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  1. Okay folks, I have tidied up this thread by removing some posts, so page 1 may look slightly disjointed. We hope that the work of C-Type will be of interest to digital users on forum, and that all contributors will maintain a good perspective. C-Type - if you have some videos of cars running with your chips, any additional stills to show, please share. - Video links should be able to be posted directly into the post, images using the "Insert other media" link at bottom right. Any problems with those, just holler.
  2. I don't recall the unit, but if it is angle-winder, there would be very limited market outside of the plastic track world on the continent. Do you recall the product code - The ScaleAuto product list is a spreadsheet about the size of the calculation for the meaning of life - which is 42, or 56, or something similar. (Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy. "I KNEW there was something fundamentally wrong...." ) I would have sold 10 of every sidewinder complete rolling HRS unit, to 3 of the inline and 1 of the angle-winder, just to give you an idea. I imagine Armchair are the same.
  3. And now to this week. Oakland Raceway - doors open as usual for practice at 6pm, but if anyone needs to true any tyres, etc, feel free to come from 5:30 We are back to week 1 Week 1 1 BTCC (British Touring Cars Championship) - [ Modern ERA Scalextric models - MG6, VW Passat, BMW 125, Honda Civic Type R] - and Crockett's BMW 320? 2 Muscle Cars 3 1965 to 1980 sports Gotta find me one of those Bimmers like Crockets ...............
  4. Sheesh, we didn't even reprise the racing last week. It was a great night at Upham Downs. Graeme has settled back in, Munter seems to be catching the bug again.... Jurassic Park is alive and rolling with a reptile back in the house. A spot of the modified 70s' Scaley F1s
  5. SlotsNZ

    Sex on Wheels

    Looks the Biz for sure.
  6. Hey Chris funnily enough, I have one of the new-ish ScaleAuto Audi R8 "R Series" set up for the same class. It has that pod, and is very smooth. I just haven't found the sweet spot in tuning to get it around corners as quick. In the end, we are still talking about the curse of the ages "The Ninco Hop" Play it again Sam
  7. Done that too, have bent brass rod to run along the back of the motor and onto the top of both axles bushes, used the Slotting Plus "Ninco" axle tubes, anyfink wot wurks eh! I'm all for finding lazy ways to do things.
  8. We were running GT3 at our local club last night, so I dutifully pulled some cars to decide which to run, preferring the new Sideways BMW M6 above. But I wasn't happy, as although it was fast, it still had a little shudder, especially under hard acceleration from standing, or out of low speed hairpins. In line with my butcherous habits above, I whipped out the rear axle, taped the underside of the empty magnet pocket to seal it, and filled that and the triangular pocket right behind the motor with JB (quick) Weld - the 1 hour cure version. Then I reassembled minus the rear wheels, and left it running at 2 volts, just to ensure the rear bush uprights were in correct alignment during the setting process. After an hour, I put the wheels back on it, and tested from standing start. All the twist was gone from the pod, and the car was smooth as butter. I don't ever recall making such improvement with such a simple low tech fix. More like what we expect on wood with a well setup sidewinder unit - which is mostly the preferred option in our neck of the woods. SlotMadMac was also giving his the first hitout, having converted his to sidewinder - not sure what motor he used, but guessing a Shark 22? Mac ? We ran almost identical lap times. This probably deserves a spot in the "cheap tricks" thread. Worth the cost of a half teaspoon of hard set 2-pot epoxy if you have any issues with a Sideways angle-winder in high grip situations.
  9. Easy enough to do C-Type, just copy the image address as you have it in the other forum, then choose the "Insert other media"menu option bottom right of the posting window, and paste that address into it, done.
  10. Test Seems to be working okay for me Rick. But I know I have issues posting photos from this Google Chrome browse on the UK slot forums, as they somehow don't like the security tag stuff Chrome applies I have to use Firefox over there. Could it be something of that ilk for you here - what browsers have you tried so far?
