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  1. Hi Slots NZ The trees look really great well done …….now for the carbon credits .
  2. Branco it wont break your heart when you see how quick these can go !
  3. The countdown is on , not long to go now so if you are still thinking of entering get moving on the entry form . Entries have hit the forties so it is going to be another great event and with some new racers to meet . Looking forward to seeing you all again .
  4. An update on entries . To date from : Auckland Christchurch Dunedin Napier Nelson Timaru Wellington Westport Last year we had 48 entries plus reserves . This year we have already reached over 30 entries including new ones If you haven't entered yet get your entry in soon we would be delighted to see you .
  5. Looks great Mark well done . Looing forward to trying it out .
  6. There is also a great movie currently in the theatres " Wayne " the story of Wayne Gardner the Aussie former 500cc motorcycle world champion well worth seeing .
  7. The NSR 908 is very quick , the fastest of the NSR Classics . In a week the NSR Classic Challenge is being held in Nelson with 50 participants . This event will no doubt show just how good the 908 is . A Thunderslot shootout is also being held and results should show the Lola spyder is marginally faster ( based on racing to date ) . Keep an eye out for the results .
  8. The countdown is on ! A full field of 50 racers including reserves . Don't forget the swap meet and the Thunderslot and classic sports car shootouts on Sunday .
  9. Modest again Branco , that P68 was fast , a real threat !
  10. Hi Guys , a quick update . Entries now in the forties , past last years total and still coming Lots of new entries , its going to be a great event . If you havent made your mind up then now is the time ,you will be racing others of a similar level . Sorry you cant make it Mac there will be another time .
  11. Checked my photos ( that took some time ) had one of it at the 2009 Melbourne Australian GP very nice . Very impressed with it straight out of the box with no set up , fast , quicker than my set up Policars which are very good .
  12. Further to drw21's post we now have confirmed entries from ; Whangarei Auckland New Plymouth Wellington and the Hutt Nelson Christchurch Timaru Dunedin Australia Napier , where are you , we would like you to visit and join the fun ! A fantastic response to date
  13. Been racing spyders on the Nelson track since the beginning of September . They are very quick and fun to race competitively . In theory the hard chassis should be the best for wood tracks but to date we haven't been able to measure any difference . I have three , two standard and one hard .
  14. Hi there , Round 3 is done and dusted Thanks to the drivers above Chris , Alan , Tony , Mark and Matt . Marshalls Rob , Ryan and Mark . Control and recording Sue and Donald . Great cars well prepared . Compared with last year faster this time , each car averaged 24.5 laps per race where as last year it was 22.5 laps Very close especially at the sharp end . Thanks to all the entrants . Great driving skills , all drivers having successfully recently competed in the RTR Nationals held on this track . Good luck to all for the following rounds
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