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  1. I'll go hunting. I am sure I left my game somewhere. Someone remind me, what is gloat - or show me a sample next Thursday.
  2. Cheeky flaming 'roach. No, my budget runs to a decent Otago pinot noir on a good day, but my palette aspires to Grange. I only ever had it once, and I don't think I was wine-cultured enough to appreciate $80 a glass at the time.
  3. I ordered 2 large boxes of stuff from USA 2 weeks back. One supposedly sent, but in a black hole, the other in the black hole known as "Professor Motor assembly area" Time to ring Oliver again.....
  4. Yo Paul I can do some chassis measures - and I actually want the chassis !!
  5. There was a TV news article on exactly that yesterday or Friday. They had been sitting on everything that came in during level 4, and are just clearing 150,000 stored parcels this coming week.
  6. NZ to Oz seems to be working - but taking about 2 weeks. have had order from Hungary cancelled once and tried book again this week with no joy, as their post will not accept goods for NZ
  7. Bound to be some image editors for free in the store that can manage that for you.
  8. Movie App? If you need to post movies, just do so on YouTube and copy the links here
  9. It's about having somewhere to host them Shaynus. The forum doesn't host pics. But if you do have somewhere you host pics online, you can just copy the address into a post here, or use the 'insert other media' button at bottom right of the posting window for "insert picture from URL"
  10. SlotsNZ

    slot it lmp2

    Hi Fabien I made enquiry for you at ground zero. Due to the time and economic problems caused by Covid-19, the LMP2 project by Slot.it has now been pushed back to 2021
  11. Love it.... I am probably better at the first half than the second....
  12. We have seldom had less than 10 threads in 24 hours for about 2 months (a week prior to lockdown) 24 threads active in the last 48 hours.... that's the most in recent memory. A lot of new members created manually the calendar year, and Wylde who just joined, was the first who did so for himself after the update on Friday night. Well done all contributors. Cranking !
  13. Welcome aboard Kulkyne, do join in the discussions, ask questions, share pics, buy me Grange.... whatever
  14. SlotsNZ

    Another Proposed Track

    Looking good there Rod. We all love the bog. - I tidied up a couple of line breaks above for you.
  15. Welcome aboard Wylde. Just have to slide one island north and you'll be all good. That puts you about 45 minutes south of Timaru I think. There is a bit of an underswell going on in the metropolis of Timaru if you ever want me to put you in touch with some guys there.
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