  11. I am just pleased that the standard C1 formula tyres on the monoposto work pretty well. It is nice NOT to need to change tyres for wood use. Someone who shall remain nameless for now, but has a tricky 3 lane wood track south of here, just grabbed sets of wheels, inserts and C1 tyres - presumably to fit to some other brand car. It will be interesting to get some feedback from him in a couple of weeks. - I'll follow up with him.
  12. Thanks everyone for taking the time to give feedback, it helps everyone to see what others are thinking. That goes for other events as well where people are conflicted by model differences. I suspect that in all the chain of replies, the main point of my post may have been unclear or gotten a little lost. Do what you may, the Opel begins with a distinct advantage. That has proven the case all over the world, where Slot.it DTM has become almost a single car class. I tried to write the rules in 2018 to level the playing field a little, especially with a new class, where people had just invested in a car (other than the Opel) In the previous two DTM, I allowed weight in the Alfas (and would have in the Mercedes in 2020 had the event not been canceled due to Covid.) This slowed the Alfa straight line speed a little, but gave them better handling, and showed in the overall pack results those two years, where Opels came out on top, but the results were close-ish. As I couldn't be faffed trying to rejig it this year at the time on that basis, I used a min/max weight. Without a minimum weight, the Opels would likely have marched away even more - as Mac said, the weight did slow his car. I set the minimum weight to what Tony suggested year one, and thought "now we'll find out". It is no coincidence all the fast drivers chose the fastest model. I had an Opel set up that was nearly 2/10ths faster than my Alfa. - Even before fine tuning on my track, I easily ran some test laps of 7.0s and 7.1s on Macs a few weeks ago while no one was looking, then quietly removed it. (At the time I had it sitting about 75 grams - below legal weight, but close). On my track at 80 grams, I had it down to consistent 5.1s - very close to most guy's GT3 cars on my track. Had the motor not smoked out for some weird reason on Thursday, I would have been running that Opel. That would have seen the top 5 places go to Opels, 6th down would stay the same 6th Piebones Snake-Alfa, 7th Scotts Opel 8th Pats Merc. 9th Tony's Merc 10th JK's Opel That seems less even than previous results, 7 Opels in the top 10 For interest, most Opels were JUST over 80 grams, the heaviest was 81 and change. The Alfas, Mercs and the 2 Nissans I weighed, were almost all sitting at 84 to 85. I don't think I saw any outside of 84 - 86..... Of course, dropping the minimum weight requirement as Mac suggested above, would pretty much take us back to my original rules. Most people COULD run the Opel with no weight - and it would be quicker, while most found that mid 80s was optimal for the Alfas etc So we have 3 main options to my thinking - Just let it run, and the DTM may become mostly a single car class - at least in terms or sharp end results, but some will still choose to run what they like regardless - Find a formula that roughly levels the models for the sake of interest, and to save some guys buying an extra car if they want a shot at podium. - A week before the event, we lock Mac in the shed with a couple of dozen cars, and he can press the release button when he has them all set up to run 7 flat........... After having run these cars since 2018, the world isn't going to fall off it's axis whatever is done going forward, but there is just that part niggling deep inside of me that says it would look and feel good to have a good spread of all the models in the event.
  13. HAH ! at first I assumed it was someone in Oz wanting them, then I realised you were in NZ, but had no idea who the forum handle belonged to Dave. Sent a few sets to north of that Whangaparoa border
  14. He's probably just getting poxy that you're having all the fun, and he has been declared 'persona non grata' for making rude comments about the racing. Mess with his mind, take him an invoice from the club for promoting the firm on track borders. Guys, I am about 50/50 for tomorrow.
