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  1. Bit concerned about that timing system Pat, it keeps writing "reptile" up the top of the results. Love that Falcon of yours Pat, better still, it goes as great as it looks. Wish I could find replacement wings for my Falcons, they both went missing on race nights, one at Mac's early on, the other, who knows where - I forgot.
  2. It isn’t even “electronics” Greg. It is a basic electrical principle, and the same principle that makes a motor rotate when you apply voltage to it - simply the flip side of the same coin, and it is something that people normally learn their first month choosing motors etc in club racing. I find it hard to conceive that a guy who debates the finer parts of alternative digital systems electronics across the forums is sitting here pleading ignorance on the basic principles of motor braking. And it is not about “not upsetting those who are good with electronics”, it is simply about not writing wrong information that would create confusion for new spotters.
  3. I’m in. 2 classes are sorted-ish. what time do the doors open Paul ?
  4. Mr Flippant, you just did the same thing. Power is not “going back to the motor”. for you, Den, anyone else reading this thread, it IS important to understand correctly how this works, or you will not understand how the addition of resistance to the circuit works, thus reducing the motor generated braking, nor the impact of swapping out one motor for another with a stronger magnetic field/higher torque - and thus stronger braking. Den - yes, I’ve come across tracks with a 25 or 50 ohm pot wired into the stations. But I didn’t know some Tassie tracks had that facility. when I originally designed my controller stations, I put in a hole in the panels, for a pot to be mounted and offered that as an optional extra…but after a couple of years I only ever sold one set of stations with it…. Ah well. worse, we had a guy in club who sometimes wired his motors wrong way round, so would flip over the DPDT direction reversing switches - and not flip them back when he moved to the next lane
  5. That's weird SportsRacer - your controller image has disappeared. - So has r377. I spent some time writing a full and definitive reply regarding his issue, [Phil also took some time] and not a bean back since, in 2 1/2 months. Den, what you wrote there is not quite correct. Nothing is "applied" to the motor, the circuit simply becomes a dead short, and so the motor itself attempts to become a generator - into a dead short - thus causing the fixed magnets to resist the rotation of the armature caused by the rolling of the rear wheels moving back through the gear train, which is generating a conflicting magnetic field
  6. from last night. Thanks Mac, those cortinas were a blast. 5 lap spread for 4 teams over 72 minutes race time, so close
  7. I’ve decided to try something new this week - Maintenance Degreasing… cleaning, oiling, repaired a broken body post (only been broken since 2019), glued a wing in place (yeah that wing on the V8…..) Even changed a gear and a guide…. Be impressed, be very impressed, - after all it may not occur again this side of the next apocalypse
  8. Your usual excellence Mike
  9. Hi guys results from tonight, and a quick bit of video from the Minis. Pre 65 laps and times Minis laps and times Group C laps and times
  10. I have built a snorkel rack and drying station ….. actually it has stopped raining here now. my main curiosity is how much longer Jasper can keep his legs crossed, he hasn’t been outside for a potty break in over 24 hours
  11. I cannot possibly argue with that Except them ain’t smurfs, they’re a selection from the FBIs most wanted list
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