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  1. 8 days from placing order in the UK until delivery in Napier, NZ. Normal service has resumed, on a good day. Some packages from Aussie are slower, especially Melbourne..
  2. Three and a half years already, gosh that went quick. The week before our first covid lockdown the track was dismantled and put in storage. A new improved shed is now mostly finished so it is time to re-assemble/modify "Bahia Vista".
  3. Apologies from me - again - I’m unlikely to attend Falls Road, another busy day in prospect, end time uncertain.
  4. Go on rub it in Mac, such a bugger to miss another great event, next time.....
  5. Apologies from me, I’m out his week, I am substituting for Munter with an attack of low energy levels. The shed is looking good, I hope to get power soon, unfortunately the flooring is not due to be laid until next week.
  6. Ok my Decals for NSR F1's sent on 7 April from Spain arrived safely today. I had largely figured they were lost forever. Very pleased, it is clearly not over until the "fat lady sings", a saying I still don't understand.
  7. Some progress on my new man/slot cave, "Bahia Vista" may get a slight extension when I reassemble it. A long way to go yet but things are moving along. Wide angle lens view, it's not that big
  8. I received 2 packages from Australia today. #1 Picked up Adelaide 29/7, left Melbourne 6/8, delivered 18/8. #2 Picked up Melbourne 12/8, departed 13/8, received 18/8
  9. I have my fingers crossed, but I'm pretty sure we will be ok. I need to make a few more plans/bookings, we are adding on a couple of weeks semi South road trip.
  10. That was a great evening out of the weather, thanks all. I will investigate my Aussie touring car which is clearly throwing a major hissy fit because apparently I drove the wrong car for a spell - it ended badly. I so love intermittent electric gremlins, it sure gets your attention when full throttle comes and goes. At least my GT3 ran nicely, and my box standard pre workup NSR F1 was nice to drive - sorry for being crashed in the way of your awesome fugly cool car Pat. I’m missing having a track/shed more than I imagined.
  11. The lovely chair in front of the fire is great, but Bronwen wants me head out into the cold and rain so she can enjoy peace, quiet and chocolate. I will be at slot cars at Falls Road tonight.
  12. My box is packed for a night at Oakland Raceway. See you all there.
  13. Last package from Chico, California arrived last week after 4 weeks. Two weeks to Auckland then another two weeks to me.
  14. Picked up Melbourne 21/4 International Departure 18/5 Delivery NZ 10/6 A tatd slower than normal but it arrived safely.
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