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  1. That was a great evening out of the weather, thanks all.

     I will investigate my Aussie touring car which is clearly throwing a major hissy fit because apparently I drove the wrong car for a spell - it ended badly. I so love intermittent electric gremlins, it sure gets your attention when full throttle comes and goes.

    At least my GT3 ran nicely, and my box standard pre workup NSR F1 was nice to drive - sorry for being crashed in the way of your awesome fugly  cool car Pat. 

    I’m missing having a track/shed more than I imagined.

  2. 14 minutes ago, Rodsun said:

    Update..... So coming out of lockdown have just managed to get the track running. There is a board to go on the "open" end to stop cars disappearing (chuckle). Noticed 1 modification to be made on the corner coming from the under pass (white lane, not enough distance to barrier) which I figured would happen but should be able to sort it, then it will be painting and landscaping to make it more interesting to look at and fun to play on. For me I think it will be a good test track.......already want to build a bigger one.rod16.jpg

    Looking good, I'm jealous.

  3. I have had almost normal shipping times from Sydney, Brisbane/Gold Coast and the UK, and slightly slower then normal, but reasonable in Covid19 times, from the US (California).

    I have a package from Melbourne that was sent 21/4 that has just made it onto a plane, but not yet to me.

    I have items from Spain and Germany held up as they claim to have no transport capacity.

    China seems to show international departure in 1 or 2 days, so normal at that end, not so quick once it hits NZ, but that also is normal in my experience.

    I have a query in about an ebay purchase which was delayed when HK post wasn't accepting mail, but sound like it is now lost in the store, as despite notification of dispatch, it still shows it as being "prepared for shipping".

    Ooops looks like I have been spending too much time OnLine.

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