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    Body Post Repairs

    I'll try and jump on it this afternoon - lots on today - gotta get the caravan back into storage.... then chase up a new diff centre for the EK.... should have some time after that.... I refused to retro-fit a Scaley upgrade guide mount into the models - there isn't enough room under the body to incorporate the short stem guide AND the mount AND the leads. These two models are chassis-less - and the front of them is very low to the track.... so, when Kevin replied stating that he believed I'd struggle with a conversion - and that he couldn't locate any replacement mounts - I leant on my scratch-building skills to fabrictate something.... the original brass legged mounts and guides were replaced some 25 years ago with the next progressive upgrade by Scalextric.. it was a relatively easy conversion...but, not having a chassis - results in the mount and guide needing fitting to the body.... I believe I used the mount and guide from a UOP Shadow (they were our new cars back then) - and I found that the clips/slots fitted into the C16 and C17 quite easily - without too much alteration to the body.... I used stryene card in differing thicknesses to build up a mount - then drilled the guide pin hole. A Dremel lent itself very well to carefully gouging out relief in the mount for the guide to pivot on/in. To limit throw - I drilled two holes for circuit board pins - then ground the excess off. Positioning these two pins was probably the most critical of all the upgrade.... too far forward and it would prevent the guide from turning far enough - too far back and it would not stop the guide turning 180 degrees..... too close and it wouldn't pivot - too far out and it wouldn't stop it.... so, that one location was the crux of setting the modification up. As you will see - my efforts are not OEM looking - but they do work - and afford continued use of the non-chassis models..... Now - a question for those who have successfully upgraded older Scaley models... There used to be a back-yard retailer who had his own track for hire here in the outer eastern suburbs... name witheld - I purchased my Alan Jones MRRC FW07 from him.... and just twinked my little beady eyes on a body laying around in his spare parts bin..... a Scaley 240Z..... body, windows and cockpit only. I have just ordered a Slot-It HR-2 RTR chassis for this model..... anyone completed such a build?.... any tips..... I don't believe it will be a fast car... but I'd like to get it on wheels and around the track - having looked at it for over 25 years now - vowing to one day get it running.... pix later today - I hope.... frats, Rosco
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    Body Post Repairs

    Ok - I'm new school to an old hobby... but - in my newly found ever enlightening additions to skills and knowledge - from the radio controlled helicopter aspect.... try c/a baking soda. I have applied this to some near 40 year old slot cars - where I had reamed out mounting threads by not back-winding until the "drop" was felt before screwing down mounts..... the chaps in the heli forums put me onto c/a and baking soda... you slop a dob of c/a onto whatever you want to build up - the sprinkle copious amounts of baking soda onto it..... let it cure out and then sand/drill/ream/tap - whatever you need... it doesn't become too brittle.... mine have thus far lasted for all endurance races... I have even managed to fabricate some old Scaley guide post holders using this method - along with some styro card... and some circuit board pins to located the terminus of the guide travel limits...... this had now been effectively upgraded to my Scaley C17 Ferrari and C16 Lamborghini..... or numbers reversed... so far, grand-kid proof... frats, Rosco
  3. Wow - I never knew there was a slot car track there..... And - to think, so many former girlfriends I took to watch their "inaugral" motor race - and thence on to "Summerlands" and a BBQ dinner from the boot of the old EK Holden...... a sprint around a track with any of my Scaley models would have surely brought some "relevance" to my childhood progression in slot cars..... We don't now do the "island" often.. and have driven down the track alongside the ciruit... but, I'm keyed up to find out when I can bring my "yet to be delivered" L34 #1 Brock/Sampson model down to run the "Island" circuit.. the predecessor of the current Bathurst 1000... way back then called the Armstong 500....and, for those not in the know - was 500 miles from the Phillip Island circuit... and become a 500 mile event.... so I'm told... frats, Rosco
  4. Ok promised pic (I hope - courtesy Photobucket). My track for the past couple of days.... all new Sport track... didn't manage to get any more laid out before I called it stumps at 14:00..... None of the other "half" of Classic track is in this.... And - the new GT 40 - in "relaxed" suspension - and under the "pump".... frats, Rosco
