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  1. Macca48

    Dust On Track

    Tried inox on rails after I use micro fibre on track cars have never run so well thanks for all your help
  2. Macca48

    Dust On Track

    Thanks I have carrera track I give you suggestion a go
  3. Macca48

    Dust On Track

    Seems like a silly question but what is the best method to clean track down .i have an area that gets a bit of dust and l only run it on weekends so it picks up a lot just sitting .
  4. I would like to get a little advise .i have a 30m digital track with lane changes and I have but a power tap in at half way point but I have noticed when I am running 3 to 4 cars I getting stuttering and ghost cars stop on lane changers .do I but in more power taps or do I need a extra power supply if so how do I conect in to the system .thanks for any help
  5. I would like a little help with what is the best system to use for a Carrera digital system .all replies will be a big help .thanks .
  6. Macca48

    Cartrix Chipped

    I would like to know if any one has chipped a cartrix f1 to run on carrera digital . If so could you please let me know what chip was used thanks
  7. I am new to this so I would like to know how to setup power tap and terminal block for Carrera 132 . do you wire 1 set of wires from under straight near control unit to block and all the power tap wires to under side of track . if you could give me a rough sketch of the wiring thanks in advance .
  8. Can anyone tell me why every time I use multi ghost cars and controlled cars at same time the tower counts a lap for every ghost car that crosses the start line not just the leading car.any help would be nice.
  9. The planer I am using is called autorennbahnplanerng . The track size is 3.5x1.2x4.2
  10. hi i have had a look at the track layout and have changed it i would like your comments on it
  11. Macca48

    New To Wooden Tracks

    I am looking for info on how to go about doing a small test track on mdf . I have little electrical skills so wiring is a concern how to attach power to track and what power supply to use routing I think I can handle ok it is just the question of using braid or tape . if I am correct I do not have to rebate for tape but do for braid .any help would be greatly accepted. I was looking at a layout to fit on 1200x2400x12mm sheet. hope this is realistic to do . .
  12. Macca48

    Slacextric To Carrera

    Thanks for the help
  13. Macca48

    Slacextric To Carrera

    Do dpr ready cars cause more trouble if I chip to carrear digital
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