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  1. I am diseased. Some combination of SARS, EBOLA, COVID, Bubonic plague and Man-flu. Glenda says it is merely a common cold... but you all know how unsympathetic our wives are when we are dying by degrees. Anyway, best I stay away, as we don't want the whole club in quarantine.
  2. Afraid I have to follow the lead of senor 2K Lo siento, estoy totalmente destrozado or to put it in froggish je suis totalement epuise Pat - I have stuff still here for you. Pedro, I have a Bathurst Skyline here for you Bingo, I have a Small Bing go-fast throttle here for you
  3. Gets worse, I think he will have a new Difalco controller for Thursday.......... I might go squirt some superglue on the swipe plate while I think of it......
  4. I forgot to add, this never would have happened if firstly, Pedro hadn't bought a pile of these fun Legends and let everyone have a play at Bahia Vista, and two, if the BRT (Bing Racing Team) hadn't suggested we run a race series, stimulating us to buy a pile of them. So very fitting that Old Bing and Pedro both won something for the mantle piece
  5. A bit worried about impending team tactics from the Bing Racing Team.......cross-team car testing, driver training, strategic nerfing, psychological warfare ........ being beaten by an 8 year old.
  6. Final results of the Legends Series. Mac took the win of course. Pedro took out Concours with the blue car, and Old Bing received a "Good Bugger" trophy Tall Bing went home with the 3rd place trophy, which makes them the winningest family in club
  7. I smell a white kit frenzy coming on......
  8. All stock being shipped from Europe, will have the fix applied before dispatch. Haven't heard anything about Oz, but I presume Jim is getting ex Italy, so you should be okay. NZ stock is coming from Italy, so they will have been sorted.
  9. Hey up all Oakland Raceway this week for the usual biffo. Doors open from half fiv-ish.....first race 6:30. If anyone is coming late, holler, I'll arrange race order to put you at the end. Week 3 1 Aussie V8 1 Fly Classics 2 Pioneer Legends - the finale, el gran final, la cuenta atrás final (the final countdown as Europe sang) 3 LMP
  10. Just missing glue, any control of the angle, and control of pressure on tyres for tyre overheating, and motor load....... Its the level of tuning a newbie rug racer would use. I shuddered. Hideous to actually show that to the world.
  11. Can’t believe what I saw Monsignor Kennedy do at 7:10 I propose a posse to USA and a kangaroo court to convict him of “crimes against tuning”
  12. We got snake bit..... I'm adopting a pet mongoose on Monday. Added in the lap Mac missed, because it does actually matter in terms of the gap between Ryan and I for the round. So Bing jr. is now just one point off my heels. 5 Drivers on 65 laps, separated by just 4 seconds over 6 minutes racing....
  13. I did petition Maurizio to add "You're a pack of assholes" to the plinth.....
  14. au contrare young reptile, it's a flaming maze full of blind alleys and doctored street signs, plus some of the exits have recently been blocked off by deletion of tyre types we liked to use. But for our uses, there are about 3 standard types of tyre formulation, and just a few common sizes to fit any wheels we use This article will help with types of tyre https://www.slotraceshop.nz/Tyres.pdf This is a simple bit of data on wheels https://www.slotraceshop.nz/Wheels.pdf - Some of our class rules specify wheel sizes and or tyres, size is determined by car wheel in most cases, or specified in th0se class rules For wheel to tyre fits, need to try and find you a spare Slot.it catalogue as it gives common wheel and tyre fits in a chart, or you can read the pdf here at page 62 as a start point All the makers use similar sizing, and step from centre diameter down to the shoulders. Must be time for a weekend session when you have a free slot on a Saturday
  15. I wanted "Gentleman Jim and some joker called Skaifey". . . . never mind
  16. Sheesh Shane, history... What's the race software? Startline ?
  17. Not original ones, but NSR made a plain alloy wheel kit with axles, bushes, and crown gear, and you can still pick those up the odd place. - I have them on a couple of my Vanquish CanAm cars. May have more alloys to fit in the war chest if I dig deep enough. Always keen for teams racing, enduros, and extra "energy intake" from the food I'm in for Thursday, all being well - seems we are mostly organised for the grand, daughter hand-over on Saturday. I confess, the girl went bling for the bridal car. I think it may be lid down for the run up the long Mission Estate driveway through the Plane Trees
  18. I measured a few of mine, about 64mm seemed to be the goer. When I had to replace a bent axle on an actual runner; I used that as my benchmark Makes the outside track and the wheelbase the same … they are “square” Hah
  19. I might have a spare legend, Already on alloys all round - You're welcome to take and have a play. Some video from the Vanquish MGs racing. Still need to sort the video edit software and cam settings out.
  20. Great night in the Mac cave, thanks for the fun racing the MG Vanquish cars Mac Here are the Legends series results after tonight's racing. I'll have a play with the GoPro footage tomorrow.
  21. Engraving plates arrived. Sorry, not the greatest quality, I used a different company - in Hamilton, because of the Auckland lockdown. But you get the idea.
  22. I have the engraving coming for these trophies, to be awarded at the end of the Legends Series, game faces on everybody
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