  5. Ok folk, run report. Finally set the track up (Scaley Sport) at around 14:00 yesterday and ran up until 23:30 last night. Track is about 30m in length (guess - maybe longer - see if I can add a pic) later (might need to edit). I completed running in the previous Slot-It GT40 (green #40) for a good hour with bursts of full power at 12v. This is the first time I've had a switch-mode variable voltage PS - and I believe it is way superiour to the old Triang P2 unit in which I added diodes. I got used to the non-suspension car first - then cut the voltage back to 10v and put the new model on the track. As mentioned, I set the suspension up so that at full deflection, there is only about 1mm of clearance from the chassis to the track. From the get-go - this car is brilliant.... but, for the first 15 minutes or so - it had a binding noise on right handers. I now know this to be the spur gear against the chassis - as there is lateral movement across the axle. This noise has all but gone now after 2 hours of running in last night - and there is hardly any sign of where the spur gear has buffed up/ground back the chassis. I would suggest that something be done to make the pod more rigid in linear movement - and as mentioned.. I will endeavor to make some form of sliding post on the intermediat pod mount holes..... Although the rear tyres on full deflection go well up into and hard agains the wheel-arch body - there wasn't one sign of them wearing - nor any marks on the body. For the last 10 minutes of running in - I had the supply set to 12v and was giving it bursts along the long straights (4 of them, all of about 12 "D" lengths). The car did not seem to bind up at all under full power. There is quite some softness in the suspension - and it simply eats the track, compared to the non-suspension green model (identical chassis and motor, but without the suspension upgrade). It is certainly a lot quieter - although both these Slot-It cars are much quieter than the Carrera Cobra's and Cheetah's I have - which are also quieter then my Scaley collection.... especially the GT40 Mk 2 I have (#2 USA limited production) which for some reason unknown to me is very noisey..... quiet without the body - but noisy with it.... So, for an initial report - I believe the upgrade is well worth my effort - and am now looking at purchasing another Slot-It GT40 Mk 1 to fit the other suspension kit I have. I am hesitant to do so to the number 40 car - as this is now well run-in and runs ever so sweetly.... meddling with that one now is probably not going to either bring the same great results - or do the model any justice for a long lifetime of non-problematic running... which I believe these cars are capable of. frats, Rosco ps. - will try and get a few shots off with my box brownie and add to this post...
  6. Ok, folk - easy, peasy..... You end up with enough spare parts to upgrade another type of chassis.... the parts supplied are for either. What you don't get is an additional pair of springs - or M2 grub screws. The etched parts are best cut out with a Dremel and cutting wheel (ask me about my new pair of flush cut snippers - now with only one pointed tip). Be careful with the grub/set screws provided - the will gouge out by the M2 allen key.... (ask me about that too!). The entire package (long brass screws) fits neatly and snugly into the GT40.... the only concern I have is that so far, I have set the springs to maximum softness and the limiting screws to bring the chassis base almost to track level at full deflection. Both of these will progressively be tweaked and tightened up as experience dictates... So, yes - the CH47b suspension kit does fit the EV0-6 chassis as supplied for the GT40. My latest one did not come with intermediate pod screws.... only the four front/back. You have to loosen the front ones - as posted above, by about 1/4 turn and yes, there is about 1mm lateral sway as the pod moves across. I am looking at fitting some intermediate posts which will limit this lateral sway - yet not affect tuning of the suspension - it's the rear where the play is, and it amounts due to the brass screw being a very loose fit inside the etched plate for the spring base......I won't play at that end - but I believe some form of sliding post fitted to intermediate chassis/pod hole will all but remove this movement. One thing I did note - with my "reach" grub screws set to about 2mm play - is that the model's tyres "just" sit inside the wheelarches of the body.... so - I guess after some disgruntled rubbing - I'll be restricting the reach of the grub screws in very short time... possibly the first lap! Oh - and almost forgot - those plastic cups - nup! don't use them.... I did to start with - but found they did not press onto the grub screws squarely using a modeler's vice..... so ditched them.... after spending some time carefully sanding them down to perfectly round.... then to have to use a bent nose pair of fine pliers to remove them..... instructions suggest they are not needed... guess it was an early design plan - and they continued to pour the sprue mold as is...... parts might come in handy for something else..... frats, Rosco
