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  1. There was a video article by Dave Kennedy on "another forum" recently about thinking we may have seen the end of liveried, and even any "real model" F1 cars in the slot car world. It was along the lines of DangerMouse's post above. As he was with SCX, then Carrera 7 years, then Scalextric USA the last 2 1/2 until he became a corona-casualty in March, I imagine he is in an almost unique position to have presented this as a likely reality. And you have to remember that when it comes to licenses, the licence amount is applied at the manufacturer level. If we assume the standard business principle running your business on margins, a license fee of say 1 dollar oz gets blown up through the distribution chain at national supply chain and retailer level, so it is a significant cost factor in a sick world economy.
  2. Just like "only 350 days till Christmas", it's only 5 days till the gathering. Next Thursday my place. Week 1 1 BTCC (British Touring Cars Championship) -[ Modern ERA Scalextric models - MG6, VW Passat, BMW 125, Honda Civic Type R] 2 Muscle Cars 3 1965 to 1980 sports Smithy is tuning his new BTCC this week, lets see what he's got in the tank.
  3. Paul that isn't an image address. An image address must always have the file name at the end of a directory structure stream, and a suffix of the file type eg jpg or gif or png. I just clicked on that link to open it in a new window, then right clicked on the image which appeared, to bring up a menu on screen, of which one option was "copy image address" I selected that option, then pasted that image address below - it had https - but it appeared okay. It was this without the asterisks. *****https://i.imgur.com/Hg3YX1E.jpg*****
  4. Yep, ditto. I notice our times are dropping too. Several lapping under 5 second laps with the GT3 s last night Hey, who ate all the sausage rolls . . . . casts an accusing gaze at the very most obvious suspect . . . . no names of course. Went to grab some tucker and it was all gone apart from a couple of biscuits and chippies BTW. I was looking at our GT3 rules, and it occurred to me the motors list may need updating. GT3 Motor options: Short can motors: Slot-it Orange end bell and Nsr 20k shark. Long can motors: Slot-it 20.5k yellow and NSR 19k Spanish king - We put Spanish King in the rules, but I am not sure if that was intended, or a misfire for "Baby King" which is identical to "Baby Raptor" which comes standard in the Sideways cars. Spanish King are actually quite a bit more powerful than any of these motors, I've no objection, NSR Shark 20k is no longer made, nor is the old Shark 22k - some will have them in cars. But the new stock NSR motor is the Shark 21.5k code NSR3041. It develops 21.9k. So that should probably be on the list along with Baby King and Baby Raptor. Maybe we can add those, and remove Shark 20, but just add in - or other motors of lesser power if the driver wishes.... something like that. - That's not to be pedantic, but just to update to what is on sale out there, and so guys know what they really can throw in one of this class of car, and have maximum choices. Smithy was AWOL - what happened? - was expecting to see another Maserati on the start line.
  5. That doesn't help It might penalise the driver who deslotted against the other 3 guys/5 guys in his heat, but the problem with any off is that all the OTHER drivers in the same heat as the guy who deslotted, are also penalised by having to stop then start again after a track call. The innocet drivers are therefore being penalised against all drivers who were not in that heat. Like I said before "is that ALL the drivers in that heat cop some amount of penalty from the stop and restart - around 2 -3 seconds lost from the stop, to being fully back in the flow of the heat.""
  6. Thanks Chris I have a few each of 31 and 31.6 lying around from when I was distributing Sloting Plus a few years back.
  7. AHA !! You got my cheeky message on that thread. Welcome home old friend.
  8. Our club generally tries to marshal "live" and there is really only one track of our normal rotation of 5, where these are two possible de-slot positions that cannot be reached easily to avoid others crashing into the first de-slot. I have always felt that the problem with using the track call buttons as a routine procedure, is that ALL the drivers in that heat cop some amount of penalty from the stop and restart - around 2 -3 seconds lost from the stop, to being fully back in the flow of the heat. That would be fine if you only had those drivers rotating, but in our case we may have up to 15 drivers in the rotation race. So one guy de-sloting, would alter the competitive position of every driver unlucky enough to be in his heat. So we don't have drivers initiating track-call, it is "space bar" yelled out by the marshal struggling to reach a car ..... well that's the theory anyway. Reality is about half way between that theory, and what danger mouse wrote above.....
