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  1. I'm in Melbourne. I don't have the knowledge to replace parts on a chip. I'm not sure I even have the eyesight for it anymore.
  2. Thanks guys. I just took the chip out and it runs fine. I assume it's the chip. As i soldered another chip into a different car and that works perfectly. If I get a chance I will try the chip in a different car I'm guessing it's faulty?
  3. Hi, Does anyone who uses the ssdc software know if you can delete an individual lap time? ie: We have an mistake as one lap is too low and now shows up as the fastest lap time for the track. Thanks in advance.
  4. Hi all, I need a bit of help. (And I'm a beginner) I'm trying to fix a scalextric digital car that stopped working. It's a digital from a set. I thought it would be a chip so I bought a new retro chip which didn't seem to work. So I turned it into an analogue car to test the motor which seem to be busted. I bought a new motor. I put in the new motor and chip but when I put it onto the 4 car power base I can feel the electricity going into the car (as if it wants to move but doesn't) and then the power base blinks - which I think means it's shorting out? Or going into some sort of safe mode. I can pull out the power and reconnect and the power base works fine. I can put another car on and it works fine. I disconnected all the lights in order to find the initial problem and I haven't yet re connected them. I can't see that this is the problem? Does it mean the car has a short circuit.? Because of what it's doing to the power base.? How do I go about figuring it out.? Thanks in advance.
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