  7. thanks all for your response - much appreciated. Yes, I do have plastic track - although I've just about doubled up on everything with Sport track, there is an awful lot of 1960's track I have kept..... and may add to a short term layout to increase trackage..... Some of the older track is now well undulated - but still in relatively good condition... all of it is useable - and the suspension system should lend itself very nicely in coping with such a non-linear/level surface. The two Hump Back bridges are the yardstick for setting up my antiquated collection of old Scaley cars..... I have two such suspension kits, and three MK1 EVO6 GT40's.... I guess that I'll try fitting the suspension kit to one - and just "play" with the others.... If it's a success - I might do another conversion. Although Slot-It state "suites all motor mounts" - it isn't very clear on which chassis or models it will fit..... I guess they believe we'd get more enjoyment from perseverance - and self education.... Just as an aside - I noted when I opened my first Slot-it GT40 - the allen key for the front suspension was taped to the underside of the plastic mount.... but no hex screws....... the second one, Winners collection #9 - was likewise - but the little plastic bag was sliced across.... The third one, #8 - was in a sealed box... and in the little plastic bag were the allen key AND two hex grub screws...... anyone else found this paradox....? All cars were purchased new. thanks again - let you know how I'm going with the suspension upgrade.... or decide to can the idea (pun intended). frats, Rosco
  8. Hi folk, newbie here..... well, an onld fogey who's trying to learn new tricks.... I would like to pick the learned brains of those who have dabbled with upgrading/tuning Slot-it chassis/suspensions. As a newcomer to this advanced mode of slot car development, I'm lost in a sea of availability - and wish to draw on the knowledge/experience of those who have traveled the path seeking more resolute understanding of tweaking these greatly advanced units from my days (60's) in the hobby..... I now have three Slot-it GT 40's and in my last order, have now obtained two suspension upgrade kits - the universal spring suspension kit CH47b. My outcome is to attain faster lap times, and smoother running. I have downloaded numerous Slot-it docs from thier site - and am not a little perplexed in "how to" incorporate my new kits to the above cars.... I am a little concerned, that I might need the HRS(2) chassis to effect the suspension upgrades. I call on those who are savvy with what is needed to advance my GT40's with the CH47b suspension upgrade kit - or, can enlighten me on the process of fitting the kit to my Slot-it models... All answers much appreciated........and, although I spent hours today reading threads/posts - I couldn't find anything specific to my questons... apologies to the forum if I blatantly missed a thread relating to my issue.... frats, Rosco
  9. Thanks Ember - I haven't looked at Ninco yet... but will. I have three of the Carrera ones - they are really great cars... and so quiet..... well, the ones I have are. I also have three Carrera Cheetahs.... so, they will be period competitive.... And, would you believe it - currently (before two further ones arrive) - I have three GT 40's - two Scaleys (a Mk1 and a Mk2 - prefer the look of the Mk1 myself) and a slot it #40 in green.... I haven't scratch built a slot car yet - but it's on the books.... I have scratch built many locomotives and wagons/carriages - it is indeed a very satisfying end when you can produce something which is not commercially availiable.... I probably need to read quite a few posts in this forum before attempting the slot car build - I have absolutely no idea what medium to use for the body - I expect the norm is to build the body - then assemble some sort of chassis - either scratch built or aftermarket to complete the build. Thanks again, Ember - I'm about to throw up some questions in another thread concerning upgrading the Slot-It GT 40 I have. frats, Rosco
  10. Thanks Mobbzee - took another look at the Scaley AC Cobra - if not for sentimentality and historical value - I'd be surprised if it reaches the asking price. I won't chase one of these up now - I'd probably chase up a Mini Cooper first..... it was my first Scaley, regardless of how dismal it performed - and, I 'd leave it absolutely stock and suffer. frats, Rosco
  11. Ok - "only a Holden"..... I got shafted once when one of my vocational colleagues enticed me into a debate on Fxxd vs Holden... "The pistons in a Fxxd engine go up and down....... those in a Holden take a deviated course"..... So, if you moot some attempt to entice me into a Fxxd vs Holden joust - mission failed.... no points awarded... but I like your slant (now, who mentioned Valiants?). I forgot to mention that I have been watching the two previous versions from Scaley - nearly went with the purple Brock one.. but ditched it because I wanted the red/white livery..... The new Scaley L34 is pumped up to be coming .... in the livery I really adore........but, as with Scaley revelations - it might not "be anytime soon". I don't know who the toolmakers are - but I'd like to opine that each release will afford more accuracy to previous pre-decessors...... Tooling is not that hard - I made a mould of one of the first $2 coins in circulation - from Dow Corning Silicone type "E"... and Plasti-bond... So, in this modern age of 3D printing and even more modern moulding techniques.... why can't we get/expect something which, at 1/32 - is pretty darned close to acceptance prior to focal lens enhancement....? The closer they get - the more they will sell........ surely, the horse has to come before the cart...? frats, Rosco