  9. The latest version of Ultimate Racer 3.0 with updated track layout libraries is now available for download from their site. http://www.uracerweb.org/ It includes a revised library for Policar track, which I wrote for Pierrick, with contrasting grey borders, rather than red/white ones. I also fixed a couple of display bugs on the track itself. - Same revision of download as where I wrote the ScaleAuto track system files.
  10. Gooooolly, I am a bit behind on newsie things. Slot.it just released prototype pics of the Policar generic modern F1 car which was announced at Nuremberg Toy Fair in Feb. It will come in 5 colours. Release has shuffled back about 3 months to October/November, due to the Covid interruption to development. One change is that they are not able to supply the cars with the magnets to clip on the detachable nose due to - yup, you guessed it, European safety regulations. So the nose spoilers will be attached by a tiny clip. But they will be "magnet ready" with a pack of tiny magnets available at a nominal cost. (Those 8 packs will do 4 cars) The official news release says The models will be a pre-assembled and pre-painted Monoposto with endless painting possibilities! Extra digital-ready chassis included. They are supplied as partially assembled kits. There is a decal with driver's helmet screen, dashboard and seat belts. The front wing is attached with a small clip. We cannot supply magnets due to safety regulations, for now." PDF with the main specification data
  11. I won't make it this year. We are hoping she with the big teeth is going to let people escape winter by October, so we have a few days booked laying about on Muri beach.
  12. Every time I see one of Chris' clean looking chassis, I hang my head in shame at my maintenance regime..... Chris - is that the 31mm or the 31.6mm in that chassis? - or will either fit due to tolerances? Rob - when the new pod came out in the current 908s, the first run were acknowledged as brittle by NSR. They quickly sent Tony a packet of replacement pods from memory, prior to the 2018 classic. I broke one at that 2018 Challenge right before scrutineering, and had to do a mill and swap for a new pod on the fly on Tony's lathe - with a quick hand from Neil Bidwell. Tony had and gave out a few replacement pods from NSR that year. I think 3 or 4 had a pod issue in 2018. But so far as a know, that issue has been overcome now, and I haven't snapped one since. The last pod from Tony I gave to someone else in HB with a first production 908 which had a cracked pod. Haven't seen any crack in recent times among our club members. So check with Tony - or maybe Westie will poke his head in here with the oracle words.
  13. Gee fella, you keen or something? I'll be a starter, and raise you another hosting. I suggest the following week we come back to Oakland, which would then put us at Thunder Road Thursday 20th, the night before the DTM begins; if that's okay with you Mac? - we will be really pushed for room anywhere else. as I know some of the visiting drivers want to race club night with us. BTW, we must have 17 members apart from any newbies, as we have 14 local drivers in the DTM - after Rod had to pull out, and Munter and Roscoe2 aren't in the DTM. There are 13 traveling drivers. so we are 1 short of having 7 brackets of 4 on that weekend. Great night thanks Pat, #22 enjoyed his head to head with Crockett, there was only lane differences between the cars.
  14. Yes, the o-rings soften/cushion movement to eliminate jerking and click points. Fibreglass tape under the pod/chassis works similar, but I think the o-rings do a more controllable job. They also raise the pod above the line of the chassis, increasing clearance.
  15. They certainly are the automotive equivalent of "a face only a mother could love" Well the wheels were a personal cosmetic thing. Having seen how good Savage's cars looked on SFI, I wanted to do something. Everything else is exactly the same as I do to every Sideways Group 5, which need to be faster than a GT1 and s fast as 65-80 sports classes on small tracks - at least in our club that's the case
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