  15. Welcome aboard Lotus - hang about, you'll find a lot of helpful information, a pack of nutters to marvel at, and maybe a few good fellas as well. I take it you are either a Jafa, or one of the poor unfortunate Northlanders invaded by that border breach around Snells Beach. - It's okay, we're not prejudiced "some of my best friends are orklanders" as the saying goes. About 20% of the populace here are kiwis, including the overly verbose mob in the Hawkes Bay club thread...... One pack there - will be a 2 pack And the inter-brand adapter sections you will need
  16. Here's an interesting observation. I changed the rules this year, to make a flat 80 - 90 grams car weight, rather than un-weighted Opels, and all Alfas up to max 78 grams, driver choice in 2019 That was simply because I gave up trying to use weight to equalise the performance across the now Opel, 3 Alfas, Mercedes and Nissan. In 2018 and 2019, almost all the top drivers all chose Opels, as they have the lowest COG, and were wider than some other models. I came 2nd in 2018, 3rd in 2019 with CA35 and CA45 Alfas. - But the top 10 cars were near a 50/50 mix of OPel and Alfa. This year, with a weight free for all of 80-90 gms all models, almost all Opels weighed in at scrutineering at minimum legal weight - 80 - 81 grams. The average Mercedes and Alfa, and Peters Nissan, were all running 84 - 85 grams average (I am guessing that is where the driver felt the car hit a sweet spot for handling balance versus speed/nimbleness.) I still have pics of the results by heat/race, from the DTM 2019 - with the best lap times of each driver. The lap times for returning drivers were similar. Guys who were doing 7.5s in 2019, did 7.5s this time. Guys doing 7.3s last time, did 7.3s this time. Mac did 7.1s last time to win, and 7.1s this time to win. There were the odd 7.2 from myself, Wongy and Steve Wall. Gill who finished 2nd, cracked a couple of 7.1s. The results by car model were also similar. In 2018 and 2019, 4 Opels and 4 Alfas in the top 8, with Opels dominating, my Alfas being the only podium car both years In 2021 P1 to P4 - 4 x Opels P5 My Alfa CA50 P6 Snake's Piebone built Alfa CA35 P7 Scott's Opel P8 Pat's Mercedes 190 P9 Tony's Mercedes 190 P10 JK's ... I forget did JK run his CA45 Alfa or an Opel on the day So whatever I have done so far, the top drivers/builders are mostly choosing the car gifted the best proportions by nature, and those Opels are still coming out on top It begs the real question. What else COULD we do to promote a wide use of models in the class. Do we even want to bother... or just let it run? "It is what it is" - I thought of a track width maximum, but the Opel is still lower by 3mm than the Mercedes and 6mm than the Alfas.... - I thought of a Class A and B within the models... messy, complicated - I thought of just a prize for top non-Opel Thoughts guys?
  17. I knew we should have skulled your bubbly first............... Scotty took some video at the start of the last Bracket A race. All 3 overall podiumites were in this bracket race. Mac, Gill and Wongy
  18. Here's some more. Apologies for the late response and results - bottom of pics The Dudes Wouldn't it make ya chuck. I give a guy a replacement motor and a set of glued and trued tyres because I feel sorry for him as a visitor after 6 hours of practice and re-tuning, and he ends up kicking my butt down the field. Well done everybody, we had a blast.
  19. I may have a solution to that Pedro....... I haven't paid the caterer yet. She may be around to repossess the calories. Thanks also to Mac, and to Roscoe and Pedro for bringing extra cold drinks, Sir Lord Snake for the Rocky Road [he deserves a title of some kind for taking over production of that from ma ans sister], Mrs Pedro for the Brownie . . . and I am sure I have missed a couple more. Mac and Race Catering the 2nd (Grace) may not thank us, as they have to eat their way through the sugar laden leftovers - should be all sorted in a week or three. And a huge thanks to everyone from HBMRC for making the racing visitors feel so welcomed. The Wellie guys, especially Matt who was traveling to a major event for the first time, Steve from Omokoroa, commented what a great vibe we had there. It was good to see so many other general visitors turn up to watch. One of Smithy's guys is a local..... maybe we can hoover him up. Coffee grinder recalibrated..... about 150grams of beans and several espressos down the hatch - I served Matt a rubbish coffee Friday night, something must have got stuck in the burr mechanism. Right, better go to the delousing station, some of the out of towners are due here in under half an hour.
