died early February. It seems to have escaped notice on some forums, as he was personally into HO cars. His sites www.hoslotcarracing.com/ and www.gregorybraun.com/ are no longer active, but can be accessed on Web Archive https://web.archive.org/web/20200512081726/http://www.hoslotcarracing.com/ I also have Laptimer 2000 V6.3 as a ZIP for anyone who wants it.
  13. And one I missed from last month, the prettiest Lola I have seen modeled Lola B12/80 #27 Mid-Ohio 2012 Drivers: P.Dempsey, J.Foster, D.Cameron CA39d Chassis: Podded Motor: Slot.it Flat-6 20,500rpm, 200 g/cm torque 10.25 watts @ 12v dc (Mn09h) mounted as angle-winder 1.0mm offset Axle & Gears - 2.38mm (3/32nd) Gearing: Crown 28t (GA1628-pl) - Pinion 11t brass Has adjustable height front axle - M2.0 Hex screws, supplied with car Hubs Front: Plastic 17.3mm x 10mm Hubs Rear: Alloy 17.3mm x 10mm
  14. Two new liveries of the popular 86/89 series, looking great in Italian red !! #27 and #28
  15. Out any day now from Slot.it, a pretty sharp livery of the Group C Toyota 86C Chassis: Podded Motor: Slot.it V12/3 MX16 23,000rpm 170g/cm torque 9.8 watts @12 volts dc mounted as Inline Axle & Gears - 2.38mm (3/32nd) Gearing: Crown 28t - Pinion 9t brass Has adjustable height front axle - this requires optional M2.0 Hex screws not supplied with car Hubs front: Plastic 15.8mm x 8.3mm Hubs Rear: Alloy 16.5mm x 8.3mm
  16. Sideways have just announced the imminent arrival of the next Group 5 model, a JPS fantasy livery of the Lancia Stratos. I have to admit - the ugly/striking shaped Stratos looks pretty good in a black dinner suit.
  17. just realised just realised just realised just realised Now by my calculations Birthday - 4 = "too late for rescue plan". I am sure I smell toast cooking, or is that flayed Mac-flesh? We should gather together Thursday for a quiet tipple in his memory, or hope for his ultimate recovery. ..................... Meanwhile, we can continue corrupting Marty
  18. That will give it a couple of nice long straights and easy marshaling
  19. SlotsNZ

    DG Raceway

    For many here who may not know. When I got into modern slots at the end of 2006, I found SCI first, then a month later Auslot forum. I was in steep learning curve mode, as we founded the Hawkes Bay club. I took a few trips to Oz, going to Sydney to meet the Australian Ninco/Fly/various brands distributor who helped us get started with our first track - 100 foot Ninco, meet some good guys in Sydney like Tooter who took me to a private racing group in North Sydney, met Cathy at Armchair, - Jim was away in hospital, met Roland at SlotShop Sydney, where I have raced a few times on the old Artin track, and in Melbourne (point of epistle), hooked into the V32 group, and some other guys who raced at Geds. So it is great seeing some of that old crew back here on forum again, as I have sweet memories of being trotted around Melbourne by the Scrivvies, Stubbo, Eno et all in 2007 and 2008. So any contribution I make here, we have V32 guys in particular to thank for help, inspiration etc. Knoath's was the nicest scenic track I visited. I have raced on Knoaths old track, and those of a few other tracks of the original V32 club guys who are on here. Stayed on occasion with Eno at Dandenong, who also took me to meet Peter at MRSlotCar, and stayed with Stubbo out by Phillip Island when he and Eno hosted me for a weekend of Historics racing.
  20. Thanks for another great night at Falls Road guys. The chicken was particularly scrummy. Don't understand how there were leftovers, I made a solid assault. Marty definitely one of the gang, we are now making jokes at his expense. Claiming quip of the night "So how do you join this club?" Extended hand, he shook it "Congratulations you are now a fully paid up member" Insert general laughing. Mac have you showed him Auslot as our general biffo, bluster and banter centre? And getting in early, next week we are due at Oakland Raceway, and we must be back to Week 1 1 BTCC (British Touring Cars Championship) -[ Modern ERA Scalextric models - MG6, VW Passat, BMW 125, Honda Civic Type R] 2 Muscle Cars 3 1965 to 1980 sports Gates open at 6pm, Bravado and Biffo at 6:01pm
  21. Dick the modern USB/Cat 5 board will run off USB power to provide timing capabilities, but that doesn't provide enough juice to trigger a relay, so you need a 12v regulated power supply with centre pin negative. Will send you a pm with further info. Oh and these days, I seldom see anyone bothering with a arcade type track-call button, as it is easier to have a marshal nearby the timing PC and just hit space bar on the keyboard - does the same thing, pausing and restarting the heat.
  22. That's a beggar. The recommended medicine for "shithouse" is a well proven emulsion of Pinot Gris rubbed liberally onto the gums. Should any spill over, swallow immediately, and dilute with Sauvignon Blanc. I hope nurse Pip can be relied upon to bring medicines to your bedside. If not, that is what daughters are for, they are slightly easier to convince.
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