  12. Thanks for the welcome, Waddle.... yes, I do appreciate that I have lived in a "time gone by" for decades..... but somehow - the best of the best of our years seem to be way back then... I'm not sure - in fact reluctant to suggest, that they were any better.... but, in terms of appreciation for values - I don't believe the modern age of press button/screen illusions comes close to what we enjoyed/suffered..... There is absolutely nothing relevant which compares having to "fix" something vs game over or re-load... Further - and to our cause - I might suggest that modern day "grand-parents" moot some casual enticement to promoting this sport... albeit at their initial outlay... What a great platform we (dinosaurs) can offer the techno/visual world of up-and-coming-state-of-the-art nano-spectrum gameboys to our world of electro-magnetic and "real" dimension entertainment...... not to mention the factual education of how things "work"...... Gameboy, Nanotech, PS and X-box - go parallel that one........ At the very least - our descendents will know what a "+" or a "-" means in the everyday practicality of "real world" application.... I don't give one jot to anything the audio-visual button pressing challenges can afford in contrast..... Lets get our decendants up and going with this.... I do know for one - my grand-kids have taken a very keen interest in how my "slots" work..... and more particularly - have taken a keener interest in why they "dont".... Go suck, Gameboy - let's all get back to teaching kids how stuff works.... in real-time, real world practicality.... works for me... and is working with my g'kids.... frats, Rosco Ps - now, where do I go to obtain discounts for promoting our cause.... surely, folk - you can appreciate I'm trying to get slot cars back up and running against our greatest adversary......?
  13. OK - Just to put you in the picture (pun intended) - pic taken in August last year.... Since - have picked up a few new models..... and heaps of Scaley track.. Hope some of these old dinosaurs rekindle some reflection in our past.... frats, Rosco
  14. Thanks all - I feel as if I've just re-entered a room from the pounds/shillings/pence era... and am somewhat comforted by your appeasement... Now, down to hard tacks - I seriously need aversion - not encouragement....... and of all I've read today - I'm afraid I pose a great threat to your contrivance to steer me elsewhere.... If not for a casual "glance" at obtaining my formerly beloved Scaley AC Cobra (coloured green) - and the process through evilbay of procuring one to satisfy my errant need of resurgence (and regret at having ever given it away) - I might have easily pigeon-holed the venture and wafted off into another hobby dimension.... So, folk - I'm back - and back with a vengeance.... I have cars, I have track and I have need.... I guess this is enough to validate my acceptance that "slotitis" had truely bitten hard yet once again..... Now, to begin association... I'm in the outer eastern subs of Melbourne (you'd be getting close if you counted down about 40 clicks from the GPO - or is that also a long gone forgotten geographical datum point in today's modern world of GPS?). The very last contact I had with anyone in slots prior to my exodus - was RailRoader Models - when they were at Maroondah Hwy, Croydon..... and from where I purchased my last Scaley model - albeit a body only Datsun 240Z... (yet to be fitted with a Slot-it universal RTR chassis - or something else, if someone has a better option). So, folk - thankyou for the kind welcome to my return.... I'll be here for a long, long time.... and one which might very well grate on your tolerance.... I don't know a lot - but I know a lot about little...... and am more than happy to share my previous life in this sport.... and even more so to contribute with my experience and developed appreciation of things in "miniscule"...... In closing - at 1/32nd..... for those yet to "experience" detail .... just take a peek at 1/87..... and, as I did for some time - 1/160...... 1/32 affords just so much freedom from magnifying glass scrutiny - most probably can't percieve the discipline.... but, heck - we race - right........ ? frats, Rosco
  15. Ok - so the Scaley L34 is about to hit our shores.... anyone know if it's true to detail..? if so, it's the first Holden I'll add to my inundated collection of Fxxds.... frats, Rosco p.s. - a Holden tragic!