  20. I'm going in early. I saw how fast Mac had made Pat's car while adding weight. I have soooo much nobbling to do at Parc Ferme, JUST to see if I can make it to the mid pack in qualifying. We had 2 guys in the 6.8s !!! -- with DTMS !!! and a couple more at 7.0s - all visitors apart from Mac. And after a frustrating day for Steve Wall trying to get his Opel anywhere nice, I did a tyre swap with him at the last minute, as I was convinced he had cooked them as well as the motor we replaced in his several hours on track. He promptly did a 7.1 on white, and decided he had the beast cured. He now has an Opel with wheels off mine, a "heart" from my spare Alfa . . . . and will probably kick by butt today. Gill has no right, no right at all to be doing lazy 7.3s, while busy chatting on the phone . . . it's unnatural, he should be checked for alien life implants.
  21. get ya butt back in club where it belongs, you miserable Nerfing-Viper-ex-Scarfie. We need fresh-ish meat to kick, even recycled meat. - Sorry you are stuck in the Bay longer, but we'll assist with boredom relief until you can escape small-town. Here's the weekend program. If you aren't working today, I could bring you out with me, if you don't have a car - leaving Taradale at 9:30am for Macs. Friday 10am Doors open for practice, preference for visiting drivers 4pm Driver briefing 4:15pm Scrutineering Opens, cars then go to Parc Ferme 6pm Scrutineering finishes and track closes 6:30pm 228 Guppy Road, Taradale. Pizza drinks provided. Slot Shop open Saturday 8:45 am Venue opens, qualifying order posted 9:10 am Qualifying begins 10:00 am Race One begins 11:30 am Race Two begins 1.00 pm Lunch break (if we are on time, or when race 2 finishes) 2:30 pm Race Three begins (may alter depending upon how we are going for time) 7.00 pm Dinner and presentations at the Thai Lotus restaurant, Gloucester Street Taradale. [ Own Cost ] They have a bar, and also BYO for wine $5 a bottle. They will have 5 chefs out back Saturday night, so all our meals can be presented in a fairly short space of time. Sunday 9:30 am 228 Guppy Road open for some friendly racing, Group C and Group 5. And I will have the shop open. 11:30am She’s all over rover.
  22. Chas - if you prefer, the bag of bits for the car, included a nose cone clip unit to use instead of the magnet setup. The clip was a necessity for the EEC market, as the cars couldn't be shipped with magnets due to safety laws (toys, kids swallowing magnets thing) - Oh, and the reason for "semi-kitset" packaging is that they are just sooooo dang long - and using a larger box just for the monopostos, would have been a huge tooling expense, and a packaging materials issue, as Slot.it have standard boxes . . and so on. - And nice review editions with much helpful and down to earth information for prospective purchasers. Great contribution to forum and FB.
  23. The slot dogs were extra amazing. The cheese was warm and goooey, the sauce was in exactly the right proportions, and I am disturbed at the report that someone called a small amount of excellent caramelisation "burned" - we should cast them into the outer darkness for putting our future feeding at risk by offending the sous chef. Just think lads, we have a trail of deliveries coming from the kitchen extraordinaire this weekend. All hail Race-Catering. Charles - "The Handler" is Brendon. He will have been over there servicing his farmer clients, so dead busy during the week, but hastening back tonight in preparation to race the DTM Saturday - along with our resident Snake - aka Michael. [The nicks are a long story - an in-house joke that goes back about 10 years]
  24. It will be interesting to hear "Racers Ready" in stereo. Let the race controller wars begin. - I am taking money on JK just sitting on him and holding his nose till he goes purple....
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