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  1. I have the engraving coming for these trophies, to be awarded at the end of the Legends Series, game faces on everybody
  2. Your Legend is ready, I'll be there early to test it. I am concerned it may be a little too quick, so I may need to drill a tyre or two, sugar the motor, or put the 1/32nd driver's eye out with a soldering iron.
  3. Sure just ring the bell, we'll be up and about. Hope you're brave, I'll probably still be in a dressing gown with a cat draped over my shoulder - he's very clingy in the mornings.
  4. Yep, have all spare parts in a separate war chest for our club members. (not in the shop) If you want, I can get it fixed and ready for Thursday, so long as you it drop around by Tuesday evening.
  5. Rod, based on those results, I have been going through my remaining stock, bending some axles, and chipping some teeth on gears, just for you to buy You were flying.
  6. Gentlemen, Scholars, the assorted collection of riff raff who turned up tonight, and anyone I may have overlooked. The part laps are just done so I get ties into the correct final order.
  7. I watched "The Mask" too many times. I have Jim Carrey delusions - in my saner moments. All dressed and ready for club tomorrow. Everybody gotta hava cula
  8. I so badly wanted to raid that cabinet behind him.
  9. Didn't someone on here have a nice scenic track called Warwick Farm - that I presume was a reproduction of the real thing.
  10. Hope to get there, but if I do, I will be late. Count me out for the first class, and I'll message whether I will make it in time to race the Legends.
  11. Bonjour Nissart, we look forward to seeing pictures of your track, and some of the cars you produce from the 3D printing. - To post pictures on this forum, you need to have your own place to host pictures, then use the "Insert other media" button below at right, to post the picture address into a pop-up menu box
  12. Yes you did, sorry, error by me, fixed - table above now reads correctly - dang...... you spotted my blatant attempt to slow your march to overtake me..........:) Actually, I thought after I posted, I should have congratulated you for the round win. First time Mac has been toppled.
  13. 13 of Slotting's finest gathered at Bahia Vista for a resumption of racing after lockdown. Results from Legends gentlemen Some guys haven't missed a round yet ..... anyone would think there was some competitiveness going on here.
  14. Dave, I have to go out about 4:20. I'll leave them in the letterbox.
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