  16. Jimmi - you need councelling...... I'm just "green".. frats, Rosco
  17. Howdy folk - and thanks for admitting me to the site. Please read below and comment if you believe I have a mild case of "slotitis"... I, for many years believed I was cured of this infliction. "Slotitis" started in me just about when Scalextric hit our shores.... my brother-in-law purchased one of the first sets here in Melbourne for his sons (my nephews)... and I was hell-bent on getting my own.... I waited some 12 months before a second hand car, a D straight and at about one extra piece a month (paper boy wages then were $1.25 a week... for 1 hour/night - 6 nights/week) brought result to my constant requests for my own layout. My ealiest piece was a 1/24 Ferrari that someone sold to me for $1... and it never worked right.... and I eventually bought a Ferrari plastic kt from G.J.Coles (when they used to be a "variety' store - remember way back then?). It was a mongrel of a model - on a tinplate chassis. It had plastic look-alike spoked wheels which were forever falling off - and the nemesis of the entire concept was the pick-up - it was a rock hard guide with a very brittle stem.... no Scalextric stem could be used to replace it - and my school mate (who had a figure 8 track and two GT 40's... a white one and a light blue one) took great delight in flipping the little red button of his pit stop "points" over whilst I was coming down the straight...... to see the model sheer off its guide and roll off the end ....... I went through two of those "Coles" cars until realising that I should have saved up the $4.75 and bought a Scalextric model...... which was also a disaster.... the Mini Cooper non raced-tuned..... probably not the best model to start competing with a GT 40... then came a Triumph TR 4A which, although rear wheel drive - wasn't much better. I was offered a second hand Offenhauser rear wheel drive (yellow) - which wasn't in good shape - but it ran an awful lot better than the mini or Triumph..... I eventually built up a continuous track and bought an AC Cobra - I was in heaven.....added more and more track... when I started work, at 15 - money soon afforded a lot of new options.... but, it was too much money - and other long suffering wants for lack of funds slid my slot car asperations into a dark corner.... When my kids reached the age they could appreciate the hobby - I set it up again.... in about 1980..... we set it up on a regular basis for a good 2/3 years... then we moved house.... so - it went back into storage.... now in thier teens, they regularly asked for it to come out again... especially when Bathust was on... (we used to set the track up and race all day - with the 1000 in the background). Car collection consisted of all but one Scalextric models - earliest is a P4 Ferrari and a Lamborghini - the last two be bought back in around 1985 were a Triumph TR7 and a Ford Escort Rallye .... plus one MRRC car - the Alan Jones Williams... it was always the fastest car.... I fitted a larger motor to it and tweaked it a bit with some lead in the nose.... none of the Scalextric cars could get close to it. I bought a Scalextric Lotus F1 car for my eldest son - but it was always a dog... there was a definite problem with the way the three piece body/chassis went toghether... and it bound up the drive-line - either by compression or under tension.... I gave up on that model after spending weeks on it.... eventually, the screw threads in the body became stripped (I didn't then know to screw backwards when fitting screws until the threads "dropped") - and it went into the "display only" class..... In total, we had 8 cars - as mentioned, all of them Scalextric except for the MRRC Williams. On a couple of occasions, we did bring it out in small doses... but the ageing track, and cars which where fickle with failure due to brittle wiring - all of which demanded lots of non-existent spare time to effect a layout and a couple of cars which wouldn't result in the kids walking off and playing elsewhere whilst I pounded away with repairs..... my belief was that it the terminal result for most of us who walked away from the hobby/sport.... So, that was the "slotitis" infection... and I believed it had passed....but it was always "lurking".... trust me, you can't ever be free