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  1. etc etc Nice spear in the works there, Pedro Yeah that didn't work too well. Scalextric c3918 Passat CC NGTC No.24 Team HARD, Jake Hill - British Touring Car Championship 2017.
  2. Scalextric c3918 Passat CC NGTC No.24 Team HARD, Jake Hill - British Touring Car Championship 2017.
  3. A bit ad hoc with the photos, I think this is right order. Aussie V8's Fly Classics LMP
  4. Thanks for turning out, it’s always good to clean the track up and get some racing in. Once again I Displayed a gap in my logic/actions, I watched the forecast for rain coming all day and didn’t take any umbrellas ☔️ to the shed.
  5. That has been on and off my wish list for a while, I need to get some stuff out of my nearly finished stash before I get more projects - yeah right.
  6. A test/tune of Fly Classics is an idea for the empty class slot. I have a dodgy one ready.
  7. Bahia Vista will be available this week. looks like we are up to week 3. Aussie V8's - open to offers LMP - could turn the volts down if necessary.
  8. Pedro51

    Thunder Kombi

    Yes I saw these guys at the Slot Festival, they had some interesting stuff, but I only collected contact info. I am starting to realise I am collecting projects faster than I can get to them.
  9. I had a wee look at a car and my parts box, I see potential. I am almost over my jet lag, it didn’t affect me in the past, I must be getting old.
  10. Looks good to me, maybe ease the kink in the crossover part. I also tend not to like constant radius corners, but that is a personal thing.
  11. I think there is a problem with non hard out racing. I have a bunch of cars/chassis to build Policar/Fly cars from the ‘70s for my enjoyment.
  12. "Peter and Bronwyn's brilliant Easter egg hunt" - slotty style Sounds like the gauntlet has been laid down..... Someone is going to get uninvited if they don’t watch their p’s and q’s.
  13. We are still out of town this week. I will pop over to Mac’s next week to check on the enduro. l may not be up to driving, it depends how jet lag is going. I am Happy to host the following week. I might have to hide a few purchases that may have fallen into my hands.
  14. I quite like Cartrix, (my almost legal one goes well), so I vote #2.
  15. Fly classics, yes please . British touring cars, ok. Rally cars, not so much. DTM I have, not sure about same rules as Mark’s race although that makes the most sense.
  16. I will check my supply of Fly classics for as yet “un-tampered with” models, when I get home. I’m a starter, one way or another.
  17. Thanks guys, fun times. Now what name am I using? See you all next month, I might keep my wallet in my pocket at the Slot Festival, yeah right.
  18. Non roster week at Bahia Vista, I expect you guys to get back onto the roster while I am away. Touring cars Group C 65-80 Doors open from 6
  19. This week will be the last time Bahia Vista will be available prior to our next big adventure. Happy to open up, I need help on where are we up to on classes?
  20. I am having a busy spell, so comments are a little late. Thanks for opening the track Mac, always a pleasure to come and savour slotdogs. Thanks as always to race catering. A pity there were a few “racers” missing, but I will enjoy my podiums in their absence.
  21. Pedro51

    Fly Trucks

    Thanks for this, we no longer race trucks but I feel a trip to the workbench for a couple of mine, or maybe 3 so I can run them as a house class. I have a couple with NSR Ultragrips fitted that would benefit greatly from lowering.
  22. I am unsure about hosting this week, we need to fit in a trip to Mahia with the trailer in tow. I should be good to go at Bahia Vista next week the 2nd May. The following week, 9 May looks like my last available date for a while if the 2nd doesn't work.
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