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  1. We often read about these in the USA, but here’s a kiwi one. Many of the cars and motor bikes are already listed on Trade Me auction site for $1 reserve (for Oz and further away guys, that’s sort of a domestic EBay type site) And after just 3 days, some of the prices are eye watering. Vince - you’d need deep pockets for the 67 Mustang, already into 6 figures.
  2. Results from rtonight - busy night, didn’t get much chance to take pics or video DTM NASCAR Group 5
  3. It seems we are due another run on Oakland Raceway this Thursday. Week 4 1 NASCAR/Classic NASCAR 2 DTM [Deutsche Tourenwagen Meisterschaft 1984 - 1996] 3 Group 5 Doors open 6pm.
  4. If you need any wheels, tyres or other bits, just holler - I have plenty, or just for you to have a look at the ones I have upgraded for comparison - as I have each one done a bit differently.I did have a problem the night of the teams race, with the spur moving laterally after a while, crating sideways movement in the axle. Cure is easy, fit spacers between outside of the spur and inside of the wheel boss, so you have the extra locking of both grub screws I just get a smile on my face every time these things hit the track.
  5. Was pretty casual Dave. Mine was an upgraded one, and another that I loaned to Gary. Peter’s was upgraded, but I think the other 4 were all as per when we ran the series last year. The upgraded are just smoother to drive, maybe a little more grip - I had N22 tyres on both of mine. Long term they will maybe be a bit more reliable.
  6. A select and quality group of slot-heads tonight Some video then results following below Legends results and lap times Fly Classics LMP
  7. Get well soon all of ye. - The world needs more slot-dogs
  8. SlotsNZ

    New track

    That’s going to be a cracker drive Shane
  9. Depends on whether I am still living with a plague carrier… She just tested positive again after a week already spent in domestic prison. On the positive side of the ledger, I have enough pumpkin soup made, to carry us into winter, and my Metro-turd, is actually drivable. Nix that. apparently she may still test positive for weeks, but not be infectious. So after a week, and having just done my 5th negative test and no symptoms - - - I am freeeeeeeeee See you all at the Pat-cave
  10. Me? Yeah, not very predictable, some experimentation with alternate feet and gears required. I have however read a thread that says red cars are faster, so I will try respraying it every few days, to see which colours drive best This is the first version. Blue-turd. - Metallic blue none less. Pat - hope I am not plagurising…. Quite liking the blue atm.
  11. I am out this week, living with a plague carrier. I keep testing negative, despite having a milder version of Glenda’s symptoms.
  12. Getting there … slowly. The old Metro-turd, with the young pretender Turd-tini. Having used all my accumulating and increasing skills in car building and tuning over the past 4 years …. It is only about half a second slower a lap than my 2017 “throw-together” Sigh
  13. I hate to say it Mac……it almost looks sporty [off to the Po now to have a barf]
  14. Hey Charles, perhaps you could message John direct, to keep the thread on point
  15. From tonight’s racing. Hopefully Bings have the results
  16. For anyone actually bothering to paint their turd, — Cool Toys just received a shipment of Tamiya paints - after a 9 month wait
  17. These #”$&+@ retired types ….. Anyone would think he didn’t have a massive order list to fill (says he who is occasionally squeezing in slot tuning between 3 weekly group rides with 30 other crinklies)
  18. Munter I have some too , and you’re welcome to pull from the box of Metro skeletons if you want some turd close to home. Am around home all morning till lunch consumed, then out for a bit
  19. I’m in. - And setting Gary’s BMW for BTCC up with him tomorrow
  20. I am suffering from Slot-Intimidation complex, and may require counselling. You are setting the build bar waaay high, the build pace is scary… Thanks for the tips Mac, Manana….
  21. Y’all taking this waaaay too seriously— my chassis is only half built Haven’t even started on the body …. Who was it that had some NSR King 38k long cans for sale ? … oh yeah, that was me…….
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