of this insidious infliction..... as I have found out....! Retiree of some 4+ years, finally getting back into many different hobbies I've "boxed", hoarded and refused to part with. Grand-kids took an interest in my 35 y.o. collection of Scalextric mid last year (although I believe it was my eldest son who prompted them to angle at me to bring it out) - packed away, mothballed and unused for probalby the last 30 years - complete with original P2 transformer. Now folk, before I go any further with this long-winded novel (I'm well know for writing novels such as this) - I have to fess up.... I've been dabbling with the opposition..... model trains and radio aircraft..... so, throw me through the door if you want - but I'm being honest about my split devotion to other facets of modelling.... However, with those other interests - new and varied skills have been learned affording a re-juvenated interest to "fix" models... and an ability to work with plastics,metals, electronics etc. etc... all of which lend themselves very nicely to the world of slot cars.... Just before Bathurst last year, I pulled out a bit of track and finally got a couple of cars going...... after cleaning up the joints and finally got some continuous running..... didn't take long for "slotitis" to set in again.. I worked through the cars I have and eventually got them all to run - now having a much better appreciation of the delicacies and intricacies of what my former ham-fisted abilities were capable of.... I picked up some new "Sport" track and the adapters - and the "build" began to gain momentum..... Since then, have picked up more and more and more... to the point we have more track than I can fit into visible space in the house. The cars I have have 35+ year old tyres... cracked, split and some have gone rock hard.... resulting in some very "demanding" control being needed..... the grandkids had a lot of trouble trying to keep them on the track - and some of the "oldies" too - had difficulty in not being abe to race like we used to... so, I went on line and found Armchair and Kevin Moody (thanks, Kevin - if you are reading this). The plethora of available tyres confused the heck out of me... I understood nothing of the dimensions needed - but, with assistance - now have replacement tyres on all models..... and wow - do they perform!..... these cars now run the fastest lap times ever - I look into the ageing eyes of some of the plastic drivers - and they are either in shock - or awe! I believe the "Slotitis" inflicition has become more and more serious and prompted me to start to re-wire controllers using de-copperised ciruit board and toaster resistance wire (staying analogue - I would never be allowed the expense of the digial "leap) - making up stereo plug leads, and incorporated "dynamic brake" into all controllers. Eventually found my always much wanted model - Shelby Cobra, after looking through evilbay for an original Scalextric one and shuddering at what was on offer - for the prices asked... When I found Armchair Racer and Carrera.... I took a punt, and was just so grateful I didn't grab one of the Scalextric Cobra's.... Love the Carrera version so much - I ended up with three of them.... then came the same number of Cheetah's.... and then two Scalextric GT40's.... and then I found Slot-it.... as recommended by one of the sponsors here....Armchair Racer... who have been simply brilliant with response and purchases.... Made up my own "connections" box - with options for reverse polarity and brake on/off. I added a Scalextric lap counter to afford the plug in option for different controllers (the older Scalextric cars like a 25 ohm - the newer Carrera and Slot-it like the 50 ohm ones I have wound) - so we can simply change controllers with cars..... works for me... I also added the Carrera electronic lap counter.... which I find to be brilliant. I am anxiously awaiting arrival of two further Slot-it GT 40's (I prefer the look of the Mk1) and two suspension kits....plus some other little bits to "tweak" up lap times..... So, folk - now you have it - I spilled my beans on re-entry to the hobby....... do you believe that I have rekindled my "slotiitis" - it there time still to fob it off as a momentary relapse....? frats